Chapter 299 – You Lowly Woman

Ji Mo Ya, who was at the guest area, suddenly spoke, “Your Majesty, this matter seems to be more than it seems, why not let her speak?”

The emperor’s expression completely collapsed; since Ji Mo Ya had spoken, it meant that he has gotten very interested with this matter; in addition, he was also wondering how come the Crown Prince was involved in this matter as well…

Although this was not the best time, now that it has attracted the interest of everyone, there was no point trying to stop her, he might as well get all the facts now.

The position of crown prince was to become the heir of an empire, their reputation cannot be tarnished. If he were to order Huan Meng Yue’s death, it would only lead to the birth of unsavory rumors being spread.

With a wave of his hand, “Release her, let her speak.”

Bai Chen Yu heart had already chilled greatly when Huan Meng Yue spoke.

Didn’t his old ancestor place a curse on her?

What was happening now? Has her curse been broken?

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The old ancestor had mentioned that some of the people he had placed the curse on were freed from it, but Huan Meng Yue was not part of that group, and there was also no traces of the curse being forcefully broken as well…

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If not, she would not have survived till today.

But all of these weren’t important, what was most important was that Huan Meng Yue was given the chance to continue her words, if that happens, he…

Under the pressure of urgency and anger, Bai Chen Yu’s ailment had a relapse again, causing his whole person to started coughing; while being heavily out of breath, an imperial doctor quickly handed him a bottle of medicine to drink.

“Lord Crown Prince, please take care of your body, refrain from being too agitated…”

Huan Meng Yue’s hairpin had somehow fallen at this moment, causing her hair to drape all over her face like a crazy woman, “Lord Crown Prince, you must save me! After all, Meng Yue had done many things for you! That secret about Huan Bei Ming surviving demonic poison for more than a decade is something that I told you! Lord Crown Prince, the men that was sent to kidnap that brat Huan Xing Han was also given by you Lord Crown Prince… You told me before, that once you discover the secret behind Huan Bei Ming’s ability to survive the demonic poison, you would bestow me the Huan Estate…”

With every sentence that she spoke, Bai Chen Yu’s coughing became even more serious.

When Huan Qing Yan heard her, she also managed to understand something.

The greatest traitor of the Huan Family, was none other than Huan Meng Yue!

Fortunately, she left with Bai Chen Feng, if she continued staying within the estate, the internal chaos would surely be even greater.

The secret of how Huan Bei Ming survived from demonic poison for so many years? That was something she also did not know until now…

Why did Bai Chen Yu do all this?

Bai Chen Yu coughed for a great while, seeing that the eyes of everyone was focusing on him, he quickly said, “Coughs… You lowly woman, this prince does not know you, why must you spout such nonsense… coughs…”

“You… good, good!” when Huan Meng Yue heard him, her red eyes turned even more vicious, “Hahaha, all of you are ingrates! Bai Chen Feng kicked me away after playing with me, you also want to kick me away after you used me! Lord Crown Prince, I know that you have placed a curse on me, but little did you expect that someone had already lifted the curse for me already! Someone even stronger than all of you! Since all of you betrayed me, do not think of having a good life in the future!”

Huan Qing Yan could not hold it in anymore and quickly came up, “Huan Meng Yue, what is the reason for Lord Crown Prince to instigate everything? You should at least point out the reason to us.”

Huan Meng Yue did not reply, she continued to laugh madly; she had reached the stage of her words making no sense, speaking whatever that was crossing through her mind.

At the same time, some Feather Guards brought some people into the public square.

They were the members of the Huan Clan, the trio from Huan Lao San’s family that had their curse removed.

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