Chapter 366: Younger brother changed into younger sister


Long Yi and Barbarian Bull spent a great deal of strength and finally stripped all the useful things from the corpse of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon with great difficulty. They obtained six demonic dragon horns, a hundred meter long dragon hide, and one demonic dragon tendon. As for dragon blood, they didn’t obtain even a drop of it. The blood vessels and flesh of this Three-headed Demonic Dragon had already withered a long time ago. The Three-headed Demonic Dragon’s corpse was incomparably stiff which resembled a demonic dragon zombie.

Just from the things he obtained from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, Long Yi felt as though the life-threatening dangers they had faced throughout the journey were worth it.  Let alone these dragon horns and dragon tendon that contained a great amount of dark magic power, just a small piece of this 100 meter long dragon’s hide already had the worth of several cities. As dragon’s hide had an amazing defensive power, everyone was fighting for armor made out of dragon’s hide in order to protect themselves. Although it was the hide of a dead dragon, the physical and magical defense of this dragon’s hide was still amazing. Just to peel off the hide from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, Long Yi had to spend all of his internal force to saw the hide off little by little. Even Long Yi had to use up all of his internal force in order to obtain the hide of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, one could imagine how strong the hide of the dragon was.

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Long Yi and Barbarian Bull didn’t have time to rest for two days straight, which resulted in them being dead tired. However, after calculating their earnings from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon’s corpse, they felt like their exhaustion disappeared. However, after they finished looting the corpse of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, both of them stopped working and started to regain their strength by taking a long rest. Although they had already passed the most difficult hurdle of this Death Space, it was still unpredictable what would happen next in this Death Space. What if there were even greater dangers waiting for them up ahead? Long Yi naturally didn’t lower his guard as they continued their journey.

When Long Yi and Barbarian Bull were resting, Big Head who had slept soundly for two days woke up. His appearance didn’t seem to have any changes except now, he emitted a faint dragon’s might.

“Little brother, you woke up, do you feel uncomfortable?” Liu Xu who had continuously stood beside Big Head as a guard immediately asked. Seeing that Big Head was finally awake, Liu Xu couldn’t help but ask with concern.

Big Head twisted its meatball-like body left and right before saying, “I’m fine big sister… but I was really in pain just now.”

Liu Xu reached out her hand and caressed Big Head as she said, “Well, now that you are fine, let’s go back.”

Big Head looked towards Long Yi who was sitting cross-legged not far away as he said, “No, big sister, I miss my father, I want to accompany him.”

Liu Xu coldly snorted and became jealous of Long Yi without any reason. Her younger brother seemed to have spent merely more than 10 days with Long Yi and the others, but he saw himself as Long Yi’s son and even started comparing Liu Xu and its parents with Long Yi. In these past several years, her younger brother ceaselessly mentioned Long Yi. Her ears already had callus hearing his name, making her jealous as well as angry.

“Then you stay here to accompany him, big sister will return alone.” Liu Xu said with dissatisfaction.

“Big Sister……” Big Head hesitantly looked at Liu Xu and suddenly said, “Then big sister can return first. I will return after accompanying father for a few days, is that okay?”

Liu Xu was startled. Her rage erupted all of a sudden as she fumed while glaring at Big Head. She knocked the head of Big Head and said bitterly, “Do you still see me as your big sister? If you don’t return with me, then you don’t have to come back anymore.”

“Big Sister……” Big Head glanced at the currently furious Liu Xu as he felt wronged. He didn’t understand why his big sister who usually complied with his wishes behaved like this today.

As Wushuang overheard the conversation between Liu Xu and Big Head, she couldn’t help but say, “Now Long Yi is still resting. Wait for him to wake up first before leaving.”

“Since we have to wait for him to wake up, why don’t I wake him up now?” Liu Xu gnashed her teeth as she glared at Long Yi who was currently resting.

After about seven hours, Long Yi who had finished resting woke up from his meditation. He stood up and stretched his body as he felt extremely refreshed.

“What, you want to return?” Long Yi asked loudly. As soon as he woke up, Big Head rushed over to his side and complained about Liu Xu wanting to leave this place.

“My task is already complete, so I should naturally return.” Liu Xu coldly said. If she were to let Big Head stay beside Long Yi any longer, she was afraid her younger brother wouldn’t be the magic pet of the Dark God any longer. Instead, Big Head would turn into Long Yi’s magic pet.

“Who said your task is already complete? Didn’t you only say that I can summon you to help me? You didn’t seem to say anything about a time limit. Now, I am still in the Lightning God Forbidden Area, and there are dangers everywhere. How can you ditch me now? Don’t you understand the saying to not pull up your pants while you are still defecating?” Long Yi smirked and said.

Liu Xu was filled with rage. It was fine for Long Yi to twist his words to scam her, but it was another thing to use such disgusting analogies to achieve his aim. Her fingers instantly changed into a dragon claw as it reached towards Long Yi’s neck. She executed her Throat Locking Dragon Claw as she wanted Long Yi to pay for speaking such disgusting words to her.

Puff, the Throat Locking Dragon Claw Liu Xu used hit the air as she failed to touch Long Yi. With an indifferent expression, Wushuang retracted the blue water screen she had casted.

“Fine fine, I was wrong. Everything I said was b******* alright? I don’t know what is in the front, so I am badly in need of your help.” Long Yi smiled and apologized.

Liu Xu snorted and begrudgingly accepted Long Yi’s apology. She really couldn’t leave behind Big Head and return alone even if this kid takes a cheap advantage of her.

Since everything was settled, everyone was unwilling to stay in this goddamned place for an extra second. In these ten days they had stayed in this Death Space, the death qi had already eroded a great amount of their spirit power. This left the group feeling uneasy as they were unable to gather their spirit power to protect themselves in times of need.

The four people and two dragons readied themselves and walked towards the exit. Not long after they started walking, they encountered a death qi barrier which was even stronger than the lightning barrier in the narrow gorge they were in not too long ago.

Could it be that they had to spend several additional days to get rid of this barrier? Long Yi thought to himself. Before he was able to say anything, Big Head walked to the front of the group and spat a mouthful of black dragon breath at the barrier. This barrier shook and as if flowers in a mirror, the barrier vanished.

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“F*ck! My son is indeed the most awesome existence in the world!” Long Yi picked up Big Head and kissed him. Big Head twisted its body in happiness as it laughed in a child-like immature voice.

While laughing, the chubby body of Big Head trembled. Long Yi was startled and he thought that Big Head had choked while laughing. Hastily patting on Big Head’s back, Long Yi tried to make sure that Big Head was fine

But this patting gave rise to a problem. Big Head’s balloon-like body suddenly blew up with a bang and dark fog spread everywhere, dumbfounding everyone present.

Liu Xu was so startled that her eyes were wide open and she didn’t come back to her senses for a long time. However, the fog quickly retreated and the scene in front of everyone made their eyeballs pop out of their sockets.

Big Head had disappeared. Now in the hand of Long Yi, there was a miniature little dragon that was approximately 50 centimeter in length. This little dragon was also rather confused. Twisting left and right, it asked in its immature voice, “Father, what is happening to me?”

Before Long Yi could answer, Liu Xu immediately grabbed Big Head from Long Yi. After flipping Big Head around and examining it for a long time, she said in a trembling voice, “Finally, you changed back into our Dragon Clan form.” Liu Xu paused and suddenly screamed as she stuttered, “How… how is this possible? How can my younger brother change… change into a younger sister?”

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