Chapter 19: Night Market

“Haha! Young Master Yu must be joking. It’s just a small matter, and we wouldn’t dare to accept your gratitude. Actually, I am here today because I am interested in knowing what exactly happened yesterday. I heard that Young Master Yu injured a few of my brothers here yesterday?”

“What? You wish to get yourself involved in this as well?” Cheng Yu scrunched his eyebrows as he was speaking.

“So, Young Master Yu is admitting that you beat up my Blood Wolf Gang brothers?”

“So what if I admit it? If you all want, I can also give you the same treatment.”

“Boy, our Third Boss is being polite and giving you face. Don’t think that just because you have a couple of tricks, you are invincible. Once you have truly offended the Blood Wolf Gang, it will no longer be so easy to talk to us peacefully. I advise you to apologize to our Third Boss right now, and beg for his forgiveness,” Gang Bao said furiously as he was the one who pointed Cheng Yu out inside the car.

“Haha! So you are one of the bosses in Blood Wolf Gang? How do you think we should settle this?” Cheng Yu looked at Wu Chang and asked.

“Kneel down and apologize to me. After that, follow me back to the Blood Wolf Gang. Otherwise, you might turn into something worse than those you handicapped yesterday.”

“If it’s like that, it seems like there is no longer a need for negotiation. I shall give you all a chance to make a move first. Otherwise, later on you might not have a chance anymore.”

“Are you sure you want us to make a move? Young man, lowering your head in front of me is not an embarrassing matter. Although I admire your courage, don’t be impulsive and let your emotions affect your decision. You would not be able to handle the consequences. Don’t expect your uncle, the mayor, will help you out. Even if he is a mayor, in the Blood Wolf Gang, he wouldn’t be able to deal with us,” When he saw that Cheng Yu was still showing a calm and unyielding expression even though he had fallen into such predicament, Wu Chang couldn’t help admire Cheng Yu. He wanted to threaten him, but not completely fall out with him as pissing the mayor off might not be good for the growth of the Blood Wolf Gang.

“Are you done talking?”

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“Since you are done, bring it on.”

“Sure! Since you persist in doing it the hard way, don’t blame us for being impolite. Capture him and bring him back to the headquarters!” When he noticed Cheng Yu was still so resolute, Wu Chang no longer advised him and decided to capture him first. It was impossible to beat him up here. Otherwise, this might become a trump card for Zhao Minglong to deal with the Blood Wolf Gang.

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Looking at the people rushing towards him, Cheng Yu pushed Fatty back a few steps as he went forward and met them. Wu Chang who was standing near his car widened his eyes in shock. He was so fast! He only saw a group of people rushing forward and instantly heard miserable shrieks. Wu Chang gulped. He look at his brothers getting beaten up like clay dolls, and he finally knew why Dao Jiu became like that. It turned out that Cheng Yu had actually already given him a lot of face by doing so.

“Pow, pow, pow.” Cheng Yu slapped his hands and showed a meaningful expression. This caused Wu Chang to have no idea on what he should do.

“It’s your turn!” Cheng Yu looked at Wu Chang. Wu Chang’s complexion changed, and no one knew what was he thinking about.

“Are you sure you want to thoroughly fallout with the Blood Wolf Gang?” Wu Chang stated profoundly.

“Have you turned foolish? Since when have I had any friendly relations with you people?” Cheng Yu looked at Wu Chang as if he was an idiot.

“I acknowledge that you are very strong, but are those people around you so powerful as well?” Wu Chang said gloomily.

“Are you threatening me? Do you know what I hate the most? People threatening me. At first, I intended to just teach you people a small lesson, but it seems like there is no longer a need for the Blood Wolf Gang to continue existing,” Cheng Yu released his killing intent as he have always hated when people threatened those close to him.

“BANG!” In a flash, Cheng Yu moved to the front of Wu Chang as he struck Wu Chang’s chest. This time, Wu Chang did not fly in a beautiful arc like how Xu Dongyuan and Jiang Ming did. Instead, he flew in a straight line and landed three meters away from his original spot while he vomited blood continuously.

“This is the price you have to pay whenever you threaten those close to me. I will not kill you. Go back and tell your boss that it would be best if he were to not provoke me further. Also, never think of hurting those around me. Otherwise, my fury is not something your small little Blood Wolf Gang would be able to bear,” Cheng Yu returned the words to these fools. Cheng Yu brought Fatty along as they proceeded towards the night market after thrashing these Blood Wolf Gang idiots.

“Boss, you were so domineering just now! It caused me to feel so fired up when I saw the scene of you fighting. Boss, since you are so strong, can you teach me some martial arts? As your underling, I can’t possibly keep watching you fight from the side, right? It will be too embarrassing!”

“You wish to learn martial arts?” Cheng Yu looked at Fatty beside him.

“Yeah!” Fatty nodded.

“Practicing martial arts is a tedious process. Without at least 10 years, you will never be able to witness the results. Besides, your body’s condition now is too pathetic. Unless you are able to lose all the fat on your body, I wouldn’t be able to teach you martial arts.”

“Ah? I need to lose weight? I am afraid this is impossible. Looking at my meaty body, I have tried losing weight, but it was not effective at all!” Fatty said in disappointment.

