Chapter 14: Sense of Humor

At this moment, the bystanders surrounding them had moved away as they stood on the sidelines. They were present ever since the incident started. They didn’t dare to interfere as they had no idea how to handle Jiang Ming. Now that someone was willing to step out, they knew that there would be a good show to watch. As for those who knew Cheng Yu, they also saw what happened in the cafeteria, so they had heard of his conflict with Jiang Ming.

“Actually, I always had a sense of humor. It’s just that I am afraid that you can’t handle my humor. That’s all!” Cheng Yu laughed faintly.

“Cheng Yu, you don’t seem to understand the situation right now. Do you know who this person here is? He’s Brother Dao! He is an elite in the Blood Wolf Gang that everyone knows in the city! It’s you who does not know his reputation that is as great as heaven and earth. You think that Brother Dao is someone who is comparable to those good for nothing hooligans that Xu Dongyuan hired? It’s ok that you don’t know his reputation. After all, you will get to experience his reputation soon!” Jiang Ming smirked.

Cheng Yu saw that Lin Yuhan was still held by Jiang Ming, and her expression was filled with worry and injustice. He looked at Jiang Ming and asked, ”So you are determined to kill me?”

“So what if I were to kill you? What can you do to me?”

Cheng Yu narrowed his eyes. In an instant, he appeared in front of Jiang Ming as he grabbed him. He tightened his hands and the sounds of bones cracking was heard. Just as Jiang Ming shrieked, he was kicked in the stomach by Cheng Yu. He flew back like a kite without a string attached to it, and the arc his body flew in was even curvier than Xu Dongyuan’s arc.

Cheng Yu pulled Lin Yuhan over and stood next to Fatty Qian. Brother Dao had also been stunned by his sudden action. When he realized what had happened, he called out to his brothers standing behind him, “Charge!” The dozens of brothers behind him rushed immediately. Cheng Yu did not wish Lin Yuhan to get hit in the process, so he went forward to face them alone. With just a few kicks and punches, miserable shrieks echoed. Every single attacker flew back from the direction they came from. As a result, they piled up on each other forming a human pyramid. It was at that moment that Brother Dao saw his brothers had either broken their legs or hands.

Brother Dao broke out in cold sweat, and then he realized that he had hit an iron wall this time. Jiang Ming was frightened to the point where his whole body started to tremble, and his complexion turned deathly pale.

“Hehe. How do you feel about my joke? Is it humorous enough? If it’s not, you can come forward and give it a try as well.”

“Haha! Mister’s humor is really clear. Actually, all of this is just a misunderstanding, and this entire situation was incited by him,” Brother Dao now hated Jiang Ming. He didn’t bother to find out how formidable his opponent was and had called him here to help!

“Hehe. Actually, I am quite an easy-going guy. Since it’s a misunderstanding, once everyone is ok to write it off, it will be fine,” Cheng Yu laughed as he gave an amiable smile with lots of sincerity. Even Lin Yuhan and Fatty who were beside him also felt extremely flabbergasted. Those who were not far away and heard their conversation also felt absolutely puzzled. Since when had this famously violent playboy become such an easy-going person?

“Yes, yes, yes. It’s just a misunderstanding. In the future, I will definitely bring my brothers along to give you an apology,” When he saw Cheng Yu was still so amiable right now, he immediately felt that what he did today was really too overboard. Looking at the opposite party’s bearing and looking back at Jiang Ming who had broken out in cold sweat, he was truly foolish. Why did he even bother to help him handle this kind of matter!

“Haha! If it’s coming to apologize, then there will be no need. But you should have also seen that my girlfriend has been frightened by you guys. How should we handle this?” Lin Yuhan blushed when she heard Cheng Yu calling her his girlfriend.

Brother Dao paused before smiling, ”Yes, yes, yes. This is my mistake. This is $1000. Take it as the medical fee for causing her to feel distress in today’s situation. I plead Mister’s girlfriend to receive it,” Brother Dao took out a pile of notes from his pocket and walked to Lin Yuhan as he handed it to her.

Lin Yuhan stared at the money in front of her, but she did not dare to accept it. Cheng Yu took the money from Brother Dao as he stuffed it into Lin Yuhan’s pocket. “When people give you money, take it! If you don’t take it, you are not give Xiao Daodao any face, how is he going mix around in the society later on?”

“Yes, yes, yes. What brother said is correct. Since it’s like that, I shall bring them away and leave first,” When he heard Cheng Yu call him Xiao Daodao, his face twitched, and he felt that his pride was broken into pieces, but he still continued to show a smile. After that, he led those destroyed soldiers he brought and left the place. Cheng Yu’s voice suddenly came from behind them.

“Hold on. I almost forget to tell you that I am a person who always keeps my promises. So whatever I promised, I will definitely do it. I believe Xiao Daodao also doesn’t wish me to dishonor my promise, right?”

“Brother is right, but I’m not sure what brother is implying?” Brother Dao smiled faintly as he had no idea what Cheng Yu’s words were implying.

