Chapter 56 – It is destined that my Royal Concubine is you!

Liu Zhong Tian grabbed Qiqi’s hands, took the headdress and put it on Qiqi’s head. He looked at her strangely. When had someone take down her headdress and hit people during marriage.

“You will be this Duke’s Royal Concubine and cannot be so rough. When you are back at the manor, I will let Yun-er teach you properly!”

“Who is Yun-er?” Qiqi looked at Liu Zhong Tian through the pearl chains. She thought that she was very smart and believed she managed to guess it right this time. Could Yun-er be Liu Zhong Tian’s beloved woman? When she is back at Liu Zhong Tian’s manor, she must explain properly to that woman. It is such a heartbreaking thing for people who are in love to be unable to be together.

Qiqi suddenly held Liu Zhong Tian’s hands and said softly. “Do not be upset, I will fulfill your wish!”

Wei Qiqi’s voice was light and elegant, warm and full of softness. This caused Liu Zhong Tian to be momentarily stunned. That melodious voice full of concern caused Liu Zhong Tian to have a realisation. He held her hand tightly.

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“Maybe I shouldn’t be upset, it is destined that my Royal Concubine is you!”

“Don’t just say good stuff, those are all false, we have an agreement!”

“That agreement……” Liu Zhong Tian laughed lightly. That agreement is not as simple as Wei Qiqi thinks it is. Maybe everything would start from that agreement.

“Even though the marriage this time is false, however, Qiqi hopes to wear a wedding gown!”

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“Wedding gown?”

“Aye, even if I say it you won’t understand. We are not people of the same lifetime. Quick do the salutations. This broken clothes is so tiring!”

Liu Zhong Tian is simply tortured by Wei Qiqi till he submits. This woman knows nothing about any kind of propriety and salutations. He has to teach her on one side and complete the wedding on the other side. When the wedding is finally over, Liu Zhong Tian felt released.

After finishing the so-called simple wedding, Wei Qiqi took down her troublesome clothing and put on her own jeans and t-shirt. She heard the cheering outside of the tent and knew the wedding have food and wine for the three armies. What is there to celebrate, it is not that it is real. Qiqi felt that these people have nothing better to do.

However…… Qiqi started giggling. Liu Zhong Tian married such an ugly woman like her. Probably a whole bunch of people are laughing to death.

Qiqi touched her face. Why aren’t these yellow lines disappearing? Qiqi sighed.

She was originally a Xuan De Girls High beauty, with sharp features. Outside of Xuan De Girls High are all her admirers, yet no one dares to come close to her, and only look from afar. Now……

Qiqi sighed. Her first kiss was given to the ancient times Duke, and she has to cooperate with him to act out a fake wedding? Fate is really making fun of people, just one damned time traveling, and Wei Qiqi is reduced to this state.

Wei Qiqi hid in the big tent and didn’t dare to go out. She is afraid those soldiers will down her with strong wine again, making her unable to speak. In the end causing her to end up like this. Furthermore, she definitely cannot be drunk. Although she is very ugly, afterall she is a woman. If she is drunk…… that Third Duke won’t have any ulterior motives?

A few soldiers entered the big tent and carried the drunk Liu Zhong Tian. One look and she knew he drank a lot. Qiqi hurriedly hid herself and looked from afar, as if Liu Zhong Tian has no relation with her whatsoever.

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