Chapter 53 – The Duke is not my type of guy

Liu Zhong Tian picked up the pen and thought for a while, yet he didn’t put down the pen. “You really don’t like this Duke?”

Qiqi moved to the front of Liu Zhong Tian and faced his face. She looked to the left and the right. “Duke…… looks quite handsome, but unfortunately you are not my type of guy!”

“The type of guy you like?” Liu Zhong Tian looked at Qiqi with suspicion. This woman is really bold, to actually dare to say such stuff in front of a man. She is reckless yet gaining a person’s respect. He is not the type of guy that she likes, what type of guys does she like? Thinking about this, Liu Zhong Tian’s heart felt a kind of inexplicable unsettlement.

“En! Those new generation of man, cool and tall, healthy and suave. When girls see them they will scream, when guys see them they will want to jump of the building!”

Qiqi imagined, he may wear a pair of ripped jeans with hands lazily stuffed in the pockets. A tight-fitting t-shirt outlining the perfect muscular body. He gently caressed his hair, instantly causing people’s eyes to brighten up and fall for him.

“What are you saying? Scream? Jumping off the building?” Liu Zhong Tian patted her brain. Qiqi immediately recovered her senses and laughed embarrassingly.

“Even if I say you will not understand. Anyway you are not the kind of guy that I like, you are more like a big uncle!”


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“Correct, that is already not bad, I still haven’t say that you are like my Grandpa……” Qiqi softly mumbled.

“Do I look so old?” Liu Zhong Tian touched his own face and became somewhat ill-confident. However when he saw that Qiqi was giggling, he knows that this woman is making fun of people again.

“Are there any more requests?” Liu Zhong Tian is somewhat displeased. Why is the dashing and suave Third Duke in the eyes of an ugly woman so ordinary, this made him disappointed.

“Of course there are, that is I don’t like to wear those women’s dresses that are long and heavy, you cannot restrict my clothing!”

“There is no need to write this one, I am not interested, you can wear whatever you want!”

“That’s great, I don’t have anymore.” Qiqi happily turned one round, and then laid down on Liu Zhong Tian’s front of his knees, and raised her head to look at Liu Zhong Tian.

“Is it very thrilling to be a Royal Concubine? Before I go back home, I will have fun being a Royal Concubine!”

“Having fun? I still have requests!” Liu Zhong Tian laughed lightly.

“That is right, you speak, if not it is not fair for you!” Qiqi sat down, and prepared her ears to listen.

“I only have one request.” Liu Zhong Tian lightly wrote on the bamboo scroll, and then read it out slowly.

“Contributing to unity, men may reborn, looking through the night companion, house accompanying the ruler!”

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Wei Qiqi listened till she went into the clouds and into the fog [TL: meaning she cannot understand]. She grabbed over the bamboo scroll and read. Is this 4 sentences related to herself? She then threw it to Liu Zhong Tian, and stood up without bothering about it. “Agreed! Sign!”

The two people wrote their own names on the bamboo scroll. Liu Zhong Tian satisfiedly rolled up the scroll and carefully kept it.

Wei Qiqi felt as if she resolved a huge heart problem. She comfortably fell on the floor mat, her head is full of scenes of going back. Maybe tomorrow when the wedding is held, a bolt of lightning or a thunder will suddenly happen, Wei Qiqi will then sit on the Doraemon time traveling machine and return home. That is really possible, Qiqi sat up fiercely.

“Quick go and sleep, tomorrow you still have to rise up early and proceed with the wedding rites!”

“After I become a Royal Concubine, will I sleep more comfortably?” Qiqi touched her waist, the damned floor mat is too tough to sleep on.

“Of course!” Liu Zhong Tian walked to the behind of the screen cover. “Come to my bed and rest!”

“That is not bad, what about you, where are you going?”

“Me? Of course on the bed!”

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