Chapter 338: F*ck your domain


Naturally, this might be impossible for other magicians, but for Long Yi, this wasn’t difficult. Using internal force to lead two compressed small fireballs, wasn’t that a piece of cake?

Kajia calmed down his churning blood and qi, then turning around, he looked at Long Yi with surprise. Before, he had looked down upon Long Yi, and he had never thought that his actual strength was so powerful.

Long Yi looked at the circumstance all around him. This moment, Nalan Ruyue and Dongfang Kexin were locked in a stalemate without making a move. Barbarian Bull had picked two guardian knights as his opponent and he was using Evil Vanquishing Rod to suppress those guardian knights. As for Wushuang, she was standing on the sidelines appearing as if everything had nothing to do with her.

“Still want to continue? This was merely a misunderstanding, why are you being aggressive?” Long Yi laughed.

“If your strength is merely this much, then you can allow yourself to be seized with your hands tied.” Kajia retracted his surprised look and said indifferently, completely ignoring the small loss he had eaten just a moment ago.

Long Yi frowned, can it be that this fellow is still hiding his strength? Looking at his confident look, he shouldn’t be speaking unfounded.

“I’d like to see how you will make me allow myself to be seized with my hands tied? Whatever abilities you have, feel free to use.” Long Yi provoked with a smile but didn’t dare to become careless in his heart.

Kajia shook his Holy Light Spear, then pointed the spear tip at Long Yi. And at the same time, his body flashed with white light, condensing a domain in an instant.

“Domain!” Long Yi became solemn. He truly hadn’t expected that this youngster who didn’t appear that old in age actually had reached such realm. He had always mistakenly believed that the only person that had comprehended domain within Light Church was Light Pope Charles. But now it seemed the strength of Light Church was far from being as simple as it was seen on the surface. Long Yi thought in his heart.

“You are correct, moreover, this isn’t a normal domain. In this holy light domain, other than light magic, all other magic and douqi cannot be used. Furthermore, my strength is doubled within this domain, so unless your strength has reached Swords God or Magic God realm, you have to obediently admit defeat.” Kajia complacently said.

Long Yi smirked. The strength of Kajia appeared to have reached Swords Saint realm, and after his strength was doubled, he however became very terrifying, but, this also ignited wild trait in the blood of Long Yi.

“Is that so? But, the more powerful you are, the happier I am. I like best to see those experts who regarded themselves as infallible grovel in front of me. F*ck your domain.” Long Yi said. It was enough for him if he could use light magic inside this domain. Even if he couldn’t use any magic, he had nothing to fear with his fourth layer AoTianjue.

“Then, try it.” The expression of Kajia became gloomy, then with his Holy Light Spear flashing with radiance, he locked on to Long Yi.

Long Yi also took out a huge sword from inside his space ring, then combining his internal force and light magic elements, it unexpectedly also covered the huge sword just like Light Douqi’s sword light. Originally, combining douqi and light magic elements, Long Yi could use light douqi, but this light douqi and the light douqi of Kajia had an essential difference. The douqi of Kajia in itself had light attribute whereas the douqi of Long Yi didn’t have any attribute, and only using the internal force, he could successfully combine those two, therefore, in this holy light domain, Long Yi wasn’t able to use douqi.

Kajia made a move, attacking at an extreme speed, but the huge sword in the hand of Long Yi welcomed it, instantly locking together in a battle.

The light douqi of Kajia was very powerful due to the additional buff of the domain, and with each spear light linked with another, all retreat routes of Long Yi were blocked. But the fourth layer AoTianJue of Long Yi also wasn’t ordinary. Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir, skillfully using his strength, he successfully offset the spear attacks while moving back and forth. He clearly appeared relaxed.

“Hey, brother Kajia, I see you are still useless, and this domain also adds up to nothing. Don’t waste your strength, look, your that place is already on the point of death.” Long Yi said while moving.

Kajia however wasn’t distracted by the words of Long Yi, but his eyes became even more sinister and ruthless as his offense became more and more swift and fierce.

“F*ck your grandfather, did you eat aphrodisiac?” Long Yi shouted while dodging the attacks of the spear. Actually, it was not easy to dodge, every spear light contained extremely powerful energy, so he didn’t dare to confront head-on, and he merely discharged the attack’s strength which however consumed a large amount of internal force.

“Hey, if you don’t stop, I will not show any mercy.” Long Yi shouted loudly. Although the attack of this boy was continuous, he was also not powerless to deal with him.

“Shut up and give me all you got!” Kajia gritted his teeth and said.

Long Yi also didn’t pester him any longer, then suddenly releasing his powerful spirit power from the space between his eyes, he forcibly made a vacuum around him, then, holding the sword with only one hand, he strangely danced. His movements were gentle with a kind of strange appeal.

This moment, Barbarian Bull suddenly smashed two guardian knights forcing them to retreat vomiting a mouthful of blood, then retracting his Greenstone Rule, he looked towards Long Yi. And both saintesses who were also locked in a stalemate also coincidentally looked towards this side.

