Chapter 337: Encountering Kexin en route


“Yes, although we are not the real husband and wife, but at least nominally, you are my woman. As long as, you are my woman, I will never tolerate anyone harming you.” Long Yi firmly said.

Nalan Ruyue’s lips moved, however, no words came out, still, her expression became much better. Perhaps, she didn’t mind the matter of Long Yi killing people, rather she was minding that the motivation behind Long Yi’s such action wasn’t her.

At this time, a commotion began to rise among the shocked crowd, and the majority of people walked to the sidelines to watch this scene of bustle and excitement. They knew that the situation would become more complicated very soon, and that would be worth seeing.

Sure enough, not long after, from the midst of the crowd, a group of ferocious looking people with dense killing intent came out and completely surrounded Long Yi’s group of four.

The person walking at the foremost was a man with a long beard wearing a fire attributed magic robe which was embroiled with an Archmage-ranked symbol. And a youth in servant attire fearfully said pointing towards Long Yi: “Mister Yi, he is the one that killed Little Young Master.”

This Mister Yi also wasn’t a rash person. He knew that the person that could kill Little Young Master who was already a Swordsman with one move absolutely wasn’t a simple person.

Long Yi also didn’t make a move, he was calm and composed while sizing up this group of people surrounding them, and then come to the decision that, other than that fire Archmage, all others were basically not worth mentioning.

At this time, Mister Yi’s brows jumped seemingly recalling something. Looking at this youngster’s appearance, also looking at Barbarian Bull behind him who was glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey, and that woman in snow-white priest robe at his side, he had a thought. Can it be that this youngster is Second Young Master of Ximen Clan who had established in-laws relation with Nalan Empire a few days ago? Then, this woman wearing priest robe is Princess of Nalan Empire as well as Saintess of Light Church, Nalan Ruyue. Thinking of the identity of these two people, Mister Yi couldn’t help but shed cold sweat.

Let alone the identity of these two people that was enough to run amuck in the entire Blue waves Continent, simply the strength of Long Yi alone was enough to make him feel dread. Others might know him only because of his notorious reputation, but he however knew that the strength of this person was unfathomable.

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Mister Yi was the expert invited to stay by the City Lord of Proud Moon Empire’s border city called Shining Spring City. Originally, with his strength, he basically disdained to stay in City Lord’s residence, but, he owed a favor to this City Lord in the past, so under his repetitive invitation, he agreed.

Because the main source of income of this Shining Spring City was trading commodity with Mea Principality, they had an extensive network in Mea Principality. So, he was able to hear many bits of intelligence of Mea Principality. This person before him, not only was a magic fighter, they said that he cultivates legendary space magic too, and he didn’t even lose when he battled against Master Archmage PuXiusi. No matter whether if this information was correct or not, it was enough to make him not act rashly here.

“Dare I ask whether you are Second Young Master Ximen of Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire’s Saintess?” Mister Yi stepped forward and asked.

“It seems you have eyes, your guess is correct, those two bastards of just now were killed by me, do you all want to take revenge for them?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked threateningly.

“That was my family’s Young Master, Second Young Master Ximen must justify yourself.” Mister Yi braced himself and said.

“Justify myself? Who is your family’s Young Master?” Long Yi smiled but that smile appeared incomparably ghastly in the eyes of Mister Yi.

Mister Yi was startled and his heart became cold as he didn’t dare to answer. This moment, Proud Moon Empire was in a war with Nalan and Violent Dragon Empire. Moreover, the relation among them had already worsened to the extreme, so if he were to say, the Young Master who had died was the son of the City Lord of Proud Moon Empire’s Shining Spring City, then not only Long Yi and his group, even some people among these spectating crowd would jump out and clap in high glee.

“This matter is the fault of our Young Master, I don’t dare to obstruct you all, but I will report this matter truthfully to the patriarch. Let’s leave.” Mister Yi was startled for a long time, but the words he had spoken out surprised many on-looking people. Since the matter had come to this, he spoke few words to save a bit of face while escaping which created a commotion among the crowd.

“Stop.” At that time, a crisp sound suddenly resounded. This made Mister Yi and his group who had already turned around to leave look towards the origin of this voice.

But this word wasn’t spoken by the group of Long Yi. Originally, Long Yi also didn’t plan to entangle with this sensible Mister Yi, but who would have thought that someone would want to meddle in other people’s business.

Long Yi frowned looking towards the origin of the voice and saw four snow-white figures riding four equally snow-white unicorns coming over from the path opened in the midst of the crowd.

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“Ah, it’s the Light Saintess as well as Light Church’s guardian knights.” The on-looking crowds made an uproar making the comment. The guardian knights of Light Church however were rarely seen and they generally only stayed in Light Church. They say, their strength was very terrifying. No one had ever thought that this time, they nevertheless see three of them here.

Long Yi looked up and was startled as he exclaimed: “Kexin.”

