Chapter 104: So this is what an unreasonable cheat looks like.

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“Now, bring it on!”

Scala tried to provoke me, as she seemed to be full of confidence. Well, I wouldn’t fall for such a cheap trick though. Instead, I remained still at my place and calmly tried to use the skill【Appraisal】on her, but for some reason, I couldn’t see her stats despite using the skill.

What’s going on? Why can I not appraise her?

While I was trying to stay composed while hiding my astonishment, Scala issued me a warning. Apparently, she realized that I attempted to appraise her.

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“I know you’re trying to appraise my stats. You’re just wasting your time; such a skill doesn’t work against Gods.”

Come on, that’s too clichéd.

It’s not like I didn’t expect her to say that, but having one of the most useful skills getting rendered useless in front of Scala made me reveal a bitter face. I was planning to delete her skills after appraising them, but it looks like this won’t be as I hoped. All that’s left for me now is to fight her head on. The moment I made that decision, Scala was the first to reach her limits and made a move.

“If you’re not coming, then I will come for you!”

She rushed straight toward me. I didn’t avert my eyes from her at all; not only that but, I didn’t even blink while observing her; I made sure to not lose sight of her and always kept her under my field of vision. But despite all that, Scala was right before me before I even realized it.


She is too fast! Or did she perhaps use teleportation?!

Unable to react properly to Scala who closed her distance with me, I stiffened in my place. In the next split second, her fist was about to hit my abdomen.


Letting out a scream unbefitting of her elegant look, her fist connected a direct hit in my abdomen; it was a strong punch. I felt my bones creaking from the shock. I felt an intense pain which I’ve never experienced in my life and let out a groan before getting blown away. I never predicted that she could use teleportation. I used【Wind Magic】to slow down my speed and barely managed to hold my ground. I held my abdomen and frowned, unable to hide the pain.
No good; I think my bones got hurt from that punch.

While placing my hand on my abdomen, I elevated my head trying to search Scala’s current position and as I expected, she already made her second move and was standing in front of me.


While grinning and screaming like a maniac, she rushed to add another direct hit to me. I didn’t think I could withstand the second punch, so I used teleportation to vanish from that place in order to avoid her fist.


Dodging her hit, Scala didn’t hide her surprised expression. I need to do something about my current disadvantageous situation. I ran towards Scala from behind and prepared myself to pay her back for the first punch.


A gust of wind stretched straight towards Scala’s head, but at the last moment, it couldn’t reach her. She dodged it readily by slightly leaning as if she knew about it all along. I couldn’t believe that she was able to dodge it at first, but soon after, I started thinking about other measures since I didn’t have the time to be astounded. Scala rushed toward me again right after dodging my attack in an attempt to lay a kick on my abdomen.

“You’re slow!”

Scala succeeded in kicking me in the abdomen while shouting with ease. Luckily I was in the middle of dodging it, so I only received half the damage and managed to teleport to another location. Even though it was only half the damage, it still hurt a lot since I already had some broken ribs from the first punch. I cast healing magic on myself while I worked on arranging my disordered breathing. When I switched my sight back to Scala, she looked quite satisfied with the flow of the fight.

“Woah, you’re pretty strong. It’s a miracle that you’re still fine after receiving a direct punch from me.”
“I’m not fine actually.”

Due of that punch, my bones have cracked. I replied to Scala’s delighted remark with tone exuding a faint sense of rage. So this is the strength of a Unique God, the second strongest God after the Divine God. Things didn’t look very promising for me. I felt an unpleasant sweat running down my back from imagining the countless unknown skills Scala was still hiding.

Just what am I supposed to do to win…?

As I worked out my mind, contemplating various plans and moves, Scala was still making a satisfied face.

“But still, you’re using teleportation skills; what a pain.”
“You’re using it too!”

When I replied back with an annoyed voice, Scala tilted her head as if she didn’t understand what I just said.

“What are you talking about? I’m not using teleportation.”
“… What?”

I couldn’t keep my composure after hearing her say that. I even stopped thinking for an instant.

“That, earlier… wasn’t it teleportation?”
“Of course it wasn’t. I just moved normally.”

I lost words from this shocking truth. Honestly, this truth is too much for me. I leveled up all this time because of many factors and events. That is why I had some faith in myself that I won’t lose to Scala. However, I never thought that I would meet someone who was fast enough to be impossible for me to confirm them by sight.

Shortly after our conversation, Scala raised her hand and made a tiny ball of light appear from there. From that tiny ball of light, a giant sword gradually showed up. Its length was same as her and she lightly wielded it with a single hand while smirking.

“I will be raising the difficulty from now on.”

Are you serious…?

I’m already about to lose now and you’re still going to raise the difficulty. I couldn’t object to her decision as she was the one taking the initiative. Gazing at the sword she wielded, I thought about a certain something.

“Alright. Bring it then! That is if you can land a hit on me.”
“We’ll see!”

After getting provoked, Scala raised her large sword over her head and rushed toward me. Perhaps it’s because my eyes were used to her, or because the sword limited her speed, I was barely able to see her running.


She let another psycho shout. That external look of her is really deceiving. Scala readily swung her sword at me many times while I hardly dodged it by teleporting. She didn’t give me the chance to counter-attack. I barely managed to dodge her swings.I kept on avoiding her hits while waiting for the proper timing. Not yet, I still need to wait.

