Chapter 336: Inverse scale


The night quietly passed and when the first light of the dawn sprinkled via the thick cloud layer, Long Yi returned to Nalan Empire’s imperial palace.

That kiss with Yinyin continuously disturbed Long Yi and he felt it was truly too tangled to unravel. He knew that that kiss of Yinyin was really not a kiss out of the feeling of men and women. She kissed him probably because she was still unable to come out of the shadow of Feng Ling.

Thinking about it, that situation was also somewhat ridiculous, when kissing, both of them didn’t move for a long time, and Yinyin unexpectedly collapsed into his bosom falling asleep in that position. But Long Yi didn’t wake her up, he just helped her lie on her bed and cover her with the quilt, then leaving behind a letter, he left.

“Barbarian Bull, wake up.” Long Yi kicked still asleep Barbarian Bull as he directly sent an ice-cold qi into his leather armor, causing him to jump all of a sudden.

“Go and clean up first, we are leaving.” Long Yi said to Barbarian Bull, then rushed towards the bedchamber of Nalan Ruyue.

“Strange, still hasn’t returned, does she not want to see me?” Long Yi frowned as he felt somewhat unhappy in his heart but also was helpless.

After that, he rushed into the bathroom, took a bath and change his clothing, then leaving a note on the bed of Nalan Ruyue, Long Yi left. As for Nalan Wuji, he didn’t bother to inform, in any case, that fellow should have already know that he wanted to leave.

Sure enough, when Barbarian Bull and Long Yi were leaving Nalan imperial palace, Nalan Wuji along with his guards appeared as if a ghost.

“My worthy son-in-law, do you want to leave so quickly? When you were drinking to heart’s content last night, why didn’t call this old man, could it be that I don’t have sufficient qualification?” Nalan Wuji said with a genial smile on his face. One couldn’t make out even the slightest bit of anger.

“Your Excellency father-in-law, you, as a monarch, is very busy, so I thought that it was better to not disturb Your Excellency father-in-law.” Long Yi also exchange amenities with Nalan Wuji smiling happily. As for their real thoughts, only they themselves knew.

“How can that be? With you, my worthy son-in-law, here, any big matters can be put aside. By the way, I heard my worthy son-in-law wants to go to Lightning God Forbidden Area, is that true?” Nalan Wuji frowned and asked.

“Your Excellency father-in-law really is well-informed, your son-in-law, I have such intention.” Long Yi’s eyes flashed as he said with a smile.

“My worthy son-in-law has always been a steady man, since you have already decided, I think you have already made careful deliberations, so I will not stop you, merely, Lightning God Forbidden Area is very dangerous, so make sure to be careful, moreover, I leave the safety of Ruyue in your hands, I hope you will take good care of her.” Nalan Wuji sighed and said.

Eh…… Ruyue, Long Yi had his eyes wide open and for a moment, he was unable to understand the situation.

At that time, with a flash of a white light in front of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue appeared. She was wearing a snow-white priest robe and her expression was soft and indifferent just like the first time Long Yi had seen her.

“What sort of joke is this, does she also want to go together?” Long Yi exclaimed in surprise in his heart.

“Ai, when a girl is of age, she must be married off, she begged me for a long time, moreover, she cleaned out the treasures from my private collection, thus, even though my heart ached, she gave me no choice but to agree to  her.” Nalan Wuji had a helpless and pained expression as if Nalan Ruyue truly cleaned out his treasures.

Having heard what was said, embarrassment flashed in the beautiful eyes of Nalan Ruyue, but immediately, reverted back to normal.

Long Yi gave a quick glance towards Nalan Ruyue, and then without saying many words, he hypocritically flattered Nalan Wuji in few words and left Nalan imperial palace.

“Ruyue, why are you doing this? We are not going to play, why on earth do you want to go with us?” Outside the imperial palace, Long Yi turned around and ask Nalan Ruyue who was quietly following behind him.

“I also want to go to Lightning God Forbidden Area to widen my knowledge, am I not allowed?” Nalan Ruyue indifferently said.

“That place is very dangerous.” Long Yi couldn’t help saying.

