Chapter 55 – Your Royal Concubine this is my greeting!

Wei Qiqi kept dreaming, she dreamt of that irritating Liu Zhong Tian. Thereafter she dreamt of her Grandpa. Grandpa is still the same manner, indulging in her and agreeing to whatever her requests were. Wei Qiqi confided in Grandpa about the tough life in the Great Han and the humiliation that she has suffered. Grandpa comforted her and coaxed this precious little granddaughter of his. This made Wei Qiqi feel extremely beautiful. [TL: the author wrote this, a bit out of context I suppose] She laughed non stop in the dream.

In the end there is someone who is that irritating, disturbing her dream, making her upset.

Liu Zhong Tian called Wei Qiqi quite a few times, but Qiqi was unwilling to get up and even buried her head in the blanket. She continued to sleep and snore loudly. Since when is there such a woman? Liu Zhong Tian became somewhat furious. He lifted her up out of the nest of blanket.

Qiqi opened her sleepy eyes and saw Liu Zhong Tian in front. She was extremely disappointed. Why is she still in the Great Han? She shouted furiously.

“Not getting up, not getting up, rotten egg, screw off!”

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“What a barbaric woman, quickly get up and prepare!”

“Oh! Getting married?” Qiqi opened her eyes wide and thought carefully for a moment. Oh right, today she has to get married with that irritating Duke! So, what happened just now was all a dream. Wei Qiqi depressingly looked at Liu Zhong Tian. The day when she can open her eyes and not look at this fella would be great.

“Tidy up yourself, look at the you now!”

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“If I don’t look good, you can don’t marry!”

Qiqi purposely messed up her hair like a crazy bitch. She then smiled sheepishly at Liu Zhong Tian and did a deep bow. “Duke, your Royal Concubine pays her respect!”

“Wei Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian doesn’t know how to talk to this woman, hence he can only angrily wave his sleeve and leave.

Wei Qiqi is forced to wear the red wedding clothes and the elegant phoenix headdress. She lifted the long skirt and sighed. Aren’t the ancient people torturing themselves? They wear so much, and it is so hot. Qiqi irritatedly put the pearls on her head down, and walked slowly out of the screen cover.

Liu Zhong Tian was instantly stupefied. No matter what he find it hard to believe that the woman underneath the headdress is ugly. Her posture is so elegant, a pair of delicate hands holding on to the skirt. This made people involuntarily have pity in their hearts, seeing and sorrowing.

Liu Zhong Tian was admiring his future Royal Concubine when Wei Qiqi’s legs accidentally stepped on the dress. She staggered forward, Liu Zhong Tian held onto her.

“Oh! Oh my god, this unlucky dress!” Qiqi stabilized her body, and pulled apart the pearl chains covering her face, revealing the face filled with yellow lines. Liu Zhong Tian instantly became somewhat disappointed. Why is she not a normal woman. She doesn’t need to be beautiful, even if that is the case Liu Zhong Tian will be satisfied. However, she has to be so ugly, this made his love unable to stir up any passion.

Wu Zhongyi clapped his hands at one side. “The Royal Concubine can really cause countries and cities to fall. The Emperor really has eyes that can decipher true gold, letting the Third Duke fulfill his wish.”

Not waiting for Liu Zhong Tian to explode, Qiqi angrily snatched down the headdress on her head and walked up front. She grabbed ahold of Wu Zhongyi’s collar and stared at that pair of big eyes.

“Don’t forget what I said, I have loads of time to fix you!”

“Fix? Fix me……you……you dare!” Wu Zhongyi retreated one step, and was scared till he started shivering.

I don’t dare? This fella still dares to be arrogant! Qiqi forcefully lifted her skirt, and sent one flying kick. If it is not because of Wu Zhongyi running fast and her skirt being too long, this kick would have landed on him. She not being able to kick successfully made her even more angry.

“You still dare to hide, Wu Zhongyi, come over here, let this lady kick you!”

“Duke……Duke! Help me!” Wu Zhongyi speedily ran to the back of Liu Zhong Tian and pleadingly grabbed onto Liu Zhong Tian’s sleeves. He is really afraid of this crazy ugly Royal Concubine.

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