Chapter 34- Born Into War

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David had never known a time when he was madder in his life then this moment. It wasn’t the news of the attack on the WCL where Luna was nesting, but he still expected his siblings doing something while she’s vulnerable. It wasn’t even the news that they weren’t going to save them. The WCL had existed for eons before the current Supreme Overlord took power by being neutral in the most part. It was the fact that it took them almost an entire half week to tell him. In his anger, he almost let the wyrm messenger go without a response.

“I’m getting my dragon. Messenger, whoever claims victory will get that abandoned WCL realm.” (David)


David barely let the representative take flight before giving orders to one of his nearby minions to gather his forces for an attack. David hastily got ready for a full scale assault. This would be the first real known test of his warriors. That was one of the last things on his mind as he waited at the portal stones. He turned to his war captains, then gave them instructions.

“I expect perfection here. I want the portal stone secured by my return. If you find anything that isn’t a wyrm, then kill it. Only wyrms live in this realm. Make your way to the nest mountain, and treat any wyrm as an ally, even if they attack you. Show them my standards and they will understand immediately.” (David)


David then turned, flinging his cape behind him as he drew his rare silver sword, which was crafted to his preference. It had a core of steel so it should be strong enough, but it couldn’t be influenced by other demons2demonsspecies due to the silver. David walked through the portal quickly, but the guards hesitated for a moment to think about what they should do. That hesitation was the last mistake they ever made, as David raised his free hand, then lightning shot out of it. David felt quite joyed in his newfound power that he’s been dying to try out. He used it again, then the bolts from the archers were shot at him. The effect was even better as the current followed the trajectory and struck the archers in the battlements as well. As the first of his minion army started to pour through, it was surprising to them how fast their master cleared the way.


David didn’t stop to notice them swarm out of the makeshift battlements. David walked at a steady pace that was sure and confident. No weapon turned toward him, and there was no force strong enough to block his away and make David stop walking. David was like a wedge that split the invading army in two, while his army did what they’ve been training forever to do. They killed, maimed, slaughtered, and took no prisoners. It took David less than ten minutes to get to the last bastion of wyrms fighting at the entrance of their fortress. He met the large old dragon Vuirty, who recognized him instantly, and let him pass while she reformed the ranks with what forces of David’s that could keep up with him.


There was no one inside that had the strength left to impede him, so he used his own powers to levitate over. It was another power he had been dying to find an excuse to use. He came into the chamber just in time to see a black dragon get on top of his white and light blue one. She was still fighting him with weak movements of her tail. He clawed into her back, but not yet quite ready to begin his sadistic pleasure. That changed, as David easily got underneath Xolrum and put his silver blade to his sensitive member.

“Where is my brother Locerous, Xolrum? Or were you stupid enough to attack without his permission?” (David)


Xolrum backed away slowly, so he can be sure that he isn’t irreversibly damaged.

“You can’t be here David. Your treaty forbids it.” (Xolrum)

David raised his blade a little higher to the dragon’s hanging testicles to give it more motivation to not lower itself to a balanced stance again.

“Conquest? Nope, not why I’m here. It appears I got this distress call from the host that my nesting dragon needs my help. Naturally, I wouldn’t have cared, but the WCL is supposed to see to such things. I then heard it was my brother leading the attack, so I jumped at the chance to kill the as*h***.” (David)


David could tell that Xolrum was now straining to keep even upright, before it started to get uncomfortable. He also noticed that Draco was stirring once more, so he grabbed him by the neck when he charged the prisoner dragon again.

“See to Luna, you idiot. Can’t you see she’s hurt?” (David)

Draco looked at the angry David from achieving his vengeance, but then looked at Luna’s bleeding back, so he rushed over to the quilt and started making bandages of it.

“I very well know your not allowed to torture David. Let me lower myself, d*** it.” (Xolrum)


David was growing tired of the disgusting sight in front of him anyways.

“Torture, no. Interrogation, yes. I very well doubt you can do anything….” (David)

Before David could speak anymore, the defensive wall that was lowered from the attack and blocking the view of the landscape was moved. Someone must have destroyed the gears that held it in place. David kept his blade fairly high as his brother made a grand entrance.

“Xolrum, d*** you. Why the h*** did you waste so many of my men on something as worthless as David’s dragon?? Come here. Don’t keep me waiting.” (Locerous)

As the dust cleared, he could see the whole situation clearly. David thought it over, then sheathed his blade.

“I should keep a pair of those stupid dragons3dragonsspecies.” (David)


Xolrum lowered back to a normal stance, relieved. He almost crawled to Locerous and received a very hard smack from him when he got to his side.

“You couldn’t wait to get a hard on from her. I’ll show you what true sadism is when we get back.” (Locerous)

David and his brother then looked into each other’s eyes.

“I won’t underestimate you, little brother. I shall cripple our sister first before dealing with you.” (Locerous)

David then saw him turn his back to him and lower his sword.

“I don’t care about father’s throne, Locerous. Have it. Earn it with everything you have. I’ve found something better.” (David)


Locerous laughed, before starting to walk on air.

“I never knew you were a comedian David. You think you found something better than being supreme over all? You crack me up. I’ll have to crush whatever scheme you’re planning utterly now.” (Locerous)

Then, he was gone. David could see his army left, untouched. He must have felt it beneath him to worry about them. David made sure he completely went through the portal before he turned toward Luna. Draco had bandaged all he could, but she was still bleeding. Her head was laying down, while looking at her young eggs.

“David, I think this may be the end for me. I have a last request as my friend.” (Luna)


David dropped his sword, then took a knee to pick up her head.

“Shhh, not now Luna. Let me feed you some of my strength.” (David)

David then started feeding a little bit of his life force to Luna. She looked at him, a little surprised.

“Don’t worry about me David. See to yourself. See to my babies.” (Luna)

David moved to sit down, then have her head be on his lap.

“I couldn’t let you slip away from me Luna. Love is still too strange to me. I don’t know that much about it. Without you, I fear my love for Lousphy may end. Without you, I would hurt too much from loving you.” (David)


Luna turned her head slightly.

“You didn’t just say what I think you did, did you?” (Luna)

David stroked her head. David’s skin torn from her scales, and his blood then covered her head.

“Stop, David. We may both die.” (Luna)

David’s wrist was then pulled away.

“Use my life as well demon.” (Draco)

David looked at Draco’s determined face, then grabbed his wrist.

“From this, you will know pain that you cannot fathom, mortal half breed dragon human. All the pain you could experience in years will be given to you in seconds. Are you sure? Once I start, I won’t be able to stop it. I may not stop until you’re dead.” (David)

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Draco leaned forward, determined.

“Do it.” (Draco)


David let go of Draco’s