“I know, but since you and that woman can go, why can’t I go?” Nalan Ruyue’s voice despite being calm, there was a trace of sourness.

“I am afraid of you getting injured.” Long Yi suddenly answered softly.

“Then…aren’t you afraid that your ‘that’ darling will also get injured?” Nalan Ruyue was startled and her indifferent expression softened a lot.

“She? Honestly speaking, I do not need to worry about her, because her strength is much higher than mine.” When speaking of Wushuang, the eyes of Long Yi flashed with a tenderness which made Nalan Ruyue endlessly jealous.

Although she was jealous of that woman who had such a high position in the heart of Long Yi, but hearing her strength was much higher than Long Yi, she subconsciously felt that was impossible. She was clear about the strength of Long Yi, and also knew that she, a Mage, was basically not his opponent, moreover, she felt that even if he encountered a Master Archmage, he might not necessarily suffer a loss.

“What is her profession? What realm is she?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

“Water Magician, as for her realm, she should be Magic God.” Long Yi smiled and said.

Nalan Ruyue exclaimed and her pink lips were wide open. Only after a long while, she came back to her senses, then she said to Long Yi: “You are lying, I don’t believe you.”

“It’s fine to not believe, you will know in the near future.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Nalan Ruyue didn’t believe because no one had reached Magic God realm for many years now, and currently, the highest realm in Blue Waves Continent was only Master Archmage. But, Long Yi however knew that nobody knew didn’t represent there weren’t any. Hasn’t Murong Bo already reached Swords God realm, moreover, according to his guess, Light Pope Charles should also have already reached Magic God realm. As for other hermits, this realm might basically be nothing.

The three people advanced towards the beach where Long Yi had made an appointment with Wushuang. And not long after, in the sandy beach, a white shadow standing tall in the midst of wind could be seen. With the lower hem of her robe as well as hair fluttering in the wind, she resembled a female celestial. And looking at her from far away, one could feel the calm aura.

But Nalan Ruyue suddenly felt nervous for some unknown reason. She was somewhat afraid, afraid that she was not comparable to this woman. Merely, seeing the back view of this woman from far away, Nalan Ruyue already knew that this woman was extraordinary.

Wushuang turned around as if she sensed Long Yi and others had arrived, then emitting a bit of cold qi, her eyes swept Barbarian Bull and Nalan Ruyue, then questioningly looked at Long Yi with a frown.

“Wushuang, it’s really you. I was beginning to think this old bull was misjudging.” Barbarian Bull exclaimed in pleasant surprise seeing Wushuang.

“This is Barbarian Bull that I told you about last time.” Long Yi made a bitter smile and said.

“Boss, this……” Barbarian Bull was confused, clearly, he didn’t understand why Wushuang didn’t recognize him.

“She has forgotten all the memories of before, I will tell about it later.” Long Yi waved his hand and said.

Nalan Ruyue sized up Wushuang for a long time. She didn’t lose purely in terms of good looks, but in front of Wushuang’s that ethereal and graceful temperament, she nevertheless was completely inferior, but, no matter how she looked at her, Wushuang didn’t resemble a person who had attained Magic God realm.

“Hello, I am Nalan Ruyue, this scoundrel’s wife.” Seeing Long Yi had no intention to introduce her, Nalan Ruyue took the initiative to step forward in front of Long Yi and indifferently said with a smile. She however didn’t think that this woman was superior to her.

Wushuang raised her eyebrows and slightly nodded her head which could be regarded as the greeting.

“Both of them are coming with us, do you have any objection?” Long Yi said with a smile. Looking at this woman who was close at hand but her heart far away at the horizon, a trace of bitterness appeared in his heart.

“I don’t have any objection.” Wushuang indifferently answered and no longer spoke.

“Since you don’t have any objection, let’s set out.” Long Yi laughed and pulling Barbarian Bull with his right hand, he flew.


A light green figure shouted while fluttering in the sky as she left behind a series of afterimages in the sky, and suddenly, this light green figure strangely distorted few times in the sky changing into a wisp of green smoke.

