Chapter 335: Can you kiss me?


Since Nalan Ruyue sisters had left angrily, there was no point in staying here alone, so he also turned around and flew over to the Nalan Imperial Palace, thinking to coax them.

But, who would have thought that, after returning to the courtyard of Nalan Ruyue, he saw not a soul in sight. Those two girls were nowhere to be found. So, Long Yi leisurely strolled around the imperial palace of Nalan Empire. At that time, he happened to see Barbarian Bull training Evil Vanquishing Rod Technique in a remote place. He was emitting a pale golden light and Greenstone Rule was dancing around in circles emitting a green radiance, causing a fierce wind to blow over, moreover, a stifling momentum of violent tyrannical qi and valiant qi was spreading all over.

Long Yi nodded his head in his heart, Barbarian Bull’s Golden Bell Canopy and Evil Vanquishing Rod seemed to have broken through to next level. He was genuinely happy for him and at the same time, he was also feeling guilty because these days, he had always left him behind and had nearly forgotten about him.

Long Yi slightly released his aura and Barbarian Bull who was immersed in training immediately woke up, then with his big bull eyes that were flashing with coldness looked towards him.

“Boss.” Barbarian Bull was pleasantly surprised and then putting away his weapon, he rushed over. These two days, he had been bored in this palace and was going to die soon due to boredom.

“Barbarian Bull, get things ready, we are leaving tomorrow.” Long Yi smiled and said patting the shoulder of Barbarian Bull.

“Good, I also wanted to leave this place, this god-damn place is truly boring. Those trifling guards couldn’t even withstand my one strike, and now, whenever they saw me, they would run away. By the way, boss, where are we going tomorrow?” Barbarian Bull complained.

“Going to do the SS-ranked mission, Lightning God Forbidden Area, how is it, are you afraid?” Long Yi smirked and said.

“Other than you, boss, this old bull isn’t afraid of anything else. As for Lightning God Forbidden Area, this old bull was thinking when Boss will mention going there.” Barbarian Bull’s eyes shone in great excitement. He appeared as if he had returned to the time when he had gone on an adventure with Long Yi a few years ago.

Long Yi laughed and joked: “Could it be that you don’t fear your home’s little **?”

Barbarian Bull habitually scratched his bull-horn and laughing foolishly, he said: “Yinwa is my wife, why would I fear her?” Barbarian Bull’s eyes flashed with a trace of missing and sweetness.

“It had already been a period of time since you have left Hengduan Mountains, wait until we break through Lightning God Forbidden Area, and after that, if the situation of the continent isn’t pretty bad, then let’s make a return trip. It’s already been a very long time since I have met Lu Xiya, that lass.” Long Yi laughed as he thought about Lu Xiya, that little elf who loved to stick close to him, as well as, that mature and attractive Elf Queen. Furthermore, in Mea Principality which was not far away from Hengduan Mountains, there was Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen too.

Barbarian Bull excitedly nodded his head. He had left his village not long after his marriage, so he was always very worried about his wife, merely, in his heart, Long Yi always ranked first.

“It’s still quite early, but come accompany me to drink, it has been a very long time since we enjoyed drinking together.” Long Yi said with a smile, then, he took out two jugs of fine wine from his space ring, and then sitting on the rooftop of the imperial palace, they began to drink together. He really loved this kind of feelings of occupying the high ground.

The dim light of night accompanied with the evening breeze and the sound of sea waves, this truly was extremely satisfying, merely, it might be very rare for them to be able to see such a fine night in the future.

“If Li Qing was also here, then how wonderful that would be. Without him, I feel as if something is missing.” Barbarian Bull wiped the trail of wine from the corner of his mouth and said all of sudden. In Soaring Dragon City, he and Li Qing were together daily, and that feeling wasn’t bad.

The eyes of Long Yi flashed and said with a smile: “Yes, but we’ll meet him very soon. At that time, we should drink together for three days and three nights.”

“Three days and three nights won’t do, at least seven days and seven nights.” Barbarian Bull laughed loudly, then lifting up his jar, he drank the entire jar in a single gulp without leaving even a single drop behind.

“Li Qing, be sure to not let me down.” Long Yi muttered in his heart as he looked at the distance in a trance. Mentioning about Li Qing, he involuntarily recalled Si Bi, he wondered how she was doing now. Everything was the fault of that acting young but old woman Judith, she unexpectedly turned her physique into Pure Yin Body, truly was terrible.

Long Yi and Barbarian Bull, in the excitement of drinking, they directly went to the wine cellar of the imperial palace, then moved out dozens of wine vats. As for the secret guards all around the imperial palace, under the spell of Long Yi, they also joined his ranks. Now, at this rooftop of the imperial palace, more than ten drunk people were lying in disorder and some were still hugging the wine jug and were continuously raving.

Finally, Barbarian Bull also collapsed, and as for Long Yi, he had just drunk the final jar of wine. And then, he suddenly thought of Yinyin, since he was leaving tomorrow, he thought to inform her.

