Chapter 52: What is Going On, Gu Qing Yan?


She touches her own rumbling stomach, patting it gently.  She checks her phone and is surprised to discover that it is already 11:30 am.

Remembering the guillotine that is waiting for her at 2 pm, her heart races.  After taking a quick bath, she goes down to eat breakfast and finds Gu De Shou and the rest waiting for her in the dinner table.

Seeing Zhuang Nai Nai, Gu De Shou beckons her over, “Come and eat, Qing Yan.  Once we eat, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau along with your brother and sister.”

She feels really annoyed.  Does she needs to be escorted by so many people on the way to the guillotine?

Never mind, just go with the flow.

Just eat first to gather the strength to fight.

The Gu Family members look at each other sketchily.

Gu Xing Hao sends a look to Gu Xing Shan:  Look at the way she eats, does she looks like someone whose lies are about to get exposed?  I think you’re wrong.

Gu Xing Shan frowns before smirking at Gu Xing Hao:  We’ll see.

They finish eating at 12 pm.  They, then head to the Civil Affairs Bureau.  Since there is no traffic congestion, they manage to reach their destination within one hour.

They wait in the seats at the corridor.

1:30 pm.

Gu Xing Shan and Gu Xing Hao looks around, “Why isn’t Mr Si coming?”

Gu De Shou, on the other hand, is very calm, “It is still early, what are you two so anxious for?”

Zhuang Nai Nai looks at the time in her phone.

1:50 pm.

Gu Xing Shan is laughing now, “Why are you so calm, sister?  Aren’t you worried that Mr. Si wouldn’t come?”

Gu De Shou looks tense now, pursing his lips tight.

Zhuang Nai Nai clenches her fist as she looks at her phone, not saying anything.

1:55 pm.

Gu De Shou is getting restless now.  He paces around and eyes the entrance like a hawk.

1:59 pm.

Gu De Shou rushes towards Zhuang Nai Nai, “What is going on, Qing Yan?”

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Gu Xing Shan laughs mockingly, “Dad, why are you asking the obvious?  Mr. Si does not like her.”

Gu Xing Hao turns to Zhuang Nai Nai, “Gu Qing Yan, was the news true or was it really released by you?  Why aren’t you speaking?  Are you mute?”

“Do you really need to ask, ge?  It must have been fake.  Mr. Si must be furious, that is why he is not coming.”  Thinking about that, Gu Xing Shan turns to Gu De Shou anxiously.  “Dad, we are done for!  She cheated Mr. Si.  What if he takes it out on our company?”

Hearing that, Gu De Shou’s face turns green.  He fiercely grabs Zhuang Nai Nai by the shoulder, “Tell me, Gu Qing Yan!  What is going on?”

What is going on?

Zhuang Nai Nai looks at the time on her phone again; 2pm.

Her heart turns empty.

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She laughs bitterly.

She clearly could explain everything to them before they even come to his place, but she didn’t.

What were you expecting, Zhuang Nai Nai?

Why would he marry you?

Haven’t you suffered enough?

She looks at Gu De Shou firmly, “You want to know what is going on?  Fine, I will tell you!”

At that very moment, the door to the Civil Affairs Bureau is pushed open.


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