Chapter 37- And War Finally Begins

The three go through the passage of space that Brandon created after their deadline was up, then they were greeted by a wall of armored men with spears. They were unsure of whether to lower their weapons for the angel, or to attack the demon. That is…. until Brandon moved forward.

“Get me whoever’s in charge!” (Brandon)

Two spears went up and left. It didn’t take long before new faces appeared. Of the three that came, Lousphy recognized two of the the three, and one of them was an angel like herself.

“Carlton? Lord Adams?” (Lousphy)

Lousphy turned to Brandon.

“You took us to the realm of heroes. Are you mad? They’ll kill David.” (Lousphy)


Brandon raised his shoulders.

“I could have left him behind if he preferred.” (Brandon)

Brandon then stepped forward.

“I see, you figured out who those two are. Adam, I would have thought you would recognize me instantly, grampa.” (Brandon)

The angel loosened the grip on his sword for a moment. Almost long enough for him to lose his weapon.

“Where have you been? Last I heard, you went to fight the Supreme Overlord.” (Lord Adam)

Brandon grabbed the back of his head.

“He beat me, and then beat me a few times before he finally locked me away. My half brother kinda freed me, so I promised to look after his boy for the duration of the war.” (Brandon)


Suddenly, Lousphy moved forward.

“Lord Adam, I’m sorry for barging in here uninvited, but we just came a very long way and I have no idea how much time has passed.” (Lousphy)

Both David and Brandon spoke at the same time.

“Seventeen hundred and eleven days.” (Brandon and David)

They both looked at each other, then shrugged their shoulders. Lousphy then turned toward David.

“You should really be getting back to your realm and prepare for the war.” (Lousphy)

The third man coughed.

“Lady angel.” (Bishop)

He waited, turning his gaze to the other angel to be sure he was using the proper honorifics.

“The war has already started. There’s chaos in most of the realms right now.” (Bishop)

David smiled after hearing that.

“She jumped the gun. Either that, or Xolrum got bored again and rushed ahead of his master’s wishes. Some wyrms never learn, I should have taken his testicles when I had the chance. I’d be surprised if my brother didn’t.” (David)


David stepped forward.

“Tell me…., has the battles spilled out into the divine protected quadrants, or are they still contained in the overworlds?” (David)

Carlton couldn’t stay quiet anymore.

“There’s some fighting in the outerlands, but it’s nothing major, or of note that you would care about yet.” (Carlton)

David smiled, then quickly realized who beside Lord Adam spoke.

“Respecting your enemy is one thing hero, but it’s another to plainfully aid your rival.” (Lord Adam)

David walked right up to the young man, then grabbed him by his neck. Which set the guards on alert again.

“How much I would enjoy killing you, you pain in the a**. It’s exactly what I’ve been needing, and during the time I need you the most, you just vanished. If you weren’t there, who could I count on finding my defensive weaknesses? Who, but you, could find the holes that need to be plugged?” (David)

David then let him go after saying that.

“The time you’ve been gone better be worth it. There’s a much bigger threat right now to your home, boy. My realm is under the protection of the divine realms. That’s one such condition of the treaty of D and L. Now, I’m hungry, and the others are as well. Where’s your kitchen?” (David)


They depleted a week worth of food on Brandon alone, and David and Lousphy took up a week combined. David cooked them a hearty meal with these stores, and after they ate, Lousphy slightly belched, full of content.

“Excuse my rudeness.” (Lousphy)

David smiled.

“If they want to excuse something, excuse my brother. Hunger doesn’t excuse manners after an hour.” (David)

Brandon raised his head with a chicken leg in his mouth.

“Yeah, you’re one to talk gassy.” (Brandon)

David let another silent one out.

“To a demon, gas is good manners. It shows that you trust your host enough to digest his food. It’s a rare thing for a demon.” (David)


Lousphy took a sniff of the fresh fart, then covered her nose with a few fingers.

“I think that’s enough for me David, I need to feed Lousphure now.” (Lousphy)

David and Brandon shrugged their shoulders in response, then she left them to their gluttony. Lord Adam immediately came over to her.

“You trust his cooking?” (Lord Adam)

Lousphy sighed, as she continued to move. She exposed her breast when no one was in front of her, and Adam was walking behind her.

“Well, you heard them earlier. We were gone the better part of five years. That’s one serious period to fast, even for one of us. Imagine Brandon, who has been like that who knows how long. In this case, it’s a matter of survival, but for the other instances, yes I do.” (Lousphy)

Adam paused a moment before continuing.

“I see, so everything is true.” (Lord Adam)

Lousphy suddenly stopped.

“Between me and him, yes. Everything between us is true. That’s how balance works best. If I’m to be called an angel of anything, it would be balance.” (Lousphy)

Lord Adam looked at the infant that was feeding, then saw that the wing structure on the child was different from a normal angel.