The attacks of Kajia gradually slowed down. He tried to control himself but everything was in vain. A burst of stabbing pain and sadness welled up in his heart which he was unable to dismiss from his mind, moreover, he practically forgot that he was still in the midst of a battle.

When Long Yi danced with a sword in his hand, his figure glimmered as if illusory, and a large number of on-looking crowds unexpectedly began to quiet down.

Barbarian Bull looked at Long Yi with fixed gaze and suddenly scratching his bull-horn, he muttered: “I remember, this dancing sword move of Boss is called Lovesickness Sword.”

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“Lovesickness Sword?” Nalan Ruyue walked over and softly asked.

“Yes, at that time, when Boss danced in Elven Forest, all birdies of the sky were drawn, but how come I see nothing today?” Barbarian Bull said looking towards the sky. In the sky, merely a few birdies were circling around which however was incomparable to that sad scene of Elven Forest with thousands of birdies circling in the sky.

In fact, it was not that the effect of Lovesickness Sword had weakened, rather Long Yi was now within the Holy Light Domain of Kajia, so the effect outside was naturally not strong like before but it was enough to make the crowd quiet.

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But, Kajia who was similarly inside the domain was not well-off like that. Long Yi had used his powerful spirit power to arouse Lovesickness Sword Technique, so the effect on Kajia was very huge.

The attack of Kajia completely stopped, and now, he was merely looking at Long Yi’s that erratic figure in a trance, and he simultaneously had happy and sad expression. Since the time when Dongfang Kexin was brought to Light Church by Light Pope Charles as an adopted daughter, Kajia always had good feelings for her in his heart. He slowly grew up together with her, and watching her change day by day from the original ugly ducking into a noble swan, his love for her also became stronger and stronger. But, he however knew that the princess of his heart always regarded him as her big brother because her heart was filled up with the figure of another person long ago, so he could only suppress his own feelings at the bottom of his heart and silently guard her. But who knows the pain of his heart?

The tears stream down Kajia’s cheeks as a beautiful smiling face of Dongfang Kexin appeared in front of his eyes.

Losing the control of his state of mind, his domain collapsed itself, then Long Yi also end his move, and looking at this guardian knight who was shedding tears, he shook his head. His mind was weaker than he had expected. He had not even completed the first dance of Lovesickness Sword.

“Kajia, what happened to you?” Dongfang Kexin rushed over and shook Kajia who was absentmindedly shedding tears, but Kajia was still motionless.

“Cou…Ximen Yu, what have you done to him?” Dongfang Kexin turned her head and hatefully looked towards Long Yi.

“He is fine, after a while, he will wake up on his own. But, do you know why he has become like this? Because he loves you too much.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Dongfang Kexin was speechless. She didn’t know Kajia’s feeling towards her, but her heart……

Long Yi waved his hand, and then walked away with Barbarian Bull, Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang. The on-looking crowds parted to make way on their own and looked at them leaving with veneration. Why shouldn’t they venerate? The guardian knights of Light Church, along with a guardian knight with domain was so easily defeated by them, now, even muddle-headed and ignorant people were wakened up. Presumably, from now on, the name of Long Yi would not only be renowned as a pervert.

“Cousin.” Dongfang Kexin sadly called out.

The footsteps of Long Yi paused, but shortly afterward, he walked forward without looking back even once.

“She is so miserable, when all is said and done, she is your cousin, but you actually refused her so ruthlessly.” En route, Nalan Ruyue said to Long Yi.

“Leaving her hanging is also ruthless, moreover, that will only spawn something unpredictable.” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

“Why? She is so beautiful, I don’t believe that you, a pervert, is not tempted.”  Nalan Ruyue smiled and said.

“Don’t ask too much, or I will think that you have fallen in love with me, otherwise, why are you so concerned about me?” Long Yi wanted to speak the matter of Dongfang Kexin wanting to monopolize him, but after thinking a bit, he decided against it, because nothing can be done even if he spoke about that matter.

“Who is concerned about you, I was just curious.” Nalan Ruyue turned away and said with disdain.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile: “Let’s forget about these useless matters, since this town is overcrowded with people, let’s go straight to the outskirts of Lightning God Forbidden Area. We will camp there to rest for the night, then start the operation early next morning.”

The group of four began to walk towards the Lightning God Forbidden Area inside the wildwoods. With their flying speed, merely in two hours, they reached the outskirts of Lightning God Forbidden Area. They saw many people had planned similarly. On the outskirts, there already were many tents here. Each of them had made a boundary, and no one interfered with each other.

“Look, Baleful Blood Mercenary Group and Miracle Mercenary Group have returned.” Someone roared loudly and many people came out from their tent all of a sudden.

Long Yi’s group of four had yet to settle and they saw approximately 300 people rolling and crawling out of the entrance of Lightning God Forbidden Area. Everyone had bloodstains on their clothes and their face was filled with terror and exhaustion.

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