Chapter 28- Legacy


David paused outside his cave, annoyed. His mansion was supposed to be the guiding image of his defenses, and the gates were supposed to hold back any army. He knew that this task would normally take at least another decade at most. The underground had been moved, and then dozens of basement floors had been added over the last half century. Luna’s disappearance was also delayed the testing of his project, a project he’s been working on since he married Lousphy. The test was finished now, then Lousphy landed at his side.

“What is it David?” (Lousphy)

David happily smirked when she came over, forgetting all about the problems he was thinking of before.

“I did it! I finally did it! I found a solution to the problem.” (David)


Lousphy was puzzled at David’s monotone tone, except that he was clearly happy about something.

“David, you know I don’t know what you’re talking about.” (Lousphy)

David grabbed her hand. He was casting life force by a lifetime off of him. Similar to how the shadow of his father did, but to a much lesser degree.

“To take someone’s life without taking a life. I can take seconds off of anything’s normal lifespan and craft that into energy that I need to live. I did a test run in a small area of the forest deep into my territory. Just watch.” (David)


David thought that his mansion was a perfect example to flex his new ability on, so he raised his arms toward it. Without warning, several boards lifted up with two workers slacking off on it, then they quickly dropped from it while frightened. They hoped that they weren’t going to be a target for their employers wrath. The boards were set in place, then the ones next to them as well. Soon, the whole wall was up. David relished in the new power, then started testing it even further. He multitasked by building walls, setting supports, and frameworks for individual rooms. By the time he neared his limit of tedious testing, nearly an entire section was done.

“Well now. If I set up the rest of the beacons, I could finish this by the end of the week.” (David)


Lousphy was amazed at the power and control David just showed.

“David, how did you do this?” (Lousphy)

David happily turned back to her.

“A few seconds, Lousphy. Just a few seconds of lifespan from every blade of grass, every ant, and every lower life form that can spare some. I don’t believe it. I can grow ten times stronger next time, then add another ten to that, and then another ten each day.” (David)

David reached out to grab Lousphy’s hands, but she kept them at her side. David easily noticed her reaction.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid that I’m taking from the divine followers? Lousphy, I would only put the devices in areas without a population. This is why I had so many areas blocked off from the divine in my realm when we made the treaty.” (David)

Lousphy didn’t immediately answer after hearing his explanation.

“At what cost, David?” (Lousphy)


David paused, confused.

“Cost? There’s no cost. I take only a miniscule amount, so it’s hardly noticeable.” (David)

Lousphy shook her head.

“I mean, what if another person learns of your discovery?” (Lousphy)

David shook his head, then quickly grabbed her hands.

“Only a demon could ever use it, but only a demon like me can.” (David)

Lousphy didn’t comment. David took the silence as meaning that she needed more proof, so he dragged her along the path to his room, then opened it without losing a step. Another wall was moved from that, which was revealed to be secret passage behind the Tv. He slowed his pace to let him see the machines and containers of liquids and other seemingly mad scientist-like things. In the middle of the room, there was a pod that could fit David inside.


It didn’t look very comfortable, and had all kinds of tubes and wires coming from it. David brought out a map of the realm, then looked at the markers inside his territories.

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“See, look. Away from not only the divine section, but also from all forms of intelligent life. The machines will draw out the absolute minimum life force possible. There would be no difference to any of those affected. However, every piece of life force collected would be gathered to give me amazing power. I will literally draw my strength from the land. I will never have to be desperate. By taking away a few seconds of life, I’m building centuries worth of power.” (David)

Lousphy felt like the thing was an abomination, but then again, she was raised to see demons2demonsspecies the same way.

“You say you’re the only one that could ever use this way to power up?” (Lousphy)


David then brought her over to the hand rest, that had both the most comfortable design, and an influential number of things near it.

“At first, I failed over and over. I only did small tests that either took too much time, or didn’t give me any lifeforce at all. It only started working after I was meddling with the thought about reversing the catalyst of my mortal finger to allow energy to be taken into it and then fed to me through it. At first, that too didn’t work. I was taking the ring off out of fear it may be damaged, as I often get harmed during them. That doesn’t matter though. When I got reckless one time, I left the ring in the sample area a few feet away, and it worked. I tried a few other rings made out of the same metal, but they didn’t work like ours. It was our bond Lousphy. I can only do it when I have your love.” (David)


Lousphy thought about it for a moment.

“Are you sure that is what it is?” (Lousphy)

David shook his head.

“In fact, I’m still testing it. However, that’s the only variable I’ve found that works. I intend to continue to look over the options. In the meantime, I plan on refining and enhancing the current method. I only get about ten percent of the life force, but my prediction says that I should be able to get up to fifty percent.” (David)

Lousphy was speechless. Oddly, to her, David seemed to be looking for her approval.

“David, I don’t know what to say.” (Lousphy)


David moved to the other side of the chamber, then fiddled with a console.

“Would you like to see the process?” (David)

Lousphy laid her hand on her stomach, then thought about something for a moment.

“David, there’s another reason why I came here other than your summons.” (Lousphy)

David continued to work as he answered.

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“What is it?” (David)

Lousphy moved behind him, then put her arms over him.

“I’m pregnant.” (Lousphy)

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