But, it was already so late tonight, she might have already slept, but after thinking for a bit, Long Yi still decided to go because he would feel very bad if he didn’t talk to her.

Last time, in the banquet, Yinyin had already informed him her address, so Long Yi didn’t need to waste much effort to find the residence of Yinyin. Her residence wasn’t far away from Nalan Empire’s imperial palace, and it was also near the seaside.

Long Yi concealed his aura and as if a ghost, he bypassed the tight security of the residence, then quietly reached the big backyard where womenfolk resided.

This backyard was again divided into many small courtyards and this somewhat made difficult for Long Yi as he didn’t know in which small courtyard Yinyin lives, and it was impossible to sound out all the small courtyards one by one.

At that moment, Long Yi suddenly saw a maid carrying a plate coming in from the entrance of this backyard.

“Eh, Xiao Hong, you are delivering midnight snacks to Miss so late at night, is Miss still not asleep?” A guard of the courtyard smiled and asked.

“Yes, Miss again has an insomnia tonight, I hope she can fall asleep after eating.” This maid called Xiao Hong answered with worry, then she went towards an exquisite small courtyard at the right.

Long Yi guessed that the so-called Miss should be Yinyin. He had never thought that she still had insomnia. It should be related to the matter of Feng Ling, truly was an ill-fated relationship.

Long Yi followed this maid and entered this courtyard, then hid. After that, he saw this maid entering a brightly lit wing room, and after a little while, she returned empty-handed, then left the courtyard.

“How about I give her a pleasant surprise?” Long Yi laughed up his sleeves in his heart, and he flicked his finger, then the magic lamp in the room suddenly extinguished and the room suddenly became dark. Taking advantage of this time, Long Yi quietly sneaked into the room.

After that, Long Yi looked all around this room with his night vision, and he suddenly blanked out, moreover, his mouth and tongue dried all of a sudden.

“Eh, why did this magic lamp broke down?” Yinyin muttered, then silently chanting the incantation, she used elementary light element magic, Illumination Magic.

Huala, Yinyin came out from the bathtub, and her tender body was illuminated under the light. Her big ** was proudly standing tall and upright on her chest. Her waist was slender, and the place between her legs was densely covered with fine hairs. Her ** slender and round figure was definitely first-rate.

Long Yi secretly took a deep breath and didn’t dare to even move from a dark corner of this room. He just wanted to scare Yinyin but who would have thought that he happened to run into a beauty when she was taking a bath. If he let Yinyin know, then it would definitely be very awkward between them.

At this moment, Yinyin held the light ball with one hand, and held a bath towel with another hand and began wiping her charming body. She carefully wiped very carefully without missing even a single corner of her body including the girl’s most intimate places.

Long Yi wanted to close his eyes and not look, but he was unable to control his own eyes and he saw everything including the thing he should see and shouldn’t see.

Suddenly, Yinyin’s charming body trembled as if she sensed something, and Long Yi concealed his aura even deeper in panic.

“Long Yi, come out, I know you are here.” Yinyin used her bath towel to wrap her charming body, then bit her lower lip and softly said.

Long Yi made a wry smile as he couldn’t figure out how was Yinyin so sure that it was him, but since he was already caught, hiding was useless.

Long Yi came out from the dark corner and walked over to the front of Yinyin feeling somewhat awkward. And since her fragrant shoulders and calves were still bare, he didn’t know where he should look.

“This, I don’t mean to, I didn’t expect……”

“You don’t need to explain, I understand.” Yinyin interrupted Long Yi.

For a moment, both of them didn’t know what to say next, so the atmosphere became somewhat stiff making Long Yi feel restless.

“Did you see?” After a long time, Yinyin asked and there was an inexplicable sentiment in her tone.

“M-hm.” Long Yi nodded his head admitting honestly.

“Is my figure good?” With an added layer of redness, Yinyin softly asked.

Long Yi was startled but he still nodded his head.

“Then, compared to the figure of Ling……Feng Ling, is her figure better or mine is better?” Yinyin looked up and looked straight at Long Yi.

“Your figure is better, truly.” Long Yi seriously answered as he sighed in his heart. Yinyin was still unable to let go, she was still immersed in the shadow of past, presumably, her insomnia might have also caused by this.

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Yinyin slightly smiled and advancing a step forward, she said: “Long Yi, can you kiss me?”

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“Don’t be like this, Yinyin.” Long Yi softly sighed.

“I am not abandoning myself to despair. I merely want to know how you two felt when you and Feng Ling kissed. I remember her expression of that time was so happy and intoxicated.” Yinyin muttered, then hugging the neck of Long Yi, she got on her tiptoe as her lips moved forward.

Long Yi didn’t dodge letting Yinyin’s fragrant lips to make a surprise attack.

The four lips made a contact and both of them quivered. Without any teasing movement, the four lips plainly planted against each other tightly, and even the time itself seemed to be frozen at this moment.

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