Chapter 367: Very big, very white


The scream of Liu Xu greatly startled Long Yi’s group of four and they looked at the currently panicking Liu Xu. But when they heard what she said next, each and every one one of them looked at each other with a blank expression.

“Younger brother changed into younger sister? Is it possible that my son is actually my daughter? Are you sure you didn’t see wrongly?” Long Yi was so surprised that he had his mouth wide open as he asked.

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“I definitely didn’t see wrongly… Of course, I wasn’t expecting my younger brother to turn into my younger sister all of a sudden.” Liu Xu came back to her senses as she mumbled.

“How did you determine Big Head’s gender? Let me take a look myself.” Long Yi said.

“You damned pervert, get far away from me and my little sister!” Liu Xu pushed Long Yi away and pressed Big Head into her bosom in case Long Yi tried to take advantage of Big Head.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and asked doubtfully, “Well, it’s fine if we didn’t know Big Head’s gender. But you are Big Head’s older sister! You actually didn’t know your younger sibling’s gender, how are you going to explain this to us?”

Liu Xu’s beautiful face became slightly red as she explained, “How would I know, when mother gave birth to her, she was already like that. We were unable to tell its gender but dad said that Big Head was my younger brother. That is why… that is why I always treated Big Head as my younger brother!”

Roaring with laughter, Long Yi was unable to hold himself back any longer. As it turned out, no one was able to give an accurate judgment on Big Head’s gender. They had assumed that Big Head was a male dragon all along, this is indeed too much.

“Big sister, let me go! I am going to be smothered to death.” At this time, Big Head struggled its head free from the towering breasts of Liu Xu. With a gloomy look, Big Head stared at Liu Xu as though it was wronged.

Long Yi touched his nose seeing as Big Head happened to be caught between the two towering soft meat buns on Liu Xu’s chest. The scene where Big Head struggled to get out of Liu Xu’s meat buns looked extremely funny and made Long Yi laugh out loud involuntarily.

Liu Xu stared at Long Yi who was currently laughing his head off as she coldly snorted before loosening her arms to let Big Head out. Big Head took the chance when Liu Xu loosened her grip to jump into Long Yi’s bosom. Turning around, Big Head stared at Liu Xu before saying, “Big sister’s hug isn’t as comfortable as father’s hug. Big sister’s soft chest nearly suffocated me.”

Puchi, not only did the statement cause Long Yi to start laughing even louder, even Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang burst into laughter as they covered their mouth with their hands as giggles escaped their mouth. As for the insensitive Barbarian Bull, he was confused as he didn’t understand why Boss and the sisters-in-law were laughing.

The beautiful face of Liu Xu reddened and her chest rose and fell rapidly. It seemed like a volcano was about to erupt.

Upon seeing this, Long Yi hurriedly stopped laughing. This she-T. Rex’s strength wasn’t a joke. He stroke Big Head’s back as he looked lovingly at Big Head who was enjoying Long Yi’s company. Looking at Big Head who had its eyes closed while hugging him, Long Yi said, “Now the name ‘Big Head’ doesn’t suit you at all. Seems like we really need to change your name. Liu Xu, what did you use to call your little sister in the past?”

“She has a Dragon Clan’s name. It’s very long and hard to pronounce. You definitely won’t be able to remember it. As for a name in the language spoken by the members of the Blue Waves Continent, she doesn’t have any.” Liu Xu answered.

“How about calling her Nannan [1]? It’s pleasant to the ears and it also sounds cordial” Nalan Ruyue said.

“What Nannan, see how plump she is? Let’s call her Pang Niu [2], pet name Niu’er. My obedient daughter, don’t you think that is a good name?” Long Yi patted the little fat dragon’s head.

“Good, good, Niu’er is pleasant to hear.” Little Pang Niu answered in her immature voice, and everyone roared with laughter. It seemed like little Pang Niu had a different taste from the rest, just like Pang Niu’s father, Long Yi.

