Chapter 286 – Truly Invigorating!

Huan Qing Yan continued to eat a second Bean Fortune Bun, it tasted absolutely great!

“He caused you so much pain in your previous life, now that he had only said a couple of nice words, don’t tell me you are planning to forgive him?”

The reincarnated girl quickly replied, “Of course not. I just felt that it’s weird.”

“Then it’s good, no matter what he turns into, we will never allow ourselves to be deceived by him again.”

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“I know, you should also try to keep a distance from Young Master Ya. They two of you are not suitable, and you will not be qualified even if you are willing to be a concubine…”

Huan Qing Yan waved her hand, “There you go with your nagging again. Come to think of it, when did your grievance energy dissipate!”

“When my wishes have been fulfilled, it would naturally dissipate as well, are you finding me a hindrance now?”

Huan Qing Yan joked, “Ho ho ho, then should I just get Young Master Ya to kill off Bai Chen Feng and Huan Meng Yue immediately, with your two targets of revenge gone, your wishes would be immediately fulfilled.”

The reincarnated girl quickly added, “I would not get fulfilled like that if they were to die too easily, it will not be enough to dissolve my resentment! What’s more, I will not affect you too, I will surely leave. I can also help you, help you prepare for things, right? Didn’t you notice that I have not affected you?”

Huan Qing Yan was initially joking but when she saw how anxious the reincarnated girl replied her, she couldn’t help but feel a small sense of suspicion.

After some pondering, she decided to temporary push this matter aside, she would think about this after she had survived that critical period where the reincarnated girl had died.


The Hanging Cloud Empire would organize one Glutton Festival and one Spirit Chef Festival annually.

During the Glutton Festival, all its citizens would engage in a festive mood, and all sorts of wonderful and delicious food could be found on every street, truly invigorating!

During the Spirit Chef Festival, it would also be as boisterous, the preliminaries of the competition would be done on the street junctions, the one who attract the votes of the masses and judges would be deemed to be the most excellent Spirit Chef.

During this phase, most of the ordinary chefs would be weeded out.

After ten days of preliminaries that would be held throughout the nation, the competition would enter the finals.

The finals would be held within the royal palace, and the emperor himself would personally participate and choose the champion of the competition.

On this day, a large crowd of commoners had gathered outside the palace causing the area to be extremely packed. Although these people had no way of knowing what was happening within the palace, that did not stop them from wanting to be the first to know who was crowned the champion of the current year’s Spirit Chef Festival.

Within the palace grounds, many people were seated on the public square in front of the Jing Luan Palace; they were all the most prestigious nobles and officials of Hanging Cloud Empire.

The emperor had not arrived yet as this was still the preparation phase.

There were only fifty people who managed to enter the finals, the center of the public square had thus been divided into fifty cooking sectors.

Everyone was busy making their preparations, some had long completed their preparations and were looking around or chatting with someone beside them…

A make-shift stall was set up within each of the cooking sectors, these stalls contained a complete set of standardized cooking equipment and various pots and pans. However, if the participants themselves had brought along better equipment, they could use them as well.

The spirit food ingredients were also prepared by the participants themselves, for today, Huan Qing Yan planned to make Pineapple Prawn Balls.

All the ingredients were from the dimension, the pineapple was grown within her dimension while the prawns were products of the little stream within the dimension. Their spirit energy values were much higher than the ones that could be brought from outside.

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The cooking method was also relatively simple.

In her previous life, the reincarnated girl bought her ingredients from outside, but those ingredients were swapped with low-quality ingredient ones by others, causing her to lag behind greatly from the start of the Spirit Chef Festival…

Huan Qing Yan would never allow herself to be hindered by others due to poor ingredients. They would never have the chance.

Huan Qing Yan wore a pair of gloves before she started to remove the prawn line*.
(Cuppa: The prawn line is the black line on the back of prawns/shrimps, they are actually the digestive tracts of the prawns.)

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