Chapter 16: Disagreement

“What? After you have someone you like, you are going to give a cold shoulder to your mom? What a waste of effort raising you. You have always been very obedient, but now that you have someone you like, you are going to start becoming rebellious?” While talking, Mother Lin became more and more agitated. Her husband had died young, which caused her to raise Lin Yuhan alone. Her daughter had inherited asthma from her. Not only did she need to pay for her school fees, she also needed to worry about their illness. All along, they had to have medication to control their condition and only she could understand such hardship. What was fortunate was that her daughter had matured when she was young. Not only was she obedient, but she was filial as well. When there was something delicious to eat, Lin Yuhan would definitely leave half for her. Now that her daughter had someone she liked, she no longer cared about her mother. When Mother Lin thought about this, her eyes started to turn moist.

When she saw her mother was crying grievously, Lin Yuhan realized that what she said was too overboard, and she hurt her mother’s feeling as her eyes started to turn red as well. “Mom, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Don’t be angry ok?”

“Xiao Han, you should not blame me. I am scared that you will get cheated by him. You are so pretty and pure, and I can tell that he comes from a rich family. Even if he truly likes you, what will his family think of you? Promise me that you will stay away from him from now on.”

“Mom, I don’t have any feelings for him. Although he did admit that he likes me, it’s just one-sided and he didn’t make things difficult for me. Even though he may not seem decent and looks quite sloppy, his character is not bad,” When she saw her mother’s tone had softened, Lin Yuhan immediately try to explain herself.

“Even if it is like this, it would be best if you were to stay away from him in the future. Who knows what he might be thinking of? Besides, you kids are still young and will rush things. If you both were to really do it, you, as a girl, would definitely be the one suffering losses.”

“Mom, I know. I won’t do those things. We are classmates, and he’s also my desk mate. It’s impossible for us not to talk, right?”

“What does it count as? In a few months, both of you will be taking your national exams. When the time comes, won’t you both go separate ways? You can always tell him that the national exam is coming soon and you need to focus on your studying. If he still talks to you, you can just choose to ignore him.”

“This…oh yeah! Mom, how is your asthma? Did you go to the hospital to do a checkup?” Lin Yuhan realized that her mother didn’t want her to be friends with Cheng Yu no matter what. She had to switch the topic to asthma so she could change her mother’s impression of Cheng Yu.

“Haha! I have recovered from my illness. When the doctor saw my medical test results, he was astonished. He asked me what medicine I ate, and he asked me if it was possible to pass him some to let him research it. Xiao Han, what does your friend’s family do? How come he had that miraculous medicine? This medicine must be very expensive, right? If there’s time, you must definitely invite him to our house. Although Mom isn’t rich, I still want to treat him to a meal to show my gratitude,” When she heard her daughter asking about her illness, Mother Lin started to feel extremely emotional. She recalled when they were still tidying up their stall, her daughter took out a pill and told her that it was from her friend. Apparently, it would be able to cure her asthma. She was very angry when her daughter brought it up because doctors had already told her numerous times that asthma can never be cured and needed to be controlled by medicine. You took out a pill and told mom that this would be able to cure an illness that all the doctors around the world couldn’t cure? Wasn’t this a lie? How could she possibly eat it?

However, her daughter had told her that her condition relapsed in school and that a classmate gave her this medicine, which helped to control the relapse. It was at this point her classmate told her that her asthma had also fully recovered as well and would never relapse again. When Mother Lin heard that her daughter’s illness had relapsed, she was very worried. But now that she saw her daughter was perfectly fine in front of her, she sighed in relief. But when she heard that her daughter had eaten the pill she gave her and recovered, she felt unconvinced that this was an immortal pill, even though the pill was quite fragrant.

At that time, Lin Yuhan saw her mother’s hesitation like what she had in school, so she said, ”Mom, this pill is really effective. I specially asked for this pill from my friend. Look at me! I am perfectly fine now, and my body also feels extremely comfortable.”

Looking at her daughter, Mother Lin held some expectations. If this pill was really so effective, why would she still be so hesitant? Mother Lin swallowed the pill and felt her body turning warm. After she showered, she fell asleep that night. The moment she woke up, she felt extremely refreshed so she went to the hospital to do a checkup, which caused her doctor to be extremely astonished by her test results. The doctor kept on pestering her about how she achieved it. However, she also felt very strange about it. So, she told the doctor she had no idea what was going on. Finally, she left the hospital while the doctor felt a sense of regret.

“You asked me not to talk to him! How am I supposed to invite him to our house to have a meal?” When Lin Yuhan heard that her mother wanted to invite Cheng Yu over for a meal, she was very excited as she said bitterly.

“Ah? Are you saying this pill was given to you by that rascal?” Mother Lin was surprised.

“That’s right! He’s the one who gave it to me.”

“When he gave you the pill, did he make things difficult for you?” Mother Lin was worried that when Cheng Yu gave Lin Yuhan this pill, he threatened her to do something she wasn’t willing to. If that happened, then things would be very troublesome. She could only blame herself as she did not ask Lin Yuhan where it came from first before eating it. Now, she could not return the pill to him.

