Chapter 17: Ignorance?

“Big Brother, how about letting me go? I will definitely beat him to the extent where even Zhao Minglong would not recognize him,” The second boss, Bao Lang, stood up as he spoke his wish.

“No. No matter what, he’s still the nephew of the mayor. You are too rushed. If we were to fall out with Zhao Minglong, it will allow the other gangs to have a great opportunity to strike at us. Third Brother, you shall take a few of our people and do some recon. If the opposing party is tactful and will not cause trouble, handle it. If he is unable to tell good from bad, teach him a lesson, but don’t go overboard,” Qin Canghai ordered Wu Chang who was sitting on a chair while sipping his tea.

“Ok, Big Brother. I will bring some people over tomorrow,” Wu Chang continued to drink the tea in his hand.

Qin Canghai looked at Dao Jiu and his subordinates as he said impatiently, ”All of you should focus on recuperating first. A bunch of useless people! All of you were turned to this because you did not even understand the situation!”

“Yes, boss!” Dao Jiu respectfully said. After that, he brought the group of handicapped people out. Qin Canghai looked out of the window, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

The next day at the Yunhai High School entrance.

Xu Dongyuan was very happy as he had finally been discharged from the hospital today. He had been stuck in the hospital the entire time, which resulted in the hate he had for Cheng Yu to grow even more intense. Although his father was afraid of getting involved in this matter, Xu Dongyuan was not afraid of the trouble at all!

That day, when she heard that her son was beaten up, Mother Xu was extremely enraged. She quickly called Xu Shaohe to the hospital. The moment he saw his son, especially his bloody hands, he flew into rage. He decided that he must definitely catch the b*st*rd who had beaten up his son and lock him in jail. So, he asked his son what exactly happened.

When Xu Dongyuan saw his parents’ fury, he was extremely delighted. “I shall see how you, Cheng Yu, can still continue being so arrogant! I will get my dad to give you a hard time!” So, Xu Dongyuan narrated what happened adding extra details into the story. He narrated that he was intending to invite Zhao Minglong’s daughter out for a movie. However, Cheng Yu did not ask him anything and just beat him up.

At first, when Xu Shaohe heard that this incident is related to Zhao Minglong’s daughter, he immediately wrinkled his eyebrows. He could only blame his son for getting tangled with Zhao Minglong’s daughter. Didn’t his son know that Zhao Minglong was not on good terms with him? After that, when he asked who was the person who beat him up, Xu Dongyuan told him that it was Zhao Minglong’s nephew, Cheng Yu.

Xu Shaohe’s complexion immediately turned ashen as he broke out in cold sweat. If this incident was related to Zhao Minglong’s daughter, he could still easily settle it. But the moment he heard the person was Zhao Minglong’s nephew and his surname was Cheng, his anger immediately subsided. Others may not know Zhao Minglong’s backing, but since Xu Shaohe was in the same office as him, how could he not possibly know it? Zhao Minglong’s wife, Cheng Meiyan, originated from that powerful family. Wouldn’t her nephew be that big shot’s grandson? Who did not know that the patriarch of that powerful family only had one grandson? Besides, he was just a deputy mayor. He does not even have the rights to raise his head when talking to that big shot. How could he possibly do anything to Cheng Yu? It could only be blamed on his son. Who asked him to go annoy Cheng Yu?

He warned his son to never provoke that kid again in the future. When Xu Dongyuan and his mom heard that, they were immediately not willing to do so. His mother angrily said, ”Don’t tell me you are allowing your son to be bullied? So what if he’s the mayor’s nephew? The person he hit was the deputy mayor’s son!”

Xu Shaohe replied angrily, ”What do you know? His family background isn’t something that we can afford to provoke! You really think he is relying on Zhao Minglong? His family is much more powerful than that! Even if it was the mayor, he might not even have the rights to talk to them. Let alone me, who is just a deputy mayor. It’s all because of you pampering him! What has he become! Every single day, he goes around and causes trouble. You better persuade your son to not do such a foolish thing again. If not, let alone him, I will not be able to protect myself,” When Xu Shaohe finished speaking, he walked off angrily.

When she saw her husband had actually turned so furious, she knew that her son had provoked a big shot this time. Otherwise, Xu Shaohe would definitely not bear this frustration in silence.

“Son, you have heard your father’s words. We cannot afford to offend that person. In the future, you should not provoke him. If not, your dad and I might not be able to protect you.”

When he heard his parents’ words, Xu Dongyuan was stunned. Was that kid’s background really so powerful? “Hmph! So what? At most I will not provoke him first. I will wait until I get a good opportunity, then I will definitely make you suffer!” However, he didn’t dare to voice this opinion in front of his mother as he kept it in his head.

He looked at his bandaged hand, and the hate he had for Cheng Yu grew even more intense. He secretly swore in his heart, “I, Xu Dongyuan, have grown to this age. Since when have I suffered such injustice? If I am not able to get my revenge, how could I have face to mingle in Yunhai? How could I still continue being so arrogant and domineering?”

As a result, he harbored these thoughts and went through the recuperation for a week or so. Finally, he was discharged from the hospital. The moment he came back to school, the first thing he wished to do was think of an idea to teach Cheng Yu a lesson.

At this moment, Jiang Ming’s hands were wrapped up in a cast that was held around his neck by a strip of bandage as he walked to the school. When he saw Xu Dongyuan standing at the entrance, he ignored him as he walked into the school.

“Yo! Isn’t this Young Master Jiang? What’s wrong? Haven’t met you for a few days and you changed your style? Tsk tsk! This cosplaying is so hip and perfect!” When he saw Jiang Ming walking past him in a quick pace, Xu Dongyuan called him out.