“Did you guys hear that? Niu’er said that the name Pang Niu is pleasant to hear. I hereby declare that my daughter’s official name is Pang Niu, pet name Niu’er.” Long Yi laughed complacently.

As for Liu Xu, she was unwilling to let Long Yi change Big Head’s name to Pang Niu, as the name Pang Niu was indeed a very poor choice of a name. However, Long Yi didn’t give her a single chance to protest as he decided on the name for his daughter instantly. He simply walked out of this Death Space in large strides and the rest of the group also followed him out.

As soon as Long Yi stepped out of the Death Space, he felt the gloomy scenery before his eyes change. From the originally gloomy scenery in the Death Space, Long Yi had walked into a place with silverish purple mist. In front of him, there was only silverish purple mist. No matter which direction Long Yi was looking in, there was no other color to be seen. He felt that there were no other magic elements in the atmosphere other than terrifying amounts of lightning magic elements in this space. If he were to stay in this place and cultivate lightning magic, his cultivation realm would breakthrough layers after layers like a rocket.

As soon as he stepped into this area, Long Yi vaguely felt as though this was the final checkpoint in the Lightning God Forbidden Area.

“Ah… so numbing.” Nalan Ruyue exclaimed and hastily used her light magic to isolate herself from this place. The moment she stepped into this place, she felt a subtle electric current running through her entire body which made her feel like her body was numb all over.

“This should be the so-called Lightning God Space. Lightning magic elements are all materialized here.” Wushuang sighed softly. In this Lightning God Space, other than lightning magicians and warriors, even if one was a Water Magic God like Wushuang, they wouldn’t be able to harness magic power from the surroundings. If they were to encounter any dangerous situations in this place, instead of being able to help Long Yi, she would become a burden which dragged him down.

Long Yi looked all around. Due to the thin silverish purple mist shrouding the area, visibility was extremely low as they were only able to see several meters ahead of themselves. However, other than the mist, there seemed to be nothing else and this place seemed to be deserted.

“Everyone, don’t wander off. Let’s all proceed ahead and take a look at what exactly is in this Lightning God Space.” Long Yi said. He had no other option than to proceed with caution as he had no idea what was going to happen when they went deeper into this Lightning God Space.

Long Yi walked in the front. The feeling of the silverish purple mist touching his face made him feel extremely comfortable and intimate as he had a great affinity with lightning magic elements.

They walked in this Lightning God Space for a long time but there basically didn’t seem to be any changes. However, Long Yi’s attention was placed on the peculiar sensation he was feeling on his cheeks as they continued moving forward.

Yes, there was life in all the creatures in the world. Of course, magic elements were no exception as they had a life of their own. When Long Yi had a lightning baptism when he first entered the Lightning God Forbidden Area, he had a deep impression of the lightning magic elements around him.

As Long Yi walked further into the Lightning God Space, he unwittingly closed his eyes as he allowed his instincts to take over. By now, the silverish purple mist which was surrounding him had already changed into many noisy silverish purple magic elemental spirits which danced around him. They happily surrounded him and sang their praises, expressing their affection towards him.

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Long Yi unconsciously smiled and his thoughts danced in the air, playing with these cute magic elemental spirits. This gave him an extremely pleasant sensation as he kept walking forward.

“Even after walking for so long, there seems to be no change in the environment. Long Yi, could it be that we are going in the wrong direction?” Wushuang looked left and right as she couldn’t help but ask Long Yi whether or not they were lost.

However, Long Yi kept the same pace as he walked forward, as though he didn’t hear her question at all.

“My husband…… ah…… my husband, what happened to you? Don’t scare me!” Nalan Ruyue felt like something was wrong with Long Yi and she instantly overtook him take a look at how Long Yi was doing. She saw that Long Yi had closed his eyes and had a smile on his face. Moreover, under the illumination of the silverish-purple radiance, he appeared very weird, as if he was possessed.

Hearing Nalan Ruyue’s scream, Wushuang, Liu Xu and Barbarian Bull rushed to the front. However, the cause of the commotion, Long Yi, was unaware and continued to walk deeper into the Lightning God Space.

