Chapter 27- Heritage

Draco answered the door after setting down the dust covered tarp. He was hoping to at least clean an area for himself to sleep before it got dark.

“Father, I’ve been meaning to ask you a few things.” (Draco)

The priest looked at the half disorganized room.

“That can wait. You have a guest.” (Father)

Luna was waiting for him outside, and she had a big book with her.

“I thought you would come here. It was confirmed a little while ago when I spoke with a very angry angel saying that you caught her, exposed. Humanoids and their clothing, I’ll never understand it. I searched a little over the hours since we parted, and I found something that might interest you.” (Luna)

Luna lifted a heavy volume she easily brought and Draco hefted it as easy when she gave it to him.

“What’s this?” (Draco)

Luna looked around and noticed how much she was looking at the street.

“Let’s move to another location.” (Luna)


After a short trip, and after taking the book back and returning it after landing again, Luna settled down and answered his question.

“This, this book is your heritage. Every wyrm has such a book made for them the moment their born. I also have such a book. The WCL and the Wyrm Caretaker League keep close record of every born or hatched Wyrm alive. There isn’t a wyrm they don’t know of. Considering that I would like you to father some of my children, I had a copy of yours sent here. It was an interesting read. Tell me, what do you know about your parents?” (Luna)

Draco thought about it, then decided to answer.

“Not much. My father was a dragon and my mother was a princess. She was last in the line of succession for royalty in a mighty kingdom. My father killed my uncles before stealing my mother and fulfilling some sick fantasy of his.” (Draco)


Luna put a digit to the book, then it opened up in Draco’s hands. It turned to a page that looked similar to Draco, except the image was of a full dragon. Beside him, there was another dragon and a litter of eggs.

“Your father had something rare for dragons3dragonsspecies. He had a mate, or wife in human terms. They shared their bodies and souls, they were one in heart and mind. Turn the page.” (Luna)

Draco did so after she said that. It showed Draco’s father over his headless mate and a broken nest.

“Dragboclese was peaceful. They lived isolated from trouble, and never sought it out. Things changed though the day he came back from a hunt and found this.” (Luna)

Luna signaled for him to turn another page. The page was Draco’s father terrorizing a castle.

“He put everything he owned and over twenty years of his life into the search of the murderer. The killer was the king of the land. He earned this title with his mates head and the taken essence from his dead young. In his attack, he managed to take the head back.” (Luna)


The next page showed Draco’s father in battle with a paladin, then the next image was a group of adventurers, then there was a page with small army on it.

“Each of the three brothers sacrificed their lives and many others as well in pursuit of their lost trophies, while your father was content to mourn his days away.” (Luna)

On the next page, there was a fair lady in front of the dragon.

“Of course, your father didn’t trust your mother completely. She was the assassin that was closest to being successful. Her hidden blade plunged into his gut as you were conceived. Little did she know, he survived the death blow. He didn’t care after that. Each of the four souls that were taken were with him, and they were each given to one of the king’s children, but he took them back. If he knew that you were alive, he would have searched for you. Now, he waits for you to see him.” (Luna)


The next page showed Draco being abandoned by an old man at the steps of a church.

“With your birth, it meant the death of his daughter. Records show that your grandfather is still living as well. He’s mournful of the full graves of his children that were gained by vanity in his youth.” (Luna)

Luna put her claw under his hand and together they closed the book.

“There are many stories of your ancestors in this book. If you need help, I’ll aid you when I’m able to.” (Luna)

Luna then backed away.

“I have a family?” (Draco)

Luna nodded.

“If you want to accept them. If you want another option, perhaps you can start your own here… with me?” (Luna)

Draco dropped the book, then backed away.

“Again with that. I’m….” (Draco)


Draco stopped. For a moment, he thought about what he really was. Luna waited patiently for his response.

“I’m confused, lost, and angry. You keep bringing up this topic. Honestly, it distracts me about the pain of losing everyone I ever knew that had been close to me. Why can you not let me mourn them?” (Draco)

Luna raised up, then put her claw on the dropped book.

