Chapter 18: How Scholars Take Their Exams

After Cheng Yu wrote those few words, he silently laid down on his table and slept. Actually, as long as Cheng Yu was willing, he could cheat without getting caught. However, Cheng Yu disdained doing so.

The exam administrator saw that Cheng Yu had laid down on the table when the exam had just started, so he shook his head. At this point, most of the teachers vaguely knew which students would be able to do well. They knew the ones that would be able to get into the university. The administrator believed that Cheng Yu was the kind who would not get into university.

Two hours passed in a flash while Cheng Yu was in dreamland. The moment the alarm rang, which signaled the end of the exam, Cheng Yu woke up. He followed everyone else as they exited the classroom while the administrator collected the papers.

“Boss, how was the exam?” Fatty rushed over to ask after the end of the exam.

“Fatty, didn’t I tell you to stay one meter away whenever you talk to me? The exam was very simple, so I believe I aced it. What about you?”

“Boss, you are great! Such a difficult exam, yet for Boss, it was something so easy. The respect I have for you…” During the exam, Fatty did not look back so he had no idea that Cheng Yu actually slept for the past two hours.

“Get lost. Stop flattering me,” When he saw that Fatty was going to start buttering him up, he stopped him quickly as they walked to the cafeteria. He asked Fatty to get his portion for him as he went over to look for Lin Yuhan.

“En. This is still passable.” He looked at Lin Yuhan’s plate, which was filled with one meat and two vegetables.

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When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Lin Yuhan lowered her head in embarrassment as she continued to eat her food. This food was paid for by Cheng Yu. After he got Fatty to pass the $2000 to the chef, when Lin Yuhan came to the cafeteria, the chef was not willing to accept her money and even made a nice plate of food for her. Lin Yuhan to accept it as this was the only cafeteria in the school and all the chefs were under the same boss. Besides, not only was Lin Yuhan pretty, her grades were also very good as well, and she was a typical smart student. Although they all worked in the cafeteria, they knew almost every student in the school. Furthermore, Fatty already pointed her out to them. So, from that day forward, Lin Yuhan could only accept this free lunch.

Fatty brought two plates that were full of dishes over as Cheng Yu took one from his hands. He placed the chicken drumstick from his plate on Lin Yuhan’s plate.

“I can’t finish it,” Lin Yuhan knew what Cheng Yu meant when he did this and she knew that even if she rejected it, he would not compromise. So, she decided to use the sympathy path.

“You are so skinny. You have to eat more to have energy to be able to study and do your homework.”

“I really am full.”

“It’s okay. You can just eat half of it, just like the previous time. Do you think the previous time we shared our food can be counted as kissing?”

“Hmph! You are always thinking of ways to take advantage of me! I am not eating the chicken drumstick. You can eat it alone,” When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Lin Yuhan picked up the drumstick and placed it back on Cheng Yu’s plate.

Cheng Yu no longer forced her as he started to eat his food.

“Why were you not answering the questions during the test?” Lin Yuhan asked. As she was sitting beside Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu’s actions were all seen by Lin Yuhan.

“I didn’t know how to answer it,” Cheng Yu said bluntly.

“Boss, you were lying to me! Didn’t you say that the paper was very easy?” Fatty who was biting his drumstick said ambiguously.

“Hmph! Your boss did not even bother to answer the questions, and he even slept through the whole test!” Lin Yuhan exposed Cheng Yu.

“Boss, this time my score will definitely be higher than you. However, did you forget that if you fail your English portion, our homeroom teacher said she will let you experience hell?” Fatty gloated. He finally found something that he was better at than his boss.

“Che! What’s there to be worried about? In any case, I really don’t know how to do it,” Cheng Yu said unconcernedly.

“Then why would you not study seriously? Is it because your family is rich? And you will be able to get into any university you wish because of your wealth?”

“Of course not. If I want to get into any university, I will definitely score well and get admitted in properly. I will not use my money to buy a spot. Besides, even if I were to use money to buy a spot, the money would also come from my pocket.”

“Che! Isn’t your money from your family as well?” Lin Yuhan disdainfully said.

“Hanhan, can you not look down on me? Though the money I have right now is from my family, I will earn my own fortune in the future.”

“Che! Stop bragging. If you were truly able to earn that much money on your own, then why would you still ask for money from your family?”

“Tell me, if I were to sell the pill I gave you, how much do you think it would cost?”

“That pill wasn’t refined by you. It doesn’t count.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that pill was refined by me.”

“You?” Lin Yuhan looked at Cheng Yu seriously. ”That pill was really refined by you?”

“Of course. There is no harm in telling you, but I still have a lot of different pills. Yesterday, Fatty ate one, and it helped him improve his ability to memorize. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him.”


“Don’t call me that!” Just as Fatty started talking, Lin Yuhan stopped him furiously. After that, she glared at Cheng Yu hatefully, as if she was convinced that Cheng Yu was the one who made Fatty call her that.

