Chapter 36- Pleas For Help

After sending the letter to Lousphy, David carefully planned his request and approach to his mother. She was still annoyed at him, but she was glad for the allowance she received. He entered her isolated shack, unannounced.

“Mother.” (David)

The old succubus sneered. Her looks haven’t faded, but age had caught up with her attitude.

“This brat finally came to visit his dear old mother. Did you come here to brag about your accomplishments as I wither away?” (David’s Mother)

David swatted some old bones from a stool before sitting.

“I kept you around because I thought that you might be useful someday. You know very well that you have more here than you deserve, you old hag.” (David)


The succubus hissed before backing away.

“What do you want, and what do I get in return?” (David’s Mother)

David grabbed a fly, then ate it whole.

“What you get is to remain in this lap of luxury you made for yourself. What I want is a location to where my brother is being held.” (David)

David’s mother hissed again, before grabbing a bowl and eating from it.

“You’re a fool to want something like that. What makes you think I would know anyways?” (David’s Mother)


David then sighed.

“Because dad isn’t dumb. He would have never let you leave unless you knew, and had a way to free him tied to your existence. I could just kill you and find him when he appears again, but I would like the security of being sure to walk away after our meeting.” (David)

David’s mother laughed.

“What insurance would I have that I would live after it’s done?” (David’s mother)

David stood up.

“Come now, mother. Someone as old as you should know dad is dying too. You can feel it as well. If I guess right, he might just be entertained by the show.” (David)

David left soon after figuring out that the meeting had gone as he expected. He left soon after the cage his mother was in was refilled with a supply of goods she receives weekly.


David opened the doors to his father’s throne room, when he was immediately slung back by a giant fist, causing him to be thrown through the doors.

“Daddy said David should leave.” (Tony)

David got to his feet, then wiped the blood from his chin.

“Tony, don’t make me go through you, I have no time to play with you.” (David)

Tony then slammed his fists together in anger.

“Daddy said that everyone who wants to hurt him must go away!” (Tony)

David sighed as Tony charged at him, while he caught his oversized fists in each hand. The mega-satan was surprised by these actions, even though he pushed David back several feet with his attack.

“D*** it Tony! I just want to ask that old bas**** a question. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind playing with you.” (David)


A shadow then appeared suddenly beside Tony.

“David, why are you doing this? This isn’t like you at all.” (Shadow of Supreme Overlord)

David pushed Tony back, then threw Tony through the broken throne room doors.

“To overcome your younger brother like that. You have grown far beyond my expectations. Tony, stop pursuing.” (Shadow of Supreme Overlord)

The mega-satan stopped mid step after being ordered.

“Daddy, he hurt me though.” (Tony)

The shadow put a hand on his head.

“Think about what that means Tony. He hurt you. Which means?” (Shadow of Supreme Overlord)

Tony thought about it, before settling down on two limbs.

“David’s strong, which means he may win.” (Tony)


The shadow nodded.

“Fine. David, ask your question, but begone afterwards. I await the real threats.” (Shadow of Supreme Overlord)

David smiled.

“Speaking of real threats, I need your son’s help.” (David)

The shadow looked at Tony.

“Not that one, my rival, or those that you banished from your throne room. I speak of him.” (David)

Tony cowered away slightly.

“Give me one good reason why I should help you.” (Shadow of Supreme Overlord)

David scratched his chin before responding.

“Your grandchild.” (David)


The shadow faded away and a loud gust of laughter shattered the reminisces of the doors and cracked the walls that held them. As soon as the shadow appeared again, it seemed to have been crying.

“If you said any other reason David, I would have killed you right here and now, but I know about your spawn. If your doing this to protect your child, then so be it. I’ll warn you now though…., you’ll have to convince him yourself.” (Shadow of Supreme Overlord)

David sighed.

“I’m not going alone, you know.” (David)


It took months for Lousphy to come, while Lousphure and Luna had returned as well a short time later with her young in tow as well. Draco remained behind to help Vuirty and the other wyrms. Each of Luna’s young sat in front of her, while David was in the middle with Lousphy and their son on the other side. After they exchanged greetings, David looked at them all, then turned to Lousphy.

“Do you think you can keep them in line while you work?” (David)

Luna bowed her head.

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“I wouldn’t have them here otherwise. Now, how much of a mess did you leave me in now?” (Luna)

David scratched under her daughter’s chin, then moved away.

“Not much. It’ll give you a few patient workouts. It’ll be a good test of your reasoning skills until you’re settled again.” (David)


Luna rolled her eyes, then turned her head.

“Figures. I get a vacation and everything falls to hell. Come, little ones. We are done seeing my friend and are about to get busy. Get on my back now.” (Luna)

The three young dragons3dragonsspecies went behind their mother, then were quickly clinging onto her spine, as they watched over her shoulders at the demon, the angel, and the infant creature that was a mysterious to them. After they were gone, David turned to Lousphy.

“She seems happy.” (Lousphy)

David sighed.

“She was bored. She wants to get back what’s familiar to her. I would hate to tell her my mansion is all but finished. Only mainly landscaping and interior decoration is left.” (David)


Lousphy giggled, then Lousphure laughed. David gently picked up their son, and held him by his pits as he examined him.He was surprised to find that he couldn’t draw on the child passively, as was the same with Lousphy. Even with Luna, he has to stop drawing, which took effort. The boy then grabbed his wrist and nearly broke his arm in his grip. He landed back by his mother by flapping his black wings when David let go.

“He is like that when anyone but me holds him. He almost took an arm from a nursemaid.” (Lousphy)

David smiled.

“If he was even half matured and able command, I would have no trouble becoming the Supreme Overlord.” (David)

David stepped back as Lousphy gave him a look.