“Hey Hey! All you can do is dodge?!”

I heard Scala’s voice ridiculing me, but I didn’t give it my attention. I remained repeating the process of teleporting and dodging while waiting for the perfect timing. My magic was diminishing every time I teleported, but I had nothing to do about it. Finally the timing I was waiting for came.


The moment she raised her sword while facing me directly. This time, I didn’t teleport and instead waited for her to swing the sword down.

“Take this!!”

Scala, who thought that I couldn’t avoid her hit this time, swung down her sword with all her might. I remained at my place without flinching and shouted the words of victory while looking at Scala right in her eyes.


The moment I yelled, her sword vanished from her hand. With this, I made an opening for myself by making Scala lose her balance from having her sword disappearing all of a sudden. I prepared to give her the most harming blow I could make by stretching both of my hands to her abdomen.

“Target restrain.”

A magic circle emerged in Scala’s abdomen making her suddenly stiffen and lose the ability to move.

“What’s this?! I can’t move!!”

Realizing that she couldn’t move, Scala started losing her composure. Well, I couldn’t blame her for doing that. That’s the kind of magic I cast on her, after all. Although, I was not sure how long this skill will have an effect on her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she broke out from it using brute force. I needed to settle things with her as soon as possible.

“Did you know? This magic circle doesn’t only block you from moving.”

Following those words, I thrust the strongest blow I could make into the magic circle.

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The instant I hit the magic circle, a tornado of fire and wind strenuously emitted from it.

“Uoh!? Guua!…… Guaaaaahh!!”

The tornado of fire and wind covered Scala and took her all the way to the mountains before blowing her away. The sound of her crashing on the ground reverberated in the mountains. Several trees were busted and clouds of dust concealed the place. Oh man, I feel bad now for destroying that place. I took a deep breath of relief, not knowing that my naive way of thinking was so foolish. I didn’t even check if she lost her consciousness or not. The instant I took a breath, a terrifying shiver ran down my entire body.


This was the first time in my life I felt every hair on my body standing from fear. It was like someone behind me was thrusting a sharp tool against my neck. Dominated by an uncomfortable premonition, I turned to check the place where I blew off Scala. The clouds of dust were about to completely disappear, but right before that happened, a huge crash abruptly occurred there causing a larger amount of dust to cover it. Scala appeared from there, with her clothes ruined but her body was still unharmed.

“That was pretty effective, yo.”

She then spoke with delight to me who was still shocked from seeing her standing like nothing had happened. What was up with this goddess. She should have received some damage at the very least.

“A monster…”

This is too absurd. I couldn’t control myself from muttering that word. As I started feeling hopeless, Scala asked me with a smirk.

“Hey, what’s your level?”

I took a short while to think of a way to answer her, but at the end, I spoke honestly.

“… 318.”
“Really?! You can do this much with just that level?”

Apparently, my level was somewhat of a surprise to Scala as she seemed delighted. I checked my level only recently. I didn’t check it since my battle against the red dragon so I was surprised as well, but now, that didn’t matter at all. While grasping Scala’s position with a sidelong glance, I contemplated a plan to win against her.

“My level is 523. You were able to pull a fair fight with me this far just with your level. That’s pretty amazing!”
“You’re kidding, right…?

I stopped thinking of a way to win after hearing her say her high level. She’s on a completely different dimension. I had no chance to win against her from the very start. As I remained standing silently in a daze, our surroundings suddenly began shaking.

“Did you notice? I still haven’t used a single skill until now.”

She then spoke as her hair started ruffling. She was right; all that she had been doing until now is either using her first or her sword. She never used her magic or skills. Now what? What should I do in order to survive this battle? Despite giving up only a few moments ago, I still decided to think of a way to get myself out safe. The ambiance around us got more terrifying and Scala’s hairs started floating in the opposite direction.

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“Is it possible for me to admit defeat?”

“Of course not.”

Scala cruelly refused my request to end this fight by admitting defeat. Now what? Should I fight her fairly? No, that would be too dangerous. What about long-range magic attacks? No, it would be terrible if I were to piss her off like that. As the time limit approached, I gradually lost my composure and my ability to properly think.

I guess it can’t be helped, huh…

Reaching a dead end, I stiffened in my place. Though, I didn’t expect Lina to show up before me.

“Scala-sama! Please stop it! Continuing this fight any longer will cause a serious damage to this world!”

Lina, as well, noticed the strange ambiance around Scala and stepped forth to stop her. I was hoping that Scala would stop just from hearing Lina’s call out, but she wasn’t the type to halt what she was doing from only that much.

“What you are saying is futile!!”

At that moment, Scala who was releasing a dreadful ambiance started to abruptly shine. Immediately after noticing a faint ray of light, my instincts pushed me to hold Lina in my arms.


Making sure I caught her, I teleported from that place. Immediately after the teleportation, everything got annihilated, starting from the place we were at up to a radius of a few kilometers


The reason for destruction

“Scala, you’re more like a criminal of destruction, right?”
“Well, leaving aside the way I’m called, that’s right.”
“Didn’t you think of fixing that habitude?”
“That’s impossible.”
“Don’t answer without even thinking.”
“Instead of that, I think the other Gods should make more effort in building stronger worlds.”
“Don’t tell me that’s the reason you became a God.”
“Eh? It is. What about it?”
“Is it……?!”

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