Chapter 368: Lightning God Temple

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Ye Hongniang had already given up all hope. She thought that she would be unable to preserve her innocence today, but to her surprise, a divine lightning descended from the heaven. This divine lightning not only saved her, it passed judgment on the beast which was about to ravage her. She opened her eyes and looked all around, but she was unable to find her savior. Could it be that the lightning descended naturally? Could it be that the heavens were actually looking out for her?

“Very big, very white……” Just when Yu Hongniang was thinking about what just happened, a familiar voice suddenly resounded in her ears. It was actually Long Yi’s voice. Could it be that he was the one who saved her?

Long Yi drooled while looking at those snow-white jade peaks. They truly were the best of the world, simply not inferior to Leng Youyou’s **. Speaking of Leng Youyou, Long Yi wondered where she was now.

Just as Long Yi was deep in his thoughts, the scene before his eyes suddenly changed. A huge silverish-purple palace appeared in front of his eyes. Above this palace, three characters which were written in the language of the Blue Waves Continent “Lightning God Temple’.

This Lightning God Temple had a majestic atmosphere, and it was filled with exquisite carvings. In the center of the hall, there was an altar. Above the altar stood a statue which was wearing a silverish-purple lightning god armor. This statue held the lightning god hammer in one hand and the Lightning God spirit tablet with his other hand. Next to that statue, there was an altar table made up of a peculiar material. Above this altar table, a silverish-purple pearl was floating.

This feeling and this scenery were unexpectedly exactly the same as the Lightning God Altar seen before by Si Bi and others. The only difference was, Si Bi and others had seen this altar of the Lightning God Temple in the wilderness.

Suddenly, the entire body of Long Yi trembled and he exclaimed, “Youyou, Sibi, Lingr, Kexin, how can it be……”

He saw that among the eight stone pillars standing around the periphery of the altar, four stone pillars had four young girls tied onto them using lightning god chains. The heads of four girls were tilted to one side, and it was unknown whether they were dead or alive.

This moment, inside Lightning God Space, Wushuang and others were very nervous while staring at Long Yi’s continuously changing expression. One moment, he was angry, and in the next moment, he was **. However, that was not all. In the next moment, he became nervous and sad. Despite his changing expressions, he didn’t stop walking.

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“Lightning God Temple!” Suddenly, Long Yi’s steps slowed down and uttered three words as he gnashed his teeth.

All of them looked at each other in blank dismay. However, out of their expectations, Long Yi stopped walking and opened his eyes. His original black pupils that could cause people to palpitate had changed into silverish purple ones. Along with his vertical eyebrows which were vertical due to his frown, he looked like he was the Lightning God who descended to earth.

After that, the silverish-purple mist in the front suddenly rolled up and dissipated. When the mist finally dissipated, a huge palace with a majestic atmosphere appeared.

Long Yi became calm again and his silverish-purple pupils also changed back to its original color. When he looked around him after coming back to his senses, he was met with deeply concerned gazes from his teammates. He suddenly smiled and said, “Don’t look at me like this, I’m fine. Let’s go and have a stroll around this Lightning God Temple. I’d like to see what abilities this Lightning God has to actually dare to touch this young master’s women.”

“Are you nervous? Why are you talking nonsense?” Liu Xu looked at Long Yi with a strange expression on her face. Just a moment ago, she felt that something was wrong with him, but now, he seemed to have gotten worse.

Long Yi was too lazy to reason with her. His current focus was completely placed on the Lightning God Temple. He wanted to know whether Si Bi and others were really kidnapped or not and more than anything, he wanted to ‘see’ for himself if the figures were real or not.

Long Yi quickly advanced forward and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the big door of the Lightning God Temple. Observing this Lightning God Temple from such a close distance, he could clearly feel the magnificence and imposing momentum of this Lightning God Temple.

At this moment, Barbarian Bull, Liu Xu and others also arrived and were greatly shocked as they sized up this Lightning God Temple.

Long Yi moved closer as he wanted to enter the temple. However, Wushuang stopped him and said, “Don’t be so anxious to enter. Who knows what kind of dangers lie inside?”

“Nope, regardless of the dangers, I must enter. Si Bi, Youyou and others are still inside. I can’t leave them alone when they are in danger.” Long Yi firmly said. After thinking for a bit, he continued, “As for all of you, do not come in. This space only has lightning magic elements, so it’s very dangerous for all of you to enter.”

“How is it possible for you to know who is inside the temple? Could it be that you were just dreaming a while ago?” Liu Xu was unconvinced as she thought that Long Yi was dreaming while walking just now.

“If I said there are people inside, then there are definitely people inside the temple. Do you dare to bet with me?” Long Yi looked at Liu Xu while grinning.

“What’s the bet?” Liu Xu hurriedly said. She had no shortage of gold, silvers, pearls and jewels. However, it was well known that all dragons were misers. Liu Xu was no exception.

“If you lose then how about you kiss me?” Long Yi smirked and said.

Liu Xu’s pretty face instantly turned cold and after seeing the confident expression on Long Yi’s face, she became somewhat hesitant. Although he didn’t bet treasures, her kiss was much more valuable than any treasures in her possession.

“If you don’t want to bet, then forget it. I have no time to waste with you. The rest of you be obedient and stay here, I’ll enter the temple on my own.” As soon as Long Yi was done speaking, he wanted to rush inside.

“Who said I am not betting? If you lose, then promise me one thing.” Liu Xu suddenly said.

Long Yi paused in his steps and turned to face Liu Xu. Putting on a smirk on his face, he said, “The bet is on.” When he spoke his last word, he turned and walked into the temple. Little Pang Niu who was hanging on his chest all along however, was blocked by an invisible power. She fell to the ground as she miserably yelled, “Father, it really hurts.”

Long Yi was startled. He turned around and wanted to pick Pang Niu up, but a burst of invisible power came from the entrance of this Lightning God Temple that pushed him back inside. With a creak, the door unexpectedly closed.

Everyone outside was shocked as they watched the doors close. All of them wanted to rush in after Long Yi, but all of them were pushed away by a huge invisible power which was emitted by the doors. Even little Pang Niu’s dragon breath was useless.

The door finally closed completely, and they heard the vague voice of Long Yi telling them not to worry and to wait for him.

Long Yi composed himself and turned around. He saw a perfectly straight path paved with purple jade stone in front of him. On both sides of this path stood rows of mighty guardian statues. Their facial features appeared as if they were carved from the same mold, eyes radiating a dense killing intent. Finally, at the end of the path, Long Yi was able to see the main hall of the Lightning God Temple.

“This place will not resemble the dark space’s passage at the bottom of the cold pond, will it?” Long Yi muttered. Thinking about the time he nearly lost his life when the statues came to life in that passage, Long Yi involuntarily shivered.

After thinking for a bit, he summoned the Violent Lightning Beast and Long Two from inside his dark dimension space. With the two of them present, he felt safer. Moreover, within this Lightning God Space, the Violent Lightning Beast could use more than 100% of its strength.

The Violent Lightning Beast was excited and thrilled as soon as it came out. The dense lightning magic elements in the atmosphere made it feel extremely comfortable. As for Long Two, who was holding the death scythe, it quietly stood behind Long Yi. The only reason he was able to exist in this world was because of Long Yi, and he would never leave Long Yi’s side as long as it lived.

Long Yi beckoned and with the Violent Lightning Beast and Long Two, he strode towards the end of this path paved with purple jade stone.

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