Chapter 105: Cheat ability for a cheat.

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A powerful explosion sound reverberated from the far distance. It was most likely caused by Scala.

“That was close……”

After confirming that Lina, who was sitting on her knees, was safe, I turned to gaze at the distance. The explosion occurred at the place where I was fighting against Scala only a few moments ago. The place I’m standing in now is an all-green area with overgrown grasses and large trees that were obstructing the sunlight to reach the grounds. Since I teleported all of a sudden, maybe the distance I chose wasn’t far enough, but it looks like things are fine now. I thought that I earned some time before Scala comes back.

When I took a deep breath of relief knowing that I escaped from her fatal attack, Lina had finally realized that we were standing in a different place.

“What!? Where are we…?”
“Nearby the mountains. I teleported you with me over here.”

I briefly explained the situation to Lina who was still looking around restlessly. She immediately grasped the situation from my short explanation and calmed down while still sitting on the ground. I extended my hand to her.

“Are you safe?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”

Lina grabbed the hand that I extended to her, and using that as a support, she stood up. Now that we’re in a relatively safe place, I could finally think back of the time Scala used her skill. It was the first time I felt ‘Death’ being so close to me. I was still having goosebumps all over my body until now. That skill wasn’t something to be underestimated. Lina who noticed that I was rubbing my still shivering arm apologized with an apologetic face.

“I’m sorry. If I were able to stop her earlier from doing that…”

She casts her sights down while making a gloomy face. Well, it’s about the dead-serious situation for Lina. She is probably feeling guilty for not stopping Scala from using her skill. I contemplated the proper words to use in my reply. There was no need for her to feel responsible for what happened. I couldn’t understand why she was making a face as if she was the one behind all of this.

“It’s not your fault in the first place. If I were to act like you, I’d say that it’s my fault for not defeating her.”
“No, it was not your fault. After all, you had no chance to win against her from the start.”

Lina spoke as if she knew about my chance of winning all this time, and I didn’t have anything to say back to her either. Scala is far beyond my powers. There is a limit on how much I can use my skills to overpower her. Lina didn’t stop me from fighting against her in the start because she had a feeble faith in me that maybe I can actually win.

“Rather, what did she use just now?”

I asked Lina about Scala’s earlier skill hoping that she can explain it to me.

“That’s Scala-sama’s【Full Destruction】skill. It exploits the intensity of her emotions to enlarge the extent of the explosion. The more her emotions are extreme, the more the explosion scope and energy increase. Moreover, the target’s magic resistance and defense don’t have the least effect against it. That skill is the epitome of genuine destruction.”
“What’s up with that messed up skill…”

Recalling the moment she unleashed the skill, I unintentionally shivered again. If I tried resisting it, I’d be in the netherworld by now.

“That’s too much for a cheat ability.”
“What are you going to do now? I can call help for you from the Heaven.”

I considered Lina’s suggestion for a short while, though I decided to refuse it at the end.

“No, it’s fine. Even if you do, this place will get demolished even before the help arrives.”

I can hear Scala’s voice outraging on the mountain even now. At this rate, the damage she is causing could reach the city.

“Then what are you planning to do?”

Lina asked if I’m not going to call for help, then what am I going to do. I answered that question while giving her a serious gaze.

“I’m going to knock her down.”
“K-Knock her down!?”

Lina unintentionally exclaimed with a loud voice after hearing my unexpected answer.

“Didn’t you see her terrifying powers just now!?”

She drew closer to me as she raised her voice even louder than before.

“Her level is indeed too high for me. Even that Full Destruction skill is beyond my ability. If I were to face her directly again, I would never win.”
“Then why?!”
“Because I don’t want to lose. I dislike losing.”

Hearing me childish reason for wanting to continue the fight, Lina didn’t know how to respond. Usually, she would never let such an excuse stop her from complaining, but now, my persistence was originating from anger.
Scala made me go through an unbelievable pain. There’s no way I’d let her go without any payback.
Lina who guessed how I was feeling, cast her sight down and gave up on trying to convince me.

“But how are you planning to win against her? If you fight her normally, you will have no chance to win.”
“I already contemplated that.”

Only allowed on

She then asked me about my plan out of curiosity.

“What’s your plan?”
“A plan that relies only on skills.”

After listening to my answer, Lina tilted her head as she lets out a confused groan. A plan that relies on skills which came from a God. In other words, I will be using【Magic Creation】to create a skill that will allow me to defeat Scala. It might be a reckless plan from me, but that’s the only way I could think of. By using that skill of Magic Creation, my magic will be vastly consumed, so I’m going to have to not rely on it while fighting. In the worst case, I may ask Lina to share some of her magic with me. Although she may refuse. Preparing to use the skill, I joined my hands together as if I were praying and called【Magic Creation】.

“Come on now, give something useful.”

I closed my eyes while wishing deeply for the one and only skill that I desired.

I want a skill that could knock off Scala!!

As a response to that wish, I heard a familiar voice echoing in my head.

“You acquired the skill【Tension Magic】.”
“The skill【Magic Creation】had leveled up to【Magic Creation (With Restraints)】.”


However, this time, the words that the announcer spoke were quite different from those that I was waiting for. At the same time, an unbearable headache assaulted me.

I held my head with both of my hands as I wriggled from an intense pain. I knew about this pain. The last time I felt it was back when I exhausted all my magic and fainted. I just remembered that I used teleportation skill many times while fighting against Scala. And now I have wished for a skill that could defeat her. I should have expected my magic to dry up. Lina started flustering from watching me holding my head all of a sudden and groaning from the pain.

“W-What happened?! Does your head hurt?!”

In order to calm her down, I mustered with all the strength left in me to tell her that I will be fainting.

“Lina, I’m going… to faint… soon… so… I’ll leave… the rest… to you…”

Squeezing out the words I wanted to transmit to her, I collapsed on the ground and lost my consciousness.

“H-Hey!? Get it together!!”

I felt Lina catching me before falling down, but at that time, I had already gone unconscious.


Magic creation

“Isn’t that magic creation skill of yours too convenient?” ← Lina
“Why are you asking that so suddenly?”
“I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time; you can create anything you want from that skill.”
“Well, not anything.”
“No, everything! I mean, you can even erase people’s existence, no? You can create magic that makes everything flows at your pleasure.”
“Hey, listen. If that was really the case then think about it more.”
“About what?”
“That’s not magic anymore!”

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