The surroundings within the radius of 300 meters suddenly seemed to have one additional layer of thin mist and became indistinct as if real and illusory. The light green smoke changed once again, changing into two hazy very beautiful girls. These two beautiful girls wore thin and revealing silk. Half of their soft and white breasts were visible, looking very flirtatious, but that peerless face however was incomparably pretty and innocent. Their light green eyes were limpid without a trace of impurities, such beauties could make all the men under the heaven go insane.

These two beautiful girls became illusory again and changed into four. Their appearance was completely different from one another, and their temperament also wasn’t identical, but just a smile from them was enough to make a man lose his control. Such enchanting atmosphere shrouded this hazy world.

Shortly afterwards, four girls changed into eight, eight changed into sixteen until they finally changed into full 100 different style unrivaled beauties. Their mouth spat fragrance and their throat scattered inexplicable whisper. Moreover, their beautiful eyes were like a clear water which could soften even a steel that was refined hundred times.

After a long time, this enchanting scenery began to slowly fade away until it completely disappeared and everything reverted back to the original state.

A wisp of light green smoke flashed and a girl wearing green skintight outfit appeared out of thin air. Currently, her breathing was rather rapid and sweats were visible on her snow-white forehead. Surprisingly, she had a snow-white tail hanging down on her buttocks. She unexpectedly was a young girl of Fox Clan.

At this time, a noble and beautiful woman who similarly had a fox tail came from one side. Now, she was looking at this young girl full of delight.

“Aunt, I have succeeded, I have finally mastered Thousand Extreme Illusion’s Hundred Transformation Clones.” The young girl excitedly caught and shook the arm of this beautiful woman.

“Bertha, you proved yourself to be the genius with Silver Fox bloodline. The revival of our Fox Clan depends on you.” The beautiful woman raised her jade hand and gently stroke the head of this young girl.

These two women were naturally Mea Empress and Bertha.

“Aunt, we don’t necessarily need the help of Long Yi, as long as you are at my side, our Fox Clan will definitely revive.” Bertha said with confidence, merely when she mentioned Long Yi, her eyes flashed with a bit of peculiar hue.

“Silly girl, in this world, other than Long Yi, no-one can help us. We are facing not only the clan elders, also Beast-men Clans’ royal Bimeng Clan. With just us, it is impossible to make our Fox Clan restore our former glory.” Mea Empress shook her head and sighed.

“But, aunt, that damned lecher wants me to become his woman, you say, isn’t that infuriating?” Bertha turned around and snorted.

“Infuriating? How come Aunt feel otherwise, you seem to be very willing, or else, after he left, why were you always listless? Last time, I heard you were calling out his name in your sleep.” Mea Empress teased.

“So hateful, I have not.” Bertha blushed but didn’t admit.

“Have or not, you are very clear yourself, now that you have successfully cultivated Hundred Transformation Clones, it is time to go and look for him. With the current situation, we don’t have too much time to wait.” Mea Empress softly laughed as she lovingly looked at Bertha. She had spent her painstaking effort to cultivate this niece, she hoped she wouldn’t disappoint her.

“Go look for him? Only God knows where he is flirting at this very moment.” Bertha desired to go, but her mouth however appeared unwilling.

Mea Empress already knew the thoughts of Bertha, but she didn’t reveal rather taking out a blue necklace, she said: “Now, he is in Nalan Empire, as long as you inject your spirit power, you will be able to feel his general position.”

Bertha took the necklace and a sweet smile couldn’t help but appeared on her face.

“Bertha, you can return first and prepare, aunt still has something to do.” Mea Empress said with a smile and for some unknown reason, her complexion became pale.

Bertha however didn’t notice this and agreeing to Mea Empress, she turned around and left.

After Bertha disappeared, the corner of Mea Empress’s mouth twitched and she collapsed to the ground feeling dizzy, then she vomited a mouthful of blood on the green grassland which appeared unusually dazzling.

Mea Empress became frighteningly pale, but after she took out a jade bottle from inside her space ring and swallowed an unknown pill inside it, her complexion began to look good.

“It seems I will not be able to see the day when our Fox Clan revives.” Mea Empress sighed looking incomparably lonely as she wiped the bloodstain from the corner of her mouth, then stood up. In order to help Bertha smoothly practice Invisible Technique and Thousand Extreme Illusions, she practically exhausted her vitality.


