Chapter 29- Visit From the WCL

“Now, Carlton, you’re healthy enough to leave my care.” (Draco)

Draco said in an annoyed voice to the hero of the realm.

“It’s your fault for attacking the dragon while she was hunting.” (Draco)

Carlton has been living in the realm for nearly a year now. Half of which was the time he met the demon of the realm, where he made a fool of himself in the town square. Ever since then, he has done everything he could to slow down whatever plans the demon made.

“Why should I listen to someone like you, demon lover?” (Carlton)


Draco lowered himself by bending at the waist.

“I told you my heritage young hero. I chose the divine. It took me a month to work out my feelings and come to an understanding with the dragon. If you know how hard my journey was, you might want to pause and think about your own.” (Draco)

Carlton stood up, then shoved Draco back. It was a difficult task for him because of his newly healed injured shoulder.

“Your arrogance will be your downfall Carlton.” (Draco)

Draco managed to usher before the door slammed. Draco sighed, then sat down on the bed.

“Lord, watch that boy. He doesn’t know much about anything.” (Draco)


Suddenly, Lousphy was sitting beside him.

“You know, even I can’t carry that message Draco.” (Lousphy)

Draco looked at her, then started thinking about the situation he was in, and why she showed up.

“I’m so confused. I’m stranded from reason, but then again, I was found and cared for by an angel. I know everything now. After my talk, after my talk with Luna before our….” (Draco)

Lousphy put a finger to his lips.

“That’s between you and her. I have news for you, she’s also with child like I am.” (Lousphy)

Draco looked at the ground again.

“Choices. This realm is so full of them, yet there seems to be no black and white. It’s not right to live without consequences.” (Draco)


Lousphy put a hand on Draco’s.

“Today, I leave to prepare for my child. A child not planned for by me or David, so this is when His will will start. Carlton also has a role to play in the grand plan of the realm. I don’t know what to expect with you also being apart of it.” (Lousphy)

Draco stood up suddenly.

“I’m going to go see her.” (Draco)

Draco turned to where Lousphy was just sitting, but she was gone. Draco wondered if she was even there in the first place, but then he decided that he would go crazy before getting an answer.


It was some time later before Draco went to Luna’s pool again. He hadn’t been there since the incident with the angel, and he didn’t want to think of that particular day in any way. Luna was there as he suspected her to be. Since the demon had started showing off some new powers, he’s started letting Luna have more free time for herself. However, Draco was surprised that she wasn’t alone. A larger, yellowish gold dragon than her was also in the pool, and they were speaking about something when he got there.

“Ahhh, speaking of which. Here he is now. Vuirty, this is Draco. Draco, this is Vuirty. She’s my contact with the WCL. She handles all legal matters and otherwise within the WCL for me.” (Luna)


Draco was puzzled as he stood there, then Vuirty moved through the pool toward him.

“He’s a rather attractive young stud, and it’s said he’s also educated.” (Vuirty)

Vuirty then put her nose right in front of his. The inhale made his robe raise a little higher than he was comfortable with.

“Well, he seems hygienic and healthy, and cares for his body well. His genetic history is strong, and he seems to be worthy of even his own name. If he was bigger, I would ravage him myself.” (Vuirty)

Draco moved back in fear, Vuirty laughed.

“Your a shy one. Don’t worry child, I wouldn’t advance on you like that. I have three males to breed with when I want to, and another one if I want a companion. There are also many others that would jump off a cliff just to get the chance to have children with me, as our children would also receive full benefits, and even training to join the WCL. I have my pick of the herd. There are better ones than you.” (Vuirty)


Then, she looked toward Luna.

“Although, not many. Dragons that don’t belong to the WCL are rare, even half-breeds such as him. If he wishes to, I can fix that.” (Vuirty)

They both look at Draco. He considers the comment of him joining the WCL, but shook his head.

“I’m fine with how I am now.” (Draco)

Vuirty nodded.

“Another time perhaps. So, when were you thinking about taking Luna?” (Vuirty)

Draco was stumped stupid with the question, which Luna expected.

“We just started a few weeks ago. We are waiting to see if we’re successful or not for now.” (Luna)

Draco spoke up at that moment.

“I just spoke with Lousphy. She said you were.” (Draco)

Luna raised her head a little, surprised.

“I haven’t even missed my… She would know.” (Luna)

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Vuirty curiously looked back at Luna again.

“ Who is this Lousphy?” (Vuirty)

Luna shook her head, a little surprised about the news, but then answered.

“Lousphy is the resident angel of the realm. At least, that’s what she allows us mortals to call her.” (Luna)

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Vuirty nodded in understanding.

“I see. I have had an encounter or two with angels1angelsspecies in my day. Which means heroes as well. Will they endanger them Luna?” (Vuirty)

Luna nodded her head.

“There’s a chance. There is a rather annoying hero going around, but he’s young and targets operations more than attack directly. Last time, he tried to attack me during a hunt, so I pierced his shoulder. He won’t be a problem for some time.” (Luna)

Draco was about to speak again, but caught his lips before he could give away the fact that Carlton was well enough to not be under the church’s care anymore.

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