Chapter 15: Boss Is Too Unsophisticated!

“Boss, are we still going to have barbeque?”

“No. I’m not in the mood. Isn’t tomorrow the start of the first mock test? You should go back and study. Otherwise, you may really need to follow your dad to slaughter pigs in the future. Look at your appearance! I am really afraid that when the time comes, it will be the pigs that kill you! Wouldn’t that make me lose face?”

“Boss, it’s not like you have no idea about my current situation. No matter how much I study, I would not be able to remember anything,” Fatty Qian said dejectedly.

Seeing Fatty like this, Cheng Yu felt disturbed. After all, ever since he became acquainted with Fatty, Fatty always followed him even though Cheng Yu did not manage to help him in any way to directly. This showed that his nature was very kind hearted. When there was nothing important, he would brag to him and chat idly. This wasn’t a bad thing at all.

“Fatty, do you believe in your boss?” Cheng Yu looked at Fatty inquistively.

Fatty paused for a moment as he had no idea what Cheng Yu meant. After that, he nodded, ”Of course I believe in boss!”

“Good!” Cheng Yu inserted his hand into his pocket and acted as if he was taking something out. He took out a Soul Pill from his storage ring and told Fatty, ”Eat this pill and your memory will improve greatly.”

“Boss, are you serious? How did you get such a pill? Boss, are you one of those ancient cultivators who has been practicing in the mountains?” Fatty Qian asked agitatedly.

“Oh? You have heard of cultivators?” Cheng Yu asked curiously. Could it be that there were other cultivators in this world as well?

“Che! Which youngster wouldn’t know of them? It was written in all those wuxia novels!” Fatty Qian said confidently. Although his boss was quite handsome and was a good fighter, he was too unsophisticated. How could he not know about cultivators? This was general knowledge to all of the Chinese.

However, if Fatty were to know that the boss he despised for having no general knowledge was ,in fact, one of those cultivators he had read about in those wuxia novels, no one would know his reaction to that. Maybe he would kneel down and pay respect to his master? Or perhaps, he would treat his boss as some fictional character? This question would be solved in the future.

Cheng Yu was stunned. There was actually someone who could write such a book? However, if they had not met any cultivators, how could they actually write such a book? Maybe, this world has cultivators lurking around, and the cultivators in this world were vastly different to the cultivators that were in Cheng Yu’s previous life? In his previous life, everyone knew about cultivation, and a lot of cultivators would travel around the secular world openly. There was even some rich and powerful families who would try to ask people to look out for those cultivators so that they would be able to request them to bring them to the immortal world to become an immortal.

This current world might indeed have cultivators, but they probably isolated themselves from the secular world so mortals here have no idea about their existence. Even if the mortals knew, they would probably be the same as Fatty Qian merely treat it as a legend.

No matter what, Cheng Yu would not be concerned about other cultivators. He set aside all the unsolvable suspicions as he passed the Soul Pill to Fatty Qian, ”I don’t know whether there are cultivators, but this pill will be able to improve your memory greatly. If you don’t wish to follow your dad to slaughter pigs and still wish to be my underling during your university life, eat this pill.”

Fatty Qian looked at Cheng Yu’s earnest and serious expression suddenly feeling an urge to cry. Since he was young, he had always been very fat and a lot of people would always bully him. They would not want to play and befriend him. Although he said that he wished to become Cheng Yu’s underling previously, he just wanted to follow Cheng Yu around to play and did not actually hope to become his follower.

But from Cheng Yu’s expression, Fatty Qian was able to tell that Cheng Yu really treated him as his brother and truly cared for him. Regardless of whether this pill Cheng Yu had given him was real or not, Fatty Qian decided that he would forever stay as Cheng Yu’s number one follower from today.

“Oi, oi, oi! If you want to eat, just eat it! What’s with your expression? Let me remind you, I don’t swing that way!” At this moment, Fatty Qian was overflowing with emotions, and his face was filled with a “lovey-dovey” look. Cheng Yu could not tolerate Fatty’s disgusting look as he felt his body shiver. He had no choice but to stop Fatty as Cheng Yu was afraid that in a moment of heat, Fatty Qian would do some inhumane things to him.

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Fatty swallowed the pill as Cheng Yu placed his hands on Fatty’s back. Immediately, Fatty felt a warm feeling pass through his body from his boss’s hand. After that, it circulated through his body, causing his whole body to feel extremely refreshed. Cheng Yu had used his spiritual Qi to dissolve the pill and help Fatty absorb the pill efficacies in a quicker manner.

With Fatty’s constitution, if Cheng Yu did not to help him dissolve the pill, he was afraid that even after the national exam, the pill’s efficacies would not have fully dissolved in his body. By then, what use would there be? Since he already gave him the pill, he might as well help Fatty all the way, as well as leave behind a strain of spiritual Qi to help Fatty improve his constitution as well. Otherwise, if this guy were to continue staying this fat, Cheng Yu was seriously worried that he might not be able to help him when he grew old.