“I said before that if you guys were to release my girlfriend, I will let all of you leave safely. Otherwise…I guess I don’t need to explain myself further. Now that everyone can no longer leave here safely, but Xiao Daodao is the only person who is still standing there perfectly fine, don’t you think it will cause others to be disillusioned, and they will think that I did not honor my promise? So, I have decided that when I trample on someone, I must not trample only half of them and let the other half off,” After Cheng Yu spoke, his figure reappeared in front of Brother Dao. Before he could even react, he already started screaming. Cheng Yu retreated next to Lin Yuhan while Brother Dao’s right hand dangled freely.

“Mister! Good! I, Dao Jiu, will remember this!” Dao Jiu looked at Cheng Yu resentfully. After that, he brought his people and left. Jiang Ming saw Brother Dao leaving and felt even more afraid. He looked at Cheng Yu and Dao Jiu as he held his broken arm and followed behind Dao Jiu.

Cheng Yu no longer spoke. He just wanted to teach them a lesson. He did not want to kill them. After having reincarnated for so long, he knew what was illegal. Although he was not afraid to kill people, he still wished to continue his peaceful life. So, it was better to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

When the bystanders saw that the good show had ended, they started to disperse. However, what happened today really widened their view on the world. They had never expected the legendary violent playboy would truly be so violent. Although those people were very fierce, in front of the playboy young master, they were like ramen that he could pinch however he liked.

More importantly, the violent playboy was very shameless. Everyone’s shamelessness had a limit, but his shamelessness was at another level. Even if it was cheating someone else, he could even justify it as if it was reasonable for him to cheat them. The bystanders all felt that they should learn from him.

When he saw Lin Yuhan had taken out the $1000 and passed it back to him, Cheng Yu pushed it to Lin Yuhan, ”This is for your distress. Why are you giving it to me? Accept it.”

“I don’t want it.”


“They are not good people, and this money is definitely not clean.”

“Whether they are good people or not, since you experienced distress because of them, this money is something that you should receive as a form of repayment.”

“I still would not want it,” Lin Yuhan rejected it stubbornly.

“Do you think that I am so easygoing that you can do what you like? Do you believe that I will strip off your pants and spank your butt in front of everyone?” Cheng Yu moved his mouth beside Lin Yuhan’s ear and spoke softly.

“You are so shameless!” Lin Yuhan said furiously, but she still kept the money. She was afraid that Cheng Yu would really do what he threatened as his shamelessness had indeed reached that level.

“Boss! You were so cool just now. I didn’t expect you to be a martial arts expert as well! The respect I had for you now has reached an even higher level!” Fatty Qian laughed.

“Hehe. Your boss has a lot of abilities. Since you decided to follow me, you will understand that you are on the path that will lead you to becoming an immortal.”

“Xiao Han!” At this moment, an anxious voice came from far away. A married woman advanced towards the trio.

“Mum, why are you here?” Lin Yuhan asked strangely.

“Just now, I heard from those regular customers that you were being bullied here,” Mother Lin looked at Cheng Yu and Fatty Qian and said furiously, ”Are you the ones who bullied Xiao Han? Such a young age and you have already started to bully others. I will get your teachers to expel you!”

Mother Lin was feeling very angry. When she was setting up her stall just now, she heard that her daughter was surrounded by people from a few of her customers. Immediately, she felt very anxious. She quickly asked the vendor beside her to help look after her stall as she rushed over here.

When she was still a bit away, she saw Cheng Yu lean his head towards her daughter’s ear and say something that caused her daughter to turn very angry. So, she ran over thinking that Cheng Yu and Fatty Qian were the bullies. She wanted to teach them a lesson.

“Mum! You misunderstood! It’s not them. They are my classmates, and they chased those bullies away!”

“Ah! So it’s like this! I am very sorry. Just now, I was too worried about Xiao Han, so…” Mother Lin heard her daughter’s explanation and immediately felt embarrassed as she said awkwardly.

“Haha. It’s alright. Auntie also hoped that nothing happened to Hanhan.”

When Mother Lin heard Cheng Yu call her daughter so intimately and saw her daughter blush due to embarrassment, she frowned, but she chose not to dig deeper. After all, she just misunderstood him. Once they went home, she would ask her daughter about if she was dating this little rascal.

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Her daughter was so pure and pretty. This little rascal seemed pretty decent, but looking at him, she knew that he was a rich young master. Perhaps, he was one of those rich young masters who specialized in cheating pure and obedient girls like her daughter. Besides, they are still so young, what could they possibly know about love? Furthermore, her daughter also seems to have been quite ignorant about these types of relationships. Since this was going to be her first love, she would easily get cheated by this kind of rich young master.

“I thank both of you for saving my daughter. Since it is already after school has ended, you should go back home early. Otherwise, your family would worry about you,” Mother Lin did not bother waiting for Cheng Yu and Fatty to reply before she pulled Lin Yuhan and walked off.

She left Cheng Yu and Fatty stunned, ”Boss, your mother-in-law seems to not like you! Just now, it was perfectly fine. Why would she suddenly become so hostile?” Fatty Qian asked bafflingly.

Cheng Yu looked at their silhouettes extremely confused. He rubbed his nose as he recalled when Mother Lin had suddenly become hostile. After a while, he realized where the problem lied. It was all because of his incessant mouth. He actually teased her daughter in front of her. How could she possibly not feel angry about it?

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