Bk 2 Chapter 177 – The Mountain (iii)


With Zilan leading the way, the trek up the mountain so far was unsurprisingly smooth. To others encountering regular fake resonances, strange unexpected weather, illusions etc would be at a minimum be somewhat dangerous. For Zilan and his disciples though, everything had turned into a teaching and learning experience. They had gotten close to those explosive inscriptions that masqueraded as scriptures and under Zilan’s guidance began breaking down their constitution, they also got to the bottom of many illusions breaking them along the way, Zilan was also taking the time to explain to them the various formations laid out all across the mountain that caused the weather to so drastically change.

Seeing Zilan and his seven disciples on the large screen act in such an irrational way left the majority of the spectators speechless. Comparing their leisurely attitude to the way other participants were frantically trying to survive made many people wonder if they were even taking part in the same event. The difference was just that stark. Not to mention Zilan’s group of lunatics were actually welcoming the illusions and breaking through every obstacle in their way. Whilst others opted to go around the danger or retreated first before finding another way, they had yet to even take a single detour since the beginning of the whole event.

The manner in which they were going about this supposedly gruelling trial left everyone speechless. It was to the point that almost everyone’s eyes were on Zilan and his disciples.

“That’s the trash teacher, right?” someone asked.

“…….” The one he asked didn’t even bother replying.

“Hey, he just broke that illusion by throwing a rock, right? Right? My eyes aren’t lying to me, are they?” Another exclaimed.

“Ah, why isn’t the inscription exploding? He’s actually touching it but it isn’t reacting, can someone explain to me what’s going on?” Zilan’s ‘unorthodox’ methods were naturally causing a commotion amongst the viewers and the hubbub was only going to grow as no one could satisfy them with a proper explanation for well, Zilan.

Even the Elders despite being prepared for Zilan, who was in actuality as well as secretly a three cauldron Alchemist, to stand out were still shocked beyond belief by his actions. Even they could barely comprehend how he was manipulating the inscriptions and breaking through the illusions so easily. As Elders they understood that all of those inscriptions, illusions, formations etc…were laid out by none other than the Chairman himself. So, for Zilan to be doing what he was doing left an even more profound impression on their minds than the spectators.

“Looks like we still underestimated him.” Said the Fourth Elder who along with some other Elders had come to watch. He glanced at Wazimu as he spoke.

The Second Elder lightly exclaimed after he had calmed down while the First Elder simply smiled as he looked at Zilan. “The traits of a capable person.” Needless to say, he had already heard about Zilan from both his performance in the entrance examination as well as from how he had defeated Domin later on. He had even contemplated approaching him and offering to take him as a direct disciple however, a certain annoying visitor had approached him and asked him to drop the idea.

‘The new format now makes sense.’ Thought the First Elder as he shook his head. ‘How many more surprises do you have in you?’

Among the many spectators, there were two people who were not at all surprised by Zilan’s performance. One was Kifo and the other was Fujo.

“Peh. Why is he taking his sweet time? Just rush through the whole thing and end it.” Complained Fujo as he looked at the screen. He would occasionally steal a look at Kifo whose eyes never even reached the screen, all of his attention was taken by ‘Hihi’s tooth’ which he affectionally stroked. Needless to say, this disgusting behaviour was the source of Fujo’s grumpiness.

‘Curse you Zilan.’ He cried inwardly. ‘Do you know how many more beauties I can pick up if I had a blade like that. I could even transcend realms and attempt to have the Legendary ‘Affair with the Matriarch of a powerful clan.’

Thankfully Zilan did not know what he was thinking otherwise the pain he would make Fujo feel would not be light.

Amani was another person who was pleasantly surprised by Zilan’s performance. He could not help but praise his foresight the more he watched him.


The group had been moving for quite a while now and seeing as how daylight was starting to dim, Zilan decided to stop and rest for a while. His disciples had no objections.

He found a random clearing in the metallic forest that they were currently in and set up camp there.

“Hey, don’t you think it’s strange?” Misty lowered her voice as she addressed her fellow disciples.

“What is?” asked Lorn. The others also huddled up, intrigued by Misty’s actions.

“We’ve come a long way from the foot of the mountain however, throughout our trek we haven’t even encountered a single scripture.” Hearing this, everyone in the group was somewhat taken aback. They had been so engrossed in listening to the teachings of Zilan that they had all but forgotten that their main purpose was to find the scriptures on this mountain.

“Maybe Master accidentally went the wrong way.” Proposed Grouch.

The others heard him however, they refused to believe it. Lorn, Hendrek, Misty and Andrete simultaneously looked back at Zilan only to see him leisurely leaning against one of the many trees in the forest and sipping on a drink he had brought with him.

‘Does that look like someone who accidentally went the wrong way.’ They asked themselves.

“Why don’t we just ask him?” wondered Andrete.

The others in the huddle gave him a weird look at first however, after thinking about their current actions they couldn’t help but feel that they were the weird ones. As if they had communicated telepathically, the huddle naturally dissolved.

“You go ask him.” Said Unlei. Her gaze alone caused Andrete’s heartbeat to quicken to the point that he had to look away.

“Mm.” was all he could say in reply. He then turned around and with large, confident strides went to speak with Zilan.

“Hmm, what’s on your mind Andrete?” With his hearing how could Zilan not have heard their little discussion but for the sake of maintaining his appearance as their Master he decided to play dumb.

“Um…I noticed that we haven’t encountered any scriptures since we started_…”

“What do you mean? We’ve come across and passed dozens of them…” Interrupted Zilan, smiling all the while.

“Eh?” Not only was Andrete stunned but all the others who were secretly ease dropping also couldn’t comprehend Zilan’s words.

“When? Um…where?” Andrete clearly didn’t think on his words before spouting them.

“When? I can’t really say, maybe every five minutes or so we would pass one. As for where? They’re pretty much everywhere, you just need to look.” Zilan’s smile grew even wider as he said that last sentence.

“Is there one here?” Asked Andrete, a little doubtful.

Zilan sat up and stretched a little bit before suddenly sending out a strike so fast that none of his Disciples eyes could pick up on it. The strike landed squarely on the tree he was leaning against just a few seconds ago.


A huge explosion followed by the collapsing of a strange blue barrier surrounding the tree and a strange transformation occurred. The tree seized to exist, it instead morphed into a thin scroll that had a red seal in the shape of a flame placed on it.

“There’s one.” Said Zilan, before he moved to find another tree to lean on.

“…….” Zilan’s disciples.

“……” The spectating audience.

“……” The Elders.

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