After a short period of time, the warmth in Fatty’s body started to vanish as he felt that his brain immediately became more sober and calm. Those fuzzy memories he had also started to become more clear to him. Fatty was overwhelmed as he grabbed Cheng Yu’s hands and shouted agitatedly, ”Boss! I have it! I have it![1]”

When he saw the people around them looking on with a peculiar gaze, even Cheng Yu, who was so shameless, turned red. Immediately, he shook of Fatty’s hand and slapped his head while saying furiously, ”Are you tired of living? Don’t you know how to phrase your words? What you have it! Being together with you is an insult to my intellect. It’s a joke to say that you are educated! Stay away from me, and in the future, don’t ever tell anyone that you are acquainted with me!”

“Boss, I was too excited just now. But Boss, I am indeed able to feel that my memory has improved by a lot!” Fatty said excitedly.

“Then you should have f*cking spoken clearly now! Why would you say I have it?! Furthermore, you were even grabbing my hands! F*ck! I am going back to wash my hands. You should also go home and study. If you are not able to get into university, I will let you see how am I going to peel your skin off!” Cheng Yu did not bother looking back at Fatty as he rushed back home.

However, Fatty was immersed in excitement with his newly improved memory so he was not bothered by Cheng Yu’s anger towards him. When he realized his boss had already walked off, Fatty shouted towards Cheng Yu, ”Boss, from today on, I will be your number one follower!”

Cheng Yu was walking home happily, but when he heard those words, he stumbled and almost became the first immortal that fell to death. He quickly took a cab back home.

Every day after school, Lin Yuhan would help out at her mum’s stall. When they returned to the stall, ”Sister Song, is Xiao Han alright?” An older man asked Mother Lin who just came back.

“She’s fine. Thank you for helping me look after my stall,” Mother Lin said gratefully. Old Zhang was her neighbor who was a barbeque vendor. When Mother Lin heard that something had happened to her daughter, she was in a rush. So, she asked Old Zhang to help look after her stall.

“Haha! It’s good that she’s fine. We have been friends for so long, so don’t mention it.”

“Thank you Uncle Zhang!” Lin Yuhan heard the other party’s concern, so she replied with gratitude.

“Haha! Xiao Han, in the future, you have to be more careful and not let your mother worry so much. Do you know how anxious your mother became when she heard that something happened to you?”

“En! I will be more careful in the future. Thank you Uncle Zhang,” Lin Yuhan said with gratitude once again. Old Zhang laughed before going back to entertain his customers.

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They became busy until around 10 pm before they tidied up their stall and went back home. When they reached home, it was almost 11 pm. Mother Lin knew that when she pulled her away from her friends, she became preoccupied with her thoughts and was very distracted during the night when working the stall. So, she asked, ”Xiao Han, are you dating that little rascal?”

When she heard her mum’s words, Lin Yuhan’s face immediately turned red and she panicked, ”Mom, what are you talking about? We are just friends. Why would I be dating him?”

“Is that so? Then why would your face be so red? Besides, why is that little rascal calling you so intimately? Hanhan? Even I never called you that before. That little rascal has such thick skin. He dared to call you that in front of me. Tell me, did he bully you?”

“No, no! There’s nothing going on between us except that we are really just friends. He did not bully me as well.”

“Oh? But I saw that you were preoccupied with your own thoughts for the whole night. Don’t tell me it’s not because of him?”

“Was I? It’s just that he saved me just now, and you pulled me away just like that.”

“Is it really just that?” Mother Lin was not convinced.

“Of course.”

“Since it’s like that, it will be fine if you don’t like him. Besides, with his sloppy appearance, I can tell that he isn’t a good person,” Mother Lin was not pleased with Cheng Yu at all. If he was to like her daughter, he shouldn’t have acted so frivolously in front of her. How could he possibly be a good person? Besides, Mother Lin never had a good impression of those wealthy rich young masters.

From this point, Lin Yuhan must have inherited her mother’s traits. However, despite all this, she had to face Cheng Yu’s shamelessness every day. To Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan was as obedient as a cat. Facing such a gentle and pleasant Lin Yuhan, how could Cheng Yu not be fond of her?

“Although he might look sloppy, he is very kind hearted.”

“Is he? But from what I see, I can tell that he hopes to conquer you. In the future, I think it would be better for you to stay away from him and do not talk to him.”

“Mom! How can you be like this? You have only met him once so how can you know that he is not a good person? Besides, I am no longer a child! I have grown up. I am able to judge who is good and who is bad by myself!” When she heard her mom speaking ill of Cheng Yu, Lin Yuhan argued loudly.

[1] – TL Note – This is hard to translate into English as this phrase in Chinese could be misinterpreted as “I am pregnant!” It’s quite hard to misinterpret this in English haha.

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