“Boss, Boss, wake up.” Barbarian Bull stood right in front of Long Yi to stop him.

Suddenly, a strange phenomenon occurred. When Long Yi took another step in Barbarian Bull’s direction, Barbarian Bull stepped to one side involuntarily to allow Long Yi to pass. When everyone saw that Barbarian Bull was unable to stop Long Yi, they looked at each other with a blank expression on their faces. They were both shocked and helpless as they didn’t know what to do next.

“I think we should not disturb Long Yi right now. I think he seemed to have entered into a deep level into his sea of consciousness, so just watching him from the side is enough.” Wushuang thought for a bit and said. She feared that if they forcibly woke Long Yi in the state he was in currently, Long Yi might suffer some unexpected damages.

As such, Long Yi kept on walking with the rest of the group closely following behind him, waiting for him to wake up on his own.

Long Yi’s conscious was still happily communicating with these lightning magic elemental spirits, and he felt as though he wasn’t able to stop.

“Little brother, save me.” Suddenly, a sad call resounded in the ears of Long Yi which shook his entire consciousness.

This voice……? How come it was so familiar? This voice seems to belong to big sister Yu Hongniang, but what could have happened to her? Could it be that she met an accident in this Lightning God Forbidden Area? A wave of worry instantly hit Long Yi and he tried his hardest to think about what might have happened to Yu Hongniang.

At this moment, the consciousness of Long Yi exploded and his senses extended infinitely. Passing through one different space after another, it finally landed in a small desolate valley. And what Long Yi ‘saw’ made him extremely angry.

The skintight fiery red leather armor of Yu Hongniang was already torn to pieces beyond recognition, revealing her spotlessly white skin all over. To make matters worse, a robust and tall man was in the process of crazily tearing her clothes as if he had already lost his ability to think.

“Ye Changli, sober up, you cannot do this to me.” Yu Hongniang bit her red lip and her face was filled with grief and indignation as she already had no strength to struggle.

“I am very sober, I really am very sober. Hongniang, I’ve loved you for so many years, and now that we are trapped here and we don’t know whether we can return alive or not, I must obtain you before dying. Even if I cannot obtain your heart, I must obtain your body.” The eyes of Ye Changli were red and just like a wild beast, he said hysterically.

Chi, tearing the leather armor covering the chest of Yu Hongniang, her similarly fiery red silk underwear became visible. Her jade mountains were threatening to burst out from the rest of the cloth which was holding them together. But, her deep cleavage alone had already made Ye Changli insane, so he grabbed the strap of her underwear and was seconds away from tearing it off her body.

“Little brother, save me.” Yu Hongniang closed her eyes and a teardrop slid down from the corner of her eyes. At that moment, she recalled Long Yi’s handsome face with his signature bad smile. She greatly wished that he would descend from the sky like a God and save her from this monster before her.

Long Yi who was currently looking at this scene with his sense was about to explode with rage. Ye Changli, this beast. All along he had thought this Ye Changli was a good person. However, never would he have thought that this Ye Changli was such a despicable bastard. Long Yi truly wanted lightning to strike him to death.

“Strike him dead, strike him dead.” Long Yi gnashed his teeth and imagined divine lightning falling from the heavens, striking and killing this beast which was trying to defile his big sister.

Crackle, boom, a silverish-purple lightning that was as thick as a human’s arm suddenly descended from the heavens and happened to strike Ye Changli who was about to pull the underwear off Yu Hongniang. The body of Ye Changli suddenly stiffened and lightning elements circulated through his body as he fell backward.

However, when Ye Changli fell, he didn’t release the underwear which was in his hands. With a loud tearing sound, Yu Hongniang’s fiery red underwear was torn off by the dead Ye Changli. A pair of very full and round, snow-white ** was suddenly revealed and two pink pearls shivered in the wind.

“Wow, very big, very white.” Long Yi couldn’t help but think to himself.

[1] Nannan: little darling or sweetie (term of endearment for a child or baby)

[2] Pang Niu: Plump/fat girl.

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