“Do you think I have the time to let you mourn in vain? Mourning is pointless. Just honor and remember them. Don’t waste time remembering the dead pitifully. I only have a short time to conceive children so I can raise them to aid David. I know I may not be able to defend him from what is to come by myself, but with more numbers, and the same heritage and strength of my bloodline, it might be possible to achieve.” (Luna)


Luna picked up the book, then cups it under her body.

“Do you believe in fate?” (Luna)

Draco shook his head.

“I believe our purpose in life is set to His divine will. Each life is destined to follow the path set for them by him, or to just reject that path.” (Draco)

Luna moved a little closer to Draco.

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“The one responsible for the destruction of your home will be sending their armies here soon enough. It may be in a few months, or it could be even years. Not even David knows for sure. There are two people who wish David dead. To get to him, they will destroy and conquer everyone they can until they’re sure that they have the power to succeed. What happened to you is just a taste. You were fortunate enough to escape alive, and even more so to come here.” (Luna)


Luna moved the book to the side, then threw her front upwards. Soon, she was standing on her hind legs as Draco was. It was amazing to him that they appeared similar to each other in everything except their gender, and her enormous size compared to him.

“You listen to me Draco, and listen good. Everything I’ve done for you has been for my own benefit and I expect a return on my investment.” (Luna)

Draco moved closer to her, not backing down.

“I won’t be used against the divine or against my own wishes.” (Draco)

Luna clumsily took a few steps back before returning to having her forward limbs on the ground once more.

“I never said you will in either case. Look at me. I’m second in command to David, but I’m nervous. I don’t have any more plans.” (Luna)

Luna laid down and put her tail under her wing.

“Just go if that’s what you want. I must think of alternatives. I must think of ways to not fail David.” (Draco)


Luna then stuffed her head in with her tail as much as she could. Draco stood clueless, not knowing what else to do. After a moment, Luna started whimpering and crying silently. Draco started to move, but felt a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t go over there right now. Not after you refused her and broke her heart.” (Lousphy)

Draco turned to see an angel of six wings behind him.

“Lady Angel, pardon me.” (Draco)

Lousphy stopped moving her wings, then she dropped four feet to the ground.

“That’s not up to me. I’ve known Luna for nearly half a century, and she’s a gentle soul. She only aims to please David, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own ambitions. Do you think she hadn’t known how you would take the suggestion? She’s rather intelligent. More than she gives herself credit for at least. Draco, she was hopeful that you’ll receive the same kindness. Everything she’s told you is true, but you don’t know everything.” (Lousphy)

Draco took a knee, then bowed his head, thinking that it wasn’t right to speak down to an angel.

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“Lady Angel, the church is all I know. I know every pasture and every scripture. I’ve never heard a story of someone loyal to the divine and someone loyal to the hellspawn ending well for either of them.” (Draco)


Lousphy put her hand under his chin, then lifted it.

“That’s because…, in such stories, both the divine and the demon don’t support the union. There’s a magic land here unlike any other, where such unions can exist openly and prosper. Though not for all, but yours can be. Now, you have a choice. You can be with Luna under whatever terms you two decide on, or you abandon her desires for your own. Which means, you will have to leave this realm. I can’t allow tension between you and her. Wherever you go; on your own, or with my or her aid, you will know the hardships of your life before coming here. I make no promises for the future, for good or for bad. I can’t tell you which decision is better for you. All that’s certain is that you and Luna must forge a friendship, or you must leave.” (Lousphy)


Lousphy took a step back.

“Your room at the church has been cleaned and a better fitting set of robes is there as well. Go there and think about your decision. Now, I wish to talk to Luna alone.” (Lousphy)

Draco waited to stand until after Lousphy passed by him. After a moment, Lousphy rubbed the base of Luna’s neck.

“Don’t cry, my friend. Don’t cry for lost hope.” (Lousphy)

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