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“Mom! Stop speculating! Didn’t I already say that he isn’t such a person? When my asthma relapsed, he was extremely worried about me. He didn’t even hesitate and just gave me the pill. I told him that you also had asthma and requested one more from him. He didn’t even say a single word and just gave it to me immediately,” Lin Yuhan took this opportunity to say something good about Cheng Yu and hoped that her mother’s impression of Cheng Yu would turn better. It was not that she didn’t want to tell her mom that her asthma relapsed because of Cheng Yu as she knew that if she told her mom about that, all her efforts praising Cheng Yu would just go down the drain.

“Is that true? So you are saying that he treats you really well?” From the way her daughter phrased her words, she was able to tell her daughter was trying to praise Cheng Yu.

“En,” Lin Yuhan lowered her head and said embarrassingly.

“Since it’s like that, I shall temporary stop making things difficult for you. You can continue being friends with him, but you still have to stay away from him. You must not always favor him, which allows him to bully you. This kind of rich young master will definitely use sweet words to please you,” Mother Lin warned her daughter again.

“Got it. Should I still invite him over to our house to have a meal?” Lin Yuhan could finally relax as she said tranquilly.

“Of course we will still treat him. After all, we are indebted by his favor. We should at least express our gratitude for it. However, this is a separate matter than you being together with him. Don’t think that just because of this favor, I will allow you to date him.”

Lin Yuhan kept quiet. Up to this point, her mom’s impression of Cheng Yu had gotten better, and she was quite satisfied with it. Besides, she had no intention to date him. Though, he would occasionally praise her for her beauty and say that he liked her, so she would still feel quite happy.

However, Lin Yuhan was not someone who was immature so she knew that there was a limit that she must adhere to. She knew that after the past few days of interaction, she felt that Cheng Yu’s nature was not bad at all, other than talking nonsense and teasing other girls. At least the way he did things was very open, and he didn’t spend his time scheming.

He was not like Jiang Ming that was thinking of how to bully and harm others every day. Jiang Ming even associated himself with underground society. Furthermore, when Cheng Yu was around her, she felt a sense of security. It was the same as tonight. Even though he was so shameless, he was actually so powerful and strong. This could easily cause girls to get attracted to him.

Although the disagreement between the mother and daughter had been resolved, inside the Blood Wolf Gang headquarters, a group of people were meeting inside a big room. Those that needed to be standing were standing, and those that couldn’t stand were all lying down on a bed. Either their hands or legs were bandaged up.

All of the bosses of Blood Wolf Gang were inside the room. One of the men sat down. This person was the boss of the Blood Wolf Gang, Qin Canghai. When he saw Dao Jiu and his subordinates, he frowned, ”Look at you guys! What part of you looks like a Blood Wolf Gang member? Speak! How did you all get beaten up? Was this done by other gangs?”

“Boss! We’re sorry. We have thrown your face away. Today, we went over to help Jiang Ming settle some dispute, but we did not expect that we all were going to get crippled by a single student.”

“What? You have so many people, but you were all actually crippled by a single person? How could you all be useless? All of the Blood Wolf Gang’s face has been thrown away by you!” The man who sat beside Qin Canghai said angrily. This was the second boss of the Blood Wolf Gang, Bao Lang. Everyone in the underground world would call him Bao Lang because of his irritable temper. However, his martial arts skill was quite good. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be the second boss of the Blood Wolf Gang.

“Second Boss, this student is not ordinary. He had quite a few tricks in his hand. Before we even realized what was going on, we had already been turned to this,” Dao Jiu tried to justify himself. This was the most humiliated that he had ever been in his entire life. He had listened to Cheng Yu’s nonsense for so long, and he thought that he was a good person, but in the end he was played by him.

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“Who is the person? What is his background?” Qin Canghai asked. As a gang boss, he must not rush when doing anything. He must truly understand his opponent before planning a counterattack.

“I heard from Jiang Ming that he is the nephew of the mayor, Zhao Minglong.”

“Oh? I have heard of him before. He’s just a playboy. Normally, he would visit our nightclub to look for girls. Although he’s young, he’s very experienced in getting girls to sleep with him,” A man who had a solemn look said. This was the third boss of Blood Wolf Gang, Wu Chang.

“So Third Brother is saying that you have met him before? How is his personality?” Qin Canghai asked.

“I have never talked to him before. I have met him several times in the nightclub. But from what I have seen, the way he walked seemed quite unstable. Just by looking, you can definitely see that he has been doing those women very often. He is not a martial arts practitioner. Dao Jiu, could it be a mistake?”

“I don’t think I made a mistake. Jiang Ming said that he was the mayor’s nephew, and he is called Cheng Yu. Furthermore, I heard that Xu Dongyuan has recently been harassing his cousin and his cousin was the mayor’s daughter. That kid got beaten up by Xu Dongyuan because he was trying to speak up for his cousin, and he was sent to the hospital,” Dao Jiu said.

“Dao Jiu, did you mention our Blood Wolf Gang name?” Qin Canghai asked.

“I did mention it, but he didn’t place it in his eyes.”

“Oh? I don’t care if he is really so courageous and does possess real ability. Since he has beaten up my Blood Wolf Gang members in our territory, this is giving a tight slap to our face. Besides, he’s just the mayor‘s nephew, and not his son.”

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