“Practicing martial arts is something very tedious. If it were so easy, wouldn’t everyone be a martial arts expert already?” Actually, Cheng Yu did not wish for Fatty to learn martial arts because he felt that Fatty’s life right now was very good. At the same time, he knew the reason why Fatty wished to learn martial arts. It was because he saw how Cheng Yu had shown his might during the fight, and it drove Fatty’s adrenaline through the roof. The moment the adrenaline wore off, he would no longer want to learn martial arts. Furthermore, he knew all the kids would dream of becoming a martial arts expert. They hoped that they were some sort of chivalrous reincarnator. The world Fatty lived in was just a very simple world, and this was also the reason for their happiness. It was not realistic for him to cultivate as there is no need for that in this society.

In Cheng Yu’s previous life, cultivation was a norm in the society. They always wished to live forever so they always worked towards increasing their cultivations. That was the reason why they pursued the heavenly laws to defy their fate. But in this world, society wants them to have a stable job, a person they love, a child and a happy life with their parents and family.

“Boss, don’t you have immortal pills? You can always refine a pill that will enable my strength to increase by a magnitude of 10. Doesn’t tv always show those pills as the answer?” Suddenly, Fatty was excited.

“Are you an idiot? You already said it was on the television. How can you even believe that? Besides, if you are really intending to learn martial arts, you would not be able to accomplish anything big without a firm heart, even if I gave you an immortal pill.” Although Cheng Yu did not wish for him to practice martial arts, no one would be able to predict what might happen. Perhaps, in the near future, Cheng Yu might bring him to the cultivation world.

So, Cheng Yu emphasized this point to him. No matter who that person was, if they wished to become a cultivator, they must have a firm conviction. Even though he was a pill master, if they did not have persistent willpower, he would not be able to help them achieve immortality even with numerous top graded pills.

However, in the cultivation world, there were very few pill masters. Furthermore, pill masters all have their own arrogance and they were not willing to refine pills for others easily. So, pill masters have always been a target to rope into sects. For pill masters with weak cultivations, they would be pressured into one of the big sects, but pill master with strong cultivations were never willing to join any sects. Therefore, a pill master with a strong cultivation would usually offend a lot of huge powers, and Cheng Yu was such person. Ever since Cheng Yu had researched the Six Phoenix Spiritual Flame and the Nine Dragon Immortal Flame, he had become someone who all the powerful influences would fight over. However, Cheng Yu was not willing to involve himself with any of the influences, so in the end, he became a target that they all wished to murder.

Thinking up to this point, Cheng Yu felt sad. He shook his head as he dismissed these depressing thoughts as they arrived at the night market. Sure enough, this place was very populated and filled with snacks, clothes and fashionable products. Not only was this place very beautiful, it was also very cheap. This was a heaven for all the students.

Walking on the street, Cheng Yu suddenly felt that he had finally returned back to his younger days. Though his body was 18 years old, his soul was actually a thousand years old. In this kind of environment, Cheng Yu felt comfort, relaxation and happiness. This must be what all the youngsters should have! He looked at the couples who were all over the place. They were either looking at stuff here or strolling on the other side. The whole street was very noisy, but Cheng Yu felt that this street was actually incomparably tranquil. This kind of tranquility was a kind of concept, yet also a kind of mood. This was something Cheng Yu had never felt when he was in the immortal world.

“Boss, look! Isn’t that Lin Yuhan?” At this moment, Fatty pointed at a stall in front as he shouted to Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu looked to where Fatty was pointing. Sure enough, he saw Lin Yuhan was serving the customers, and her mom was frying something. Cheng Yu followed Fatty over, and they stood in front of the table Lin Yuhan was serving that was filled with dishes.

“Good evening. May I know what does mister wants to eat…” Lin Yuhan was busy serving the dishes and felt that someone was standing in front of the stall so she quickly welcomed them. However, when she was halfway through the greeting, she lifted her head and saw the guests were Cheng Yu and Fatty, so she paused her greeting.

“Hehe! Hanhan, why didn’t you tell me that you have a stall here? I would have come and supported you long ago,” Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan as he giggled.

Lin Yuhan’s expression was very unnatural as she asked, ”Why would the two of you be here?”

“We are here to eat! I want this, this and this!” Cheng Yu picked up a pile of dishes and placed it into a basket before giving it to Lin Yuhan.

“Are you sure you will be able to finish all these?” Lin Yuhan asked when she saw the basket was filled with dishes.

“Sure! Even if we can’t finish it, we can always wrap it up and bring it back home. Besides, it’s Fatty’s treat. Right, Fatty?”

“Yes! Boss, don’t hesitate to order. It’s my treat,” Fatty’s face twitched. His boss was flirting with girls, yet he had to pay for it. This was too illogical. However, all these ingredients don’t cost too much. Following that, Fatty also picked some food that he liked.

At this moment, Mother Lin finished frying the dish for the customer and walked over to the trio as she laughed, ”So it’s the two of you! Are you here to eat? If it’s so, Auntie will treat both of you today. Consider it as a form of repayment for helping Xiao Han yesterday.”

“Haha! Auntie, we are classmates of Hanhan and also her good friends. Helping each other is something that we should do. Besides, you are just running a small business here, so how can we let you treat us?” The way he had addressed Lin Yuhan previously had caused Mother Lin to be very unhappy about it, but Cheng Yu was a person who would not be bothered by such trivial things as he continued to called Lin Yuhan intimately.

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