Chapter 54 – Lecherous wolf? Toad?

Liu Zhong Tian laughed heartily. He knows what Wei Qiqi is thinking on the inside. However this may very well pose a problem. If they become married tomorrow and stays together, he as a man, being with his legal concubine even if she is ugly, may very well be unable to control himself. He really have to find a solution to this problem.

“Hmph! I will sleep on the floor!” Qiqi flipped over and was so angry that she did not make any sound.

Liu Zhong Tian couldn’t sleep at all. He thought of the Emperor-brother in the palace laughing maniacally and his heart became full of fury. Even though Wei Qiqi is very cute and he doesn’t hate this woman, this involves a matter of pride. This made him extremely uncomfortable. Wait till he has beaten back the Xiongnu and return to the palace assembly, he will face even more problems.

He remembers when Emperor-father passed away, two strange wills appeared. One was to pass the throne to Emperor-brother while the other is to pass the throne to Third Prince Liu Zhong Tian. The royal court instantly has arguments on all sides, which one of the will is the real one? Those who protect Third Prince Liu Zhong Tian has voices that fluctuate up and down, the two brothers almost started to fight it out. It is still a mystery as to who faked the will.

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As the tradition, it is logical for the Crown Prince to succeed the throne. However due to the two wills, there inevitably will arise some bloodstorm. Among the two brothers, there must be one who will fall down in the palace.

Liu Zhong Tian backed out from the struggle for the throne and hid the other will. However it is this will that made Emperor-brother unable to sleep or eat well. After succession of the throne, the Great Han Divine Son held that will and has doubts in his heart. Facing the Third Brother Liu Zhong Tian who has military accolades under his belt, his inner heart is full of contradictions. On account of brotherly feelings, and the royal court’s power backing him up, this made the Emperor unable to use vicious means on Liu Zhong Tian.

From then on, the Great Han Divine Son went against Liu Zhong Tian in every area and made things difficult for him on purpose. He even made the woman that Liu Zhong Tian likes, Hanyu, to enter the palace and become a concubine. This is to kill off his spirit.

On the day of appointment of Hanyu, Liu Zhong Tian can no longer bear it, and entered the palace in an aggressive stance. The two brothers faced each other’s angry gaze. The Great Han Divine Son spoke out the intentions in his heart. As the Emperor and the elder brother, the Great Han Divine Son will not kill this Third Brother. However whenever he hears those officials speaking out in protection, the Great Han Divine Son will be extremely furious. Now that he has snatched away Liu Zhong Tian’s woman, this made the Great Han Divine Son’s haert much more comfortable. The rice has already been cooked, Hanyu has already become the Great Han Divine Son’s woman.

Guifei Concubine, who wanted to marry Liu Zhong Tian with her whole heart, washed her face with tears. Liu Zhong Tian painfully cut the threads of feelings, and left the Great Han palace. However things are not so simple. Hanyu is smitten with Liu Zhong Tian and she found all sorts of chances to summon Liu Zhong Tian. This put Liu Zhong Tian in a difficult position, hence he could only ask for permission to leave the Great Han and to encircle the Xiongnu.

Liu Zhong Tian thought of all these past matters and his heart became turbulent. He looked at Wei Qiqi who is fast asleep at a far corner. Liu Zhong Tian walked up and gazed at the yellow marks on her face. His heart bitterly laughed. In the fight for the throne, Liu Zhong Tian lost too many things, yet he only gained a legendary ugly woman.

Wei Qiqi flipped her body. The messy hair latched onto her face. Her lips mumbled “Liu Zhong Tian, don’t come over, you this lecherous wolf…….toad……”

Lecherous wolf? Toad? Liu Zhong Tian doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How can this ugly woman act so high and mighty. Her attitude is just like a holy princess that cannot be defiled, guarding her own ground, extremely arrogant.

However in reality, Wei Qiqi is just a wandering ugly woman that is picked up on the battlefield. Just based on that little cleverness of hers, she became a fake-phoenix General Qi. [TL note: fake-phoenix is a direct translation. It probably means that she is not a legitimate general] Now, she has entered the heavens in one step, becoming his Royal Concubine. However this on the contrary is humiliating for her.

Liu Zhong Tian lightly peeled away the hair strands on Qiqi’s face. He thought in his heart, if her face doesn’t have those yellow lines, will she be a beautiful woman? The Wei Qiqi in her dreams suddenly waved her fists and hit Liu Zhong Tian. “Bastard, Duke who goes back on his words……”

Duke who goes back on his words? Liu Zhong Tian furiously stood up. So in this ugly woman’s heart, his own image is so bad. He angrily went back to his own bed and couldn’t enter sleep for a long period of time.

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