“Haha! Isn’t this Young Master Xu? I didn’t notice you just now! I did not expect Young Master Xu to still be so handsome. It seems like you have been enjoying yourself in the hospital for the past few days!” Jiang Ming was not scared of him when he heard Xu Dongyuan taunting him. Xu Dongyuan’s face twitched as this became the most sorrow filled incident in his life.

“Such a coincidence to meet both of you the moment I come to school. Don’t tell me you are also like me coming to school to study? I really didn’t expect you to be so eager to study. Even though he’s sick, he still came to school. Not bad. It’s something we should praise him for. Your teachers will definitely reward you with a gold star for what you did today!” At this moment, Cheng Yu walked into the school with an apple in his hand as he jeered.

“Cheng Yu, don’t be too complacent! I will definitely let you experience the consequences of offending me!” When they saw Cheng Yu, they both retreated back a few steps. When Xu Dongyuan saw the smirk from Cheng Yu’s face, his face twitched. That time, when he stepped on his hand, he also had the same smirk. As for Jiang Ming, he was frightened by Cheng Yu’s method of handling things. Yesterday, a group of people charged at him, but before they could even touch him, they were piled into a human pyramid. When he saw that so many students were looking at them and it was still light outside, he hardened his heart as he shouted.

Cheng Yu laughed twice and no longer cared about them as he walked into the school. Who was he? He was an authentic cultivator! If they did not provoke him, he really had no interest in bullying them. When they saw Cheng Yu leaving, they both sighed in relief.

“Young Master Jiang, your injury was also caused by him?” Xu Dongyuan asked.

“Hmph!” Jiang Ming harrumphed and ignored him as he walked into the school as well.

Xu Dongyuan looked at Jiang Ming, and his face exposed a pondering expression as he walked into the school as well.

When he entered the classroom, Fatty Qian welcomed him, ”Boss, you are really awesome! That pill was so effective. Within a morning, I managed to memorized a lot of things!” Fatty lowered his head and told Cheng Yu softly as he was worried that someone else would know his secret.

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“It’s good that it’s effective. In the future, whenever you talk to me, don’t come so close to me. Other than women, anyone who talks to me has to stay a meter away from me. Understand?” Cheng Yu retreated two steps as he told Fatty seriously.

Cheng Yu sat down in his seat and felt quite happy. Today was the first mock test for the graduating classes, and Cheng Yu wished to see how well he could score. He looked at Lin Yuhan who was beside him and realized that she seemed to be preoccupied. She seemed hesitant to say what she wished to.

“Hanhan, what’s wrong? Are there any problems?” Cheng Yu asked curiously. Previously, whenever he came to the classroom, Lin Yuhan would either be reading a book or solving some questions, but today, she seemed like she had something she wished to tell him.

“Ah! Nothing. I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. My mom was too worried about me,” Lin Yuhan was woken up by Cheng Yu’s voice as she apologized embarrassingly. It was because she was pulled away by her mother yesterday that caused her to feel very awkward. She had no idea how to start a conversation with Cheng Yu today.

“You were thinking about this just now?”

Lin Yuhan nodded.

“Haha! You seem to care about how I think about your mom,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“No! I just don’t want you to misunderstand. When will you be free?”

“Why? You want to go on a date? If it is this, then I am free every night.”

“Don’t talk rubbish. I told my mom that you gave us the pill, so she asked me to invite you over to our house to have a meal. She wanted to express our gratitude.”

Cheng Yu frowned. “This is my first visit to my mother-in-law! What kind of gift should I prepare? I can tell that her mother has suffered hardship for quite some time, and her lifestyle habits should be very different from my mother and aunt who are in the upper echelon of the society. To her mother, beauty is not an important factor. If I was to give her a Rejuvenation Pill, I have no idea if she will be able to adapt to her current lifestyle. Didn’t I refine a batch of Longevity Pills? This should be ok since everyone can use it.”

Lin Yuhan saw Cheng Yu frowning and not speaking, so she thought that he was not willing to go, which caused her to feel disappointed. She said, ”If you aren’t willing, it’s fine. I will just tell my mother that you are busy.”

“What are you talking about? I was just thinking of what gift should I prepare for the visit.”

“There is no need for a gift as it is for us to express our gratitude to you,” When she heard Cheng Yu was willing to go, her mood immediately turned better.

“This doesn’t seem appropriate, right? When the son-in-law visits, the most important thing is the gift. If the gift is on point, the remainder would definitely be easier to handle.”

“Why are you spouting nonsense again? I am not going to bothered with you!” Lin Yuhan blushed as she turned her head away.

At this moment, an old man came into the classroom with a pile of papers. He looked at everyone and said, ”Today will be the graduating class’s first mock exam. Everyone, separate your desks now before starting the exam. The first subject will be literature.” After speaking, he started to give out the test papers.

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Cheng Yu flipped open the papers and took a look. Immediately, he was flabbergasted. “F*ck! What is this? Look at the following four groups of words and find out which one has different pronunciation. Isn’t this nonsense? How am I supposed to know the one that is not the same?”

“D*mn it! Why are none of things that I memorized on here? Is this a fraud? Besides, what is this classical style of writing? What I memorized did not contain any of this!”

Cheng Yu turned to another page and his eyes widened. “What is this blank page! Composition? Using ‘Ignorance’ as a topic, write a discussion?”

“F*ck! So this is how scholars sit for their exams! No wonder there are so few. Even I, an immortal. am not able to solve it. How is it possible for mortals to solve this? This is just too nonsensical!”

Cheng Yu raised his head and looked at Lin Yuhan who was solving the questions seriously. The way she did it seemed as if she really knew how to solve these questions!

Without a choice, Cheng Yu picked up his pen and started scribbling on the composition page. After that, he wrote a few flamboyant words, “With me leaving this page blank, I perfectly interpreted the profound meaning of ignorance!”

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