Bk 2 Chapter 178 – The Mountain (iv)

It took a while for Zilan to calm his students down after his display and as expected he was barraged with questions right after.

They were however surprised by the fact that Zilan was so dismissive of their queries. Usually, their Master would answer every question they had so this was a new and not so welcome development.

“All of you are only Alchemists in-name, when you really become Alchemists anything remotely connected with the [Way] will be easily recognisable for all of you.” Said Zilan as he chuckled.

His disciples didn’t want to give up and continued to pester him but he was having none of it.

“Enough. We should continue moving. I want get you all scriptures before the day ends.”

“Hmm?” Andrete and the others were surprised.

“What about that one?” Grouch pointed to the floating scroll with the flame seal.

Zilan glanced at the scripture through the corner of his eyes before shaking his head. “That thing is useless, it will be of no help to you. Don’t worry though, further up the mountain there’ll definitely be scriptures that fit your needs.”

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Having said that, the group departed leaving behind the scripture. The spectating crowd were once again at a loss for words. Some wanted to curse while others praised the decision however, one thing was for certain, all eyes were on Zilan and his disciples.

The higher up the mountain the group got, the less people they actually came across. The ones they met ignored them thinking that they would do the same. They were mistaken.

Zilan’s disciples occasionally shouted out to them in greeting, sometimes in jest and when they met those that looked like they’d been through a war, they would openly mock them. This sort of behaviour naturally ticked off many of those being addressed however, seeing that they were led by the Half Breed that had caused a commotion not too long ago by challenging and slaying Black core stage individuals, they could only resort to glaring.

Zilan as an individual didn’t quite like his disciples’ behaviour but as someone who was only slightly older than them yet with so many worries he couldn’t help but feel refreshed by watching how normal people acted in their youth thus he refrained from commenting/interrupting. Of course, should any of those people who were offended come looking for a fight Zilan would not step in and fight their battles for them. After all, he was a Master not a baby-sitter.

“Eh, isn’t that the guy Master beat in the Rookie tournament?” asked Hendrek.

“Which one?” the curious Misty instantly perked up her ears and widened her eyes as she looked towards the direction Hendrek pointed out.

Zilan also took a look only to find that it was none other than Yasen. He was acting somewhat strange though so Zilan surveyed the area with his eyes a little bit before a smile eventually appeared on his face.

“Watch closely, we’re in for a good show.” Is what he said to his disciples before he went to find a good spot to watch.

Misty and the rest remained at the same spot.

“Hey, why isn’t he moving?” asked Misty.

“How am I supposed to know? When I looked over he was already like that?” explained Hendrek. “I don’t understand why you always have to bring up so much nonsen_…”

“Shhh…” Misty aggressively placed her hand over Hendrek’s mouth. “He’s saying something….” She continued. Hendrek on the other hand was fuming but at the same time he was curious as to what Yasen was doing so he put up with it.

“Are you going to make a move, or should I?” said Yasen, he inwardly sighed as he looked to a certain direction. He already had one problem on his hands but another even more problematic person had showed up, not bothering to conceal himself at all.

“No worries, you can have this one. I’m just here to watch.” Zilan’s somewhat amused voice came from the top of a tall tree.

Yasen was surprised hearing this however, he still kept his guard up. “If that is true then you have my thanks.” He said.

“Thank Fujo, if you want to thank someone.” Replied Zilan.

This time Yasen did not respond. He turned away from Zilan and glared at a certain direction. “Are you still not going to come out?”

“Hehe.” A muffled laughter followed by the rumbling of rocks echoed throughout the area. From a metal rock formation not too far away, a silhouette greatly resembling the one Zilan called Mr. Rock, suddenly popped out. He was taller than how he looked during the Rookie tournament and interesting flame patterns could now be seen around parts of his body.

“How did you find m_..”

Before Mr. Rock could utter a word, he was sent flying. The surprising thing was that it was not by Yasen but by Zilan who had just promised that he would just watch.

“You…” Mr. Rock got up uninjured after grinding against the floor for a few meters but what shocked him was that he did not even see Zilan coming. No one did, not until he had already struck Mr. Rock.

“What is the meaning of this?” asked Yasen, confused by the puzzled expression on Zilan’s face.

“No meaning. You can still have the scripture, I just wanted to test something is all.” His confused expression gradually eased. He then moved to leave.

“Do you think that’s enough of an explanation?” Mr. Rock grit his teeth. He was tired of having this Half Breed look down on him.

“You should consider yourself lucky.” Zilan’s tone turned ice cold. His body was exuding an unprecedented amount of killing intent as he stared at Mr. Rock (Mawe). “If it wasn’t for the Beast blood in your body, I would have already ended your life. I know you have no idea what you are but I don’t doubt that you at least have a clue. Should pure Rock Elementals ever find you….”

Mawe quieted down when he heard Zilan’s words. His heart clenched and he practically could not breathe for a few seconds. ‘How does he know?’ kept repeating in his mind as he looked at Zilan warily. He only knew because of his inherent memories that had awakened not too long ago hence the patterns on his body so how the hell did the Half Breed know?

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Zilan left the baffled Yasen and the astonished Mr. Rock and rejoined his disciples. His eyes still bore some coldness. Had he confirmed that Mawe (Mr. Rock) was all Rock Elemental i.e a servant of the Heavens, he would have not hesitated in putting him down. He could not risk having such an enemy mess up his future plans.

Mature Rock Elementals or any Elementals for that matter were not to be trifled with, should they reach their prime only the truly powerful in the Universe could contend with them. Luckily Mawe’s bloodline had been significantly thinned by his parents one of whom was definitely a Beast with a low cultivation.

Zilan took one last look at a certain spot behind Yasen before shaking his head. ‘It doesn’t suit any one of my Disciples. He can have it.’

At that spot, a Legendary class scripture was hidden. Should Yasen have made a move on it, Mawe would have most like likely sneak attacked him. Now though, with Mawe literally shell-shocked, the scripture would fall to Yasen.

“Happy hunting. I hope you can subdue that thing.” Were his parting words to Yasen.

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