The person who had come however was Dongfang Kexin who had left Soaring Dragon City in a fit of anger. She was wearing a gorgeous Saintess priest robe. This priest robe was different from the common priest robe of Nalan Ruyue. With a single glance, one could tell her status. At this time, she was looking at Long Yi with a complicated gaze, and again looking at two veiled women at his sides, the affection in her eyes changed into resentment.

At the side of Dongfang Kexin, there was a guardian knight wearing a dazzling snow-white suit of armor. This guardian knight was dignified in appearance and simultaneously had a noble temperament. Moreover, on his right arm armor, there were three golden lines. This should be used to represent his status because the two guardian knights behind him had nothing on their right arm armor.

Long Yi wasn’t a fool, he naturally sensed the change in the expression of Dongfang Kexin, and also saw her resentment. Towards this, he could only make a wry smile. The affection of men and women was beautiful, but also the most dangerous, because love and hate were separated only by a thin line.

“Kexin, long time no see.” Long Yi smiled and greeted. In any case, she was also his cousin, so he truly couldn’t fall out with her as he wouldn’t be able to justify himself in front of his grandfather Dongfang Qiming.

Dongfang Kexin nevertheless coldly snorted, then looking at Mister Yi who was preparing to leave, she asked: “I heard someone was killed here, what exactly is going on here?”

This Mister Yi was dumbfounded and looked towards Long Yi. As a well-informed person, he naturally knew that Long Yi and Dongfang Kexin were cousins, so without making things up, he just said the matter of just now.

“Ximen Yu, although those two people take liberties with your women but that crime was still not enough to kill them. Although Ye Principality is under no one’s jurisdiction, but since I saw it, I will take charge of this.” Dongfang Kexin stared at Long Yi and said.

Long Yi deeply looked at Dongfang Kexin and he suddenly began to walk straight towards her. As for Barbarian Bull and others, even though they didn’t know what he wanted to do, they followed after him.

The heart of Dongfang Kexin jumped and began guessing what he wanted to say, moreover, some expectation emerged in her heart.

But outside the expression of everyone, Long Yi said nothing, he merely walked past Dongfang Kexin and walked away without even looking back.

Dongfang Kexin was so angry that her entire body trembled. The feeling she had for Long Yi had already changed into a kind of abnormality. She loved him madly and wanted to monopolize him, moreover, she couldn’t endure other women standing at his side.

“Kajia, stop them.” Dongfang Kexin gritted her teeth and said to the guardian knight at her side.

This guardian knight called Kajia, seeing Dongfang Kexin in agony, his eyes flashed with tenderness and hate out of jealousy. Then agreeing to Dongfang Kexin, he turned his horse and along with the other guardian knights, he was about to chase after Long Yi.

“Kajia, are you clear about what you are doing? Did Pope entrust you all the mission of becoming a personal thug?” Nalan Ruyue turned around, and along with a white light, a holy and pure aura suddenly spread out, then her eyes flashed with a threatening light.

“Saintess Ruyue! I……” Seeing through the identity of Nalan Ruyue, Kajia was dumbfounded as there was Saintess on both sides. Although he was inclined towards Dongfang Kexin but he didn’t know what to do at this moment.

“Ignore them, let’s go.” Long Yi indifferently said and was incomparably irritated in his heart.

“Kajia, don’t let them leave, as for Pope, I will naturally speak with him.” Dongfang Kexin flew over and at this moment, her beautiful face was somewhat distorted.

Since Dongfang Kexin said so, Kajia also didn’t hesitate any longer. Although both of them were Saintesses, but Dongfang Kexin, after all, was Light Pope Charles’s adopted daughter, merely with this connection, he didn’t have any misgivings, moreover, he already wanted to teach Long Yi a lesson long ago. Who asked him to occupy his sweetheart’s maiden heart?

Kajia took out his weapon. It was a Holy Light Spear. After he was promoted to Captain of guardian knights, Light Pope had bestowed him this weapon. Its might was comparable to inferior divine grade weapons.

A series of holy light douqi flew towards Long Yi’s back which didn’t give him any room to dodge.

But, Long Yi flashed as if he was some kind of evil spirit, and along with a yellow colored light, Rank 9 earth defense magic blocked these attacks, then he used two compressed fireball magic which under the control of his internal force attacked towards Kajia from both sides.

Kajia sensed surging magic element fluctuation in these two compressed fireballs, so not daring to come into contact with them, he jumped, then along with the brandishing of the Holy Light Spear, thousands of radiance completely surrounded Long Yi, and as if all the surrounding air had disappeared, this pressure made him unable to breathe.

Long Yi was shocked inwardly, the strength of this Kajia was good. Just looking at the might of this move, he was absolutely not lower than Great Swords Master. But, Long Yi didn’t move to dodge as if he was petrified due to fear.

Kajia however instinctively felt restless in his heart, as far as he knew, the strength of Long Yi absolutely wasn’t limited to this. At that time, he suddenly felt danger from behind, so dismissing his move, he turned around, and his Holy Light Spear violently emitted a burst of radiance protecting his body.

Boom, Kajia was hit by the two compressed little fireballs and his blood and qi began churning. But no matter how he thought, he didn’t understand how these fireballs tracked him.

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