Ten days later, Long Yi and his group arrived at Ye Principality adjacent to Nalan Empire. Ye Principality wasn’t big, but compared to Mea Principality, it was still several times bigger, but it wasn’t as flourishing as Mea Principality. The living standard of this place was very low. Many common people couldn’t even solve the problem of dressing warmly and eating their fill because this place was very inconvenient to communicate. Most of its vicinity was covered with wildwoods, and with the economic development being unable to keep up the pace with the present, the living standard naturally also couldn’t keep up the pace.

Only these days, the small town of Ye Principality which was at the edge of the wildwood had a busy flow of people, and unlike before, now this small town simply was as far apart as heaven and earth. Everything was because this small town was not far away from Lightning God Forbidden Area inside the wildwood. Because of the SS-ranked mission issued by Mercenary Guild, nearly all mercenaries as well as other experts of Blue Waves Continent had come here. Even a number of hidden experts were attracted by this place to come into being, this shows how much of a big allure this Lightning God Forbidden Area had.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue covered their peerless face with a veil. This also dealt with those lecher among the crowd.

This small town appeared very crowded. All the path paved with green slabstones were also crowded with people. Now, mercenaries could be seen everywhere. Archmage and Great Swords Masters were also commonplace. It seems the experts of the entire continent had gathered in this place.

“Tsk tsk, incredible, it seems even hidden Swords God and Magic God have come to join in the fun, so backing down is comparatively better.” Long Yi looked all around and said with a smile.

“Why afraid, even if Swords God and Magic God bully us, I will still smash their head into a meat pulp with this rod as usual.” Barbarian Bull droned. After arriving here, he felt that his killing intent he had been suppressing in former days began to rise, and he longed for the taste of blood.

“Yes, why afraid, don’t we also have a Magic God here?” Nalan Ruyue indifferently opened her mouth, but her eyes were looked at Wushuang at her side, however, seeing no reaction, she was somewhat disappointed. These past several days, she had continuously probed Wushuang, but Wushuang however always maintained a distance from her for some unknown reason, and only sometimes, she would answer her with a one or two words but most of the time, she would remain silent.

“It would be best to not stir up the trouble, we have come here for Lightning God Forbidden Area, not to look for the people to fight.” Long Yi warned. But, when he had just finished talking, two who couldn’t tell good from bad fellows walked over lustfully looking at Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue. Not going to look for trouble with other people didn’t mean other people will also not look for trouble with him.

“Two beauties, why are you wearing a veil in such a hot weather. How about taking them off to cool yourself? Let this uncle look your face?” Among them, one actually dare to stretch out his hand wanting to remove Wushuang’s veil. Looking at his expensive looking swordsman’s dress and his sleek-haired and creamy-faced looks, he seemed to be the child of an aristocrat.

Wushuang coldly snorted and just when she wanted to freeze these two reckless fellows into ice sculptures, fireworks appeared in front of her. These two fellows were sent flying to the air, and with an explosion sound, they exploded into ground meat in the air.

Instantly, all the pedestrians in this street stopped and time seemed to have stopped in this brief moment. There were numerous dragons and snakes jumbled together in this small town, so there were numerous big and small sized conflicts here, but such a bloody circumstance however had happened for the first time.

“Your grandpa, dare to covet your father’s woman, you are tired of living.” Long Yi ferociously said. He was unwilling to ask for trouble, but that didn’t mean he feared trouble.

“Ximen Yu, you… just teaching them a lesson would have been the end of it, why did you kill them?” Nalan Ruyue was somewhat unable to bear looking at this, she didn’t like bloody events.

“They should die, if Long Yi hadn’t killed them, then I would have killed them.” Wushuang indifferently said.

“Compared to war, this pales into insignificance by comparison, Ruyue, discard your useless mercy, or else return.” Long Yi turned his head and solemnly said. He didn’t have the tendency to casually kill people, but all along, his women were his inverse scale.

Nalan Ruyue was startled and she suddenly asked softly: “If that person was harassing me, then would you have done the same?”

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