“Lousphy, I must ask. What are your plans for the boy?” (Lord Adam)


Lousphy looked down at her child, then he matched her eyes with his.

“I have no idea. I think David’s plan is for him to be a hero or learn from his brother than become a fiend. I see demon logic in his plan though.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy then felt a soothing feeling from her ring finger.

“At least, that would be the most demon thing he could do in this situation, with these circumstances. I’m not even sure that David has a plan for Lousphure. If I had the time, I’m sure I could pry it out of him, but I know that I don’t have it.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy let Lord Adam lead, and as soon as her son was done feeding, she recovered her breast. He was then quickly asleep in her arms.

“If the boy stays here, he must follow the codes of these people. Are you sure you could live with that?” (Lord Adam)


Lousphy thought about that for a moment as they turned a corner. She didn’t realize until then, but he led her to a vacant room.

“You and your partner can stay here tonight. In the morning, he must be gone and you should be making confessions.” (Lord Adam)

Lousphy put her hand on the handle of the door.

“Your kindness shall be repaid one day, Lord Adam.” (Lousphy)

He then lightly grabbed her arm.

“This isn’t kindness. You’re needed.” (Lord Adam)

Lousphy then sighed in perfect understanding.

“After what we just did…. Freeing someone who could fight the current ruler of the underworlds on even terms, I expect that they want to send in another person. I’ll speak with him directly tomorrow.” (Lousphy)


David contently sat down with the food, but he knew that his cravings will never truly be satisfied with just this. He then looked at Brandon, who also started to seem like he had his fill.

“So, what’s your plan David? I’m intrigued.” (Brandon)

David opened his mouth to speak, but stopped.

“If, when someone overpowers the other and finally overcomes their rival, I will be the next target. The divine shield has served me well, but in the end, the heavens won’t save me. The cost would be too great. So, I will fade into memory, and so will those that fight for me.” (David)

Brandon took a deep drink from a mug, before slamming it down.

“Caring David, what the hell happened to you?” (Brandon)

David thought about that for a moment.

“I grew up.” (David)


Brandon moved from the bench, then stood up.

“So, you aren’t even going to try to fight?” (Brandon)

David slammed his fist against the table again and again.

“D*** it, Brandon. I understand dad now, and I understand you. I also understand that I’m powerless.” (David)

Brandon grabbed David’s shoulder, then lifted him up. In that moment, Brandon felt the pain he was in, then he suddenly grabbed David’s neck.

“Show me how much you really care David. Free yourself, or I will kill you here and now.” (Brandon)

David immediately grabbed Brandon’s arm to try to break free, before starting to use his demonic power. After a moment, he stopped.

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“Go ahead and do it Brandon. I’m weak, and there is nothing I can do against you.” (David)


Suddenly, drops of water started falling on Brandon’s wrist.

“Go ahead and do it Brandon. What’s stopping you? Afraid of Lousphy’s wrath? Afraid that Lousphure will resent you for killing his father? I’m afraid, d*** it. There isn’t anything I can do about it either. No amount of power is going to save me. No plan or scheme is going to let me live through this onslaught. At least, if you kill me, they might forget about the others and focus on you. Luna, Draco, Lousphy, Lousphure, and everyone else I care about may just live through this a little longer.” (David)

Brandon saw the tears on his face, then sighed as he loosened his grip.

“I swore to my grandfather that I would smite evil, end corruption, and slay demons2demonsspecies. No demon I know of cries for others. Whatever you are now brother, you are no demon.” (Brandon)


Brandon turned to leave, but stopped after taking a few steps.

“In your case, that may not actually be a bad thing. They’ll be expecting a demon to fight. You’re something else, something more.” (Brandon)

David stood there, feeling broken, then raised his head and grew angry.

“Now is not the time for me to be feeling self pity.” (David)

He then stormed off after saying that. Brandon had a smile on his face as David passed him by.


David entered where Lousphy was, and she had just put a sleeping Lousphure in the middle of the bed. She noticed him, then backed away into him. He then put a hand under her wings.

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“I’ve gotta go.” (David)

Lousphy grabbed David’s hand that was in front of her.

“I know.” (Lousphy)

There was a pause before David spoke again.

“We may never see each other again.” (David)

Lousphy looked down.

“I know.” (Lousphy)


David then put his forehead to hers.

“Raise him well.” (David)

David then took his hand back and started to turn away to leave, but suddenly stopped. He brought out a wooden box with a simple latch on it.

“I found this on my bed back home after I returned from saving Luna and her young. I asked her to make it for you. Keep it, or sell it to give our boy a bright future. This may be the last gift I can give him, or you.” (David)

David placed it on the bed stand, before going back out the door. A single tear left Lousphy’s cheek as she looked over at the beautiful necklace that David gave her.

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