Chapter 35- New Life, New Problems

Vuirty came into the nursery, and was amazed to see Luna’s newborn young were actually playing with a demon. Not the part that they were playing, but that a demon was with them. He wasn’t enjoying it as much as they were, but he was calm and collected. He wasn’t trying to purposely influence their new minds. Vuirty quickly acted to separate the demon and young, but before she could reach them, David had already moved away.

“They are hungry and cold.” (David)

Vuirty was about to protest, but then she recalled that this demon did raise Luna on his own.

“It’s already been sent for. Loa should be here with clean blankets and food shortly.” (Vuirty)

Vuirty looked back at the demon’s cold stare, causing her to then recall the report that she got from a subordinate.

It was someone that tried to steal the demons2demonsspecies will away.


“What now? Her wishes are for you to not interact with them until she comes home.” (Vuirty)

David squinted his eyes for a moment, then smiled.

“Of course. I expect nothing less from her. I’ll recall my army. Although, since I used my own forces saving your scaly hides, I claim ownership to this realm now. As the WCL abandoned you, I’ll leave the whole thing to you. If you continue your services as you have been, except under my name instead of the WCL, I will say again that you were abandoned. I expect nothing else except this realm to become a wyrm nursery, where the young being raised have the choice of serving me if they wish too. I will have my forces send over some resources devoted to rebuilding.” (David)

David turned to walk out of the open view to the outside, while Vuirty was left there, beyond surprised at David.

“You want nothing else? Nothing at all?” (Vuirty)


David looked over his shoulder.

“What? Want me to rape you or something?” (David)

David said nonchalantly, then raised the hand with his ring on it.

“I’m married, you know.” (David)

David then faced forward.

“Just make sure Luna and her young are kept safe. She’s my friend after all.” (David)

David then walked to pick up his sword and left. Vuirty was then left with the three infant dragons3dragonsspecies. They didn’t lessen their play even with the unusual partner gone from them. One was strong of body, and he highly held his head no matter what. It showed that he had strong pride. The next had elegance and speed in her movements, and she also had pride. The last one was more reserved, with a held back personality, and observing and wise eyes. Vuirty backed away a little bit, then stuck her head over the ledge.

“Will someone get some food for these young wyrms?” (Vuirty)


Despite all the chaos below, there were three wyverns that were unnoticeable to damage, while a few trays of pork stock were brought to them. It was the only thing left of the food stores. The three young came to them and started digging into the plates of food. Vuirty swung her head and the signal was caught by the delivery wyverns, so they left. After the meal, the three looked around, a little worried. Vuirty moved in front of them and held her head high, while the young emulated her. She then swung her nose toward their parents. The young whelps looked at them, then decided to go over. After a little while, they were curled under their mother’s loose wing. Vuirty was relieved that the young minds weren’t influenced too much from their parents as she put a clean quilt over the group.


Draco was the first to wake up from under the cover, then he moved from under it to Vuirty. She happily raised her head at that.

“Good, I was afraid that it would have been your children again. They’ve started making it a game. I’m wise to the tricks and games of the young.” (Vuirty)

Draco moved a little further away from Luna, then grabbed the newly cleaned robe and put it over him. After being comfortably dressed, he turned back to Vuirty.

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“My memory is hazy after the attack. Do you know what happened?” (Draco)

Vuirty looked to Luna.

“You fought bravely, but you were no match for him. Luna would be his equal if she was fit and well. Luna’s master then came to the rescue.” (Vuirty)

Draco rubbed his neck and remembered the pain of having his life sucked away, then remembered that it was for Luna.

“Will she live?” (Draco)


She nodded slowly.

“She’ll recover fully, but not for some time. The question is you though.” (Vuirty)

Draco didn’t even have to wonder about the reason for the comment.

“As long as she’s fine, I don’t matter. Our children can go on without me, but I’m not sure I could raise them on my own.” (Draco)

Luna’s voice then came from behind him.

“That’s not true. Knowing your limitations is an admirable trait, so you will be able to teach them this well. Vuirty, will you leave for a short time? You know what’s going to happen now.” (Luna)

Vuirty stood up, then left, but only stuck her head past the golden barriers of the room. Draco moved to Luna’s side, then checked on some of the injuries that she got from fighting the black dragon. There was nothing that severe, so she’ll survive.

“Have you thought about names for them?” (Luna)


Draco went under her neck and saw three sets of eyes looking at him. They were curious, wonder, and innocent emotions reflected in their eyes.

“Drakloc was David’s father’s first dragon. Juyst was my father’s mate. As for a third, I would like to be able to use a non-dragon’s name.” (Draco)

Luna shook her head.

“Only wyrm names for dragons, but there are many words in the old language. His name can be the name you wish for, but it has to be in the old tongue.” (Luna)

The two of them then turned back to their young. They each were already trying to decide who would get what name.

“The man that raised me…., his name was George Geoffrey.” (Draco)


Luna looked coldly at Draco for a moment.

“Consider the meaning of that name. I won’t say the words now, but that name means the worst kind of killer in the old tongue.” (Luna)

Draco withdrew for a moment, surprised.

“Perhaps not. Let me try the opposite then. It’ll be a name that’s caring, strong, smart, wise, courageous, and stout in his beliefs. That is how I remember him at least, which is why I want one of our children to pass on the name.” (Draco)

Luna nodded while thinking about the name.

“It’s funny that you pick the very word that depicts David in the old tongue, Dostitan.” (Luna)

Draco thought about it, but didn’t like naming one of his young after a demon. Before he could protest, the three welps left their mother’s wing and moved forward. They each then tried using their newly given names. Luna rubbed each one as she properly told them their names.


In David’s private chambers, he was sitting on his bed in thought as well. It involved the message he just got from Lousphy. He laid the letter to his side, then let out a deep breath.

“Why must I come up with a name if it’s a boy? It’s her child after all.” (David)

He then sighed again and started to think about names. In truth, he didn’t really consider a child a big importance, especially one he never planned on having. If anything, it would only cross his mind after several centuries into his reign. That changed though because Lousphy demand to  partake in something, so he just smiled at the thought of her needing him.


After ten minutes passed, he no longer was thinking about the child’s name. He was thinking about the child’s future now. The concept of thinking about the yet born puzzled him. A demon would leave the child to his own means. The strong survived and the weak perished, yet attachment to life was on his mind as well. There were too many unknown variables. After an hour, he resigned himself to the plans, so he then took up a pen and paper to write.



You know very well a demon cares nothing about a spawn, particularly one as young as me. I also had no desire to propagate.


David paused, then thought that she may not like that, but he continued anyways.



You know very well a demon cares nothing about a spawn, particularly one as young as me. I also had no desire to propagate. However, this is important to you, so I must admit that child raising would stem boredom. I believe our child’s name shouldn’t be of the utmost importance, but his life and future should be. As such, detachment from me would be very wise, but knowing you, you would never be able to give up not seeing them or me again. I am conceiving plans and futures as we speak, but no demon is going to be safe in the coming war. Even me…. Knowing me, I would walk right into the guild of heroes and beg them to take the child from me, and you know as well as I, I would do it. The child can’t, no, the child mustn’t come here once the war starts. I know of no place safer for our child then at your side, and I can only think of one other person who may of be of help to us.



David had another thought after writing that.

P.S. Pure


Lousphy then put the letter down and smiled, as a tear left her eye in happiness.

“Lousphure…. How does that sound for a name little one?” (Lousphy)

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The baby that Lousphy was holding then clapped his hands and screamed out in joy.

The angel child then unfurled its pitch black wings from it’s back

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