“It would be a very short reign however, as he would easily be able to overthrow me.” (David)


Lousphy smiled again.

“Good, now that that’s out of the way, who’s this person that you said could help?” (Lousphy)

David gulped as he quickly looked around. He knew no one was around, but he still wanted a moment to consider his next actions.

“Well, you met my mother, father, and most of my siblings. Tony is with my dad. No one else can control him, so he’s a very good guard dog for him.” (David)

David rubbed his chin, remembering his brothers hit.

“A d*** good sucker punch too. Would have taken my head clean off if I wasn’t prepared to meet my father personally. Well, after that I requested, the old fella told me where my older brother was.” (David)

Lousphy was in shock for a moment.

“Your eldest brother? You mentioned he’s a headache to your dad, so why free him and risk dangering yourself?” (Lousphy)


David sighed slightly.

“Well, he is classed as a hero. A great one in fact, there is quite the legend behind him I heard. It’s before my time though, but he told me about it. I was going to see if he could watch over his nephew when I no longer have the power to.” (David)

David sighed.

“My dad isn’t going to be happy that I freed him, but as long as my brother swears to look after our child when….” (David)

David paused.

“If I should perish, it’ll be in the coming war. I will fight alone, and he will just kill me. I’m just another demon to him, but with you, he may pause and think about executing me. Perhaps, it could be long enough for my plea to hear him. All I can do at this moment is guess. He’s been bound for a very long time, so I don’t know about his current mental state.” (David)


David decided to explain everything that he was considering as they moved toward the portal stone he needed to use to get to his brother. He set the coordinates remotely, but the oul blocked the passage.

“Master, there are three things you were told about me when you acquired my services. I do what I will with the gate, I will do as I please with, or without your blessings, and you must never enter coordinates of lost lands. So, tell me my why you just opened a gate to one?” (Oul)

David looked closely at the oul.

“I’m desperate.” (David)

The ancient oul creature lowered its head.

“I know that, but that’s no reason to enter a forbidden land near the end of existence. I know I can’t stop you, but you must know there is no guarantee of return. Even for your angel.” (Oul)


David sighed.

“Forever to wander the nothingness with who I would risk everyone for, or unending torment if I fail? I know my chances oul, as good as you do. Your council isn’t landing on ignorant ears.” (David)

The oul then moved aside.

I may not be here when you return. If you do of course….” (Oul)

David reached back and grabbed Lousphy’s hand.

“You only get one day. After that, your lost. I won’t risk the unknown to come through any longer than that. I will not be able to hold it back any longer.” (Oul)

David nodded in understanding, then led them through to a barren wasteland unlike any he had ever seen before. The land was a complete wasteland with no proof of life. In the distance, there was a man bound to two pillars. David started walking over to him, leading him and Lousphy to the only thing that stuck out.


They were barely a dozen feet away before the two could start making out any details of the man. His hair was long, dirty, and covered in stains. His arms and chest were bare, but still well built despite their captivity. The same with his legs, except he had tattered reminisces of pants around his waist. He hung limp by the bindings on his arms. Suddenly, the man produced a shockwave of power, and David had to strain himself to protecting them. He slowly lowered his newly mangled arms as shards of rocks came at them. Lousphy raised a hand and a shield of light appeared in front of them.

“Hahahahaha. An angel protecting a demon. Now I’ve seen everything. What con are you planning now, David?” (Bound Man)

David was shocked that he knew his name. There would be no way he could have been told.

“I need your help brother.” (David)


The man raised his head, then he started to laugh.

“Plan on taking over when I kill our old man? David, you should know better than now that he would never let you free me to do that.” (Bound Man)

David countered.

“Our old man is the one who told me where you were and how to free you.” (David)

The man then spat on the ground in response.

“So, he’s that bored that he finally wants me to take over?” (Bound Man)

The man lowered his head again, while David scratched his chin.

“Odd, Brandon, I don’t seem to care about dad’s throne. I know, and I always knew that it was out of my inevitable reach. I’m the smart one, remember?” (David)


The man laughed again, then suddenly stopped and raised his head.

“If you were as dull as Tony, I would believe you, but an angel here has got me curious. That’s why I didn’t instantly destroy you earlier. What is her part in all this? Have you made a deal with the divine to continue your sad existence?” (Brandon)

David scratched his chin again.

“Well, yeah. Believe it or not, she’s my wife.” (David)

This time, Brandon laughed even harder.

“You’ve got to be joking David. You’re good, but not that good.” (Bound Man)


Suddenly, Brandon noticed the child behind him in Lousphy’s arms.

“You’re not joking. You actually pulled off something no one could fathom happening. I see, I see the resemblance in me in the child. Unlike me, who is in continued war with himself, the child is at peace with its existence. There is an untold balance in this child. How is that possible?” (Brandon)

David’s arm finally finished healing, then he scratched his chin again.

“The mortals say that love can solve anything. Well, these two immortals know that truth is a little truer than normal.” (David)

The man smiled, then lowered his head.

“You want me to care for the child David? It’s obvious now. The other bas**** must make you afraid enough to come here. I’ll do it, but on one condition. I’ll raise him my own way when the time comes, and I want both of your help then until that day.” (Brandon)


David then looked at Lousphy for approval.

“It was your idea. You know, I could take a leave of duty to ensure Lousphure is raised well. I now know where Sir Brandon is, so I’m obligated to let my superiours know.” (Lousphy)

David sighed.

“Exactly how would you do that? Our connection is gone now.” (David)

Lousphy turned around, and saw that the portal they came through was closed.

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“That’s the old bastard for you. He found the time field here. Do you want to wait around another two years, or do you want to free me so I can get us out of here right now?” (Brandon)

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