Cheng Yu clapped his hands and said shamelessly, ”This is not related to me. You should know that Fatty’s level of comphrension is very high and I feel that your level is not even comparable to his.”

“Haha! Student Lin, what boss said is true. Yesterday, he gave me a pill to eat, and it was very effective. Today, when I was doing some last minute studying, everything that I could not remember previously was easily memorized with just a look,” Talking about the pill, Fatty was very excited.

“Then you were able to memorize so fast because of this pill?” Lin Yuhan asked.

“You are still looking down on me. Since I am able to refine this type of pill, do you think there is a need for me to consume them?”

“Hmph!” When she heard Cheng Yu’s arrogance, Lin Yuhan continued to finish her food and ignored him.

“In a few days, Yunhai City will release a divine product that will cause countless women to go mad for it.”

“Boss, what kind of divine product?” Fatty licked his lips as he asked.

“It is useless for men, but very useful for all ladies,” Cheng Yu explained.

“Alright. Let’s go!” Cheng Yu wiped his mouth and started walking out of the cafeteria.

Cheng Yu handed in a unanswered answer booklet for the afternoon tests, which were for math. Even if he had memorized the formulas, he was still not able to solve the questions as he had no understanding towards the subject. Even if he was an immortal, he had no way to prove X and A are vertical or X and A will form an indefinite slope if they join together. The only thing he could prove was that he could prove nothing.

“When do you plan to go my house?” After school, Lin Yuhan asked.

“Haha. Are you so anxious to get me to ask for your hand for marriage? Since it’s like this, I shall go today!

“Today is not possible. I have to get my mum to prepare the food. Tell me the date, so that my mum will have sufficient time to prepare the food.”

“Oh. Tomorrow then.”

“Ok. I will leave first then,” Lin Yuhan tidied up her stuff and left the classroom.

“Boss, where are we going tonight?” Fatty Qian came over and asked.

“Let’s walk around. How about the night market? I have never been there before,” Cheng Yu realized that he had never travelled around after coming to this world as he basically travelled around his house to a few places.

Outside the school, Lin Yuhan had just exited the school premises, and a van was parked outside the school. In this van, there was a group of people sitting and staring out the window. One of them pointed at Lin Yuhan and said, ”Third Boss, that’s the student. It was because of her that Jiang Ming had a conflict with Cheng Yu.”

“Ma Zhi, stalk her and see where she lives. In the future, she might have some use. Remember, do not touch her right now,” Third Boss replied after thinking things through. This group of people were the subordinates of the third boss, Wu Chang. Today, they were all here because they wanted to teach Cheng Yu a small lesson. They wanted to let him know that his backing, the mayor, did not mean that he could not place the Blood Wolf Gang in his eyes. They also wanted to make it clear that the Blood Wolf Gang isn’t a gang that he can bully.

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Ma Zhi got out of the car and slowly followed Lin Yuhan. However, Lin Yuhan had no idea she was being followed as she continue to walk to the place her mom had set up her stall.

Cheng Yu and Fatty walked out at their own pace. ”Boss, yesterday, I was planning to treat you to barbecue, but you cancelled. How about having that dinner today? A lot of the pretty girls in school always go there and eat.”

“Oh? You go there very often?”

“Nope. I have never been there. It’s very embarrassing to go there alone.”

“So you are treating me to barbecue because you want to go and look at pretty girls?” Cheng Yu said sarcastically.

“Haha! What are you talking about Boss? Am I person who only thinks about pretty girls? Although I like pretty girls, in my heart, Boss is always number one!”

“Is that so? What you just said is very pleasing, but from another point of view, it sounded very weird, and you just gave me goosebumps,” Cheng Yu said.

“Third Boss, Third Boss! That kid is out. Look! It’s the guy who is beside the fatty,” The previous guy shouted to Third Boss who was sitting next to him.

“Move out!” Third Boss ordered as he took the lead and jumped out of the car.

“Boss, those people look very menacing, and it seems like they are coming for us!” When he saw a group of people walking towards them, Fatty panicked.

“Haha! What are you afraid of? With me around, what kind of trouble can they give you? You have to adapt in this scenario. You will not be able to follow me if you cannot adapt,” Looking at the group of people walking over, Cheng Yu laughed.

“Young Master Yu, long time no see,” Wu Chang walked up and greeted Cheng Yu. As the opposite party was the nephew of the mayor, he had to at least give him some face.

“Do I know you?” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

Wu Chang was stunned. He was the Third Boss of the Blood Wolf Gang, and he had given Cheng Yu some face, yet he actually insulted him! This kid has no respect or courtesy! However, Wu Chang knew that he had to investigate the situation before acting, so he laughed, ”Haha. Young master Yu is really so forgetful. I am Wu Chang, the boss of the Nightrose Nightclub. Last month, Young Master Yu had a dispute with someone in the Nightrose Nightclub. It was settled peacefully because I interfered and handled it for you.”

“Oh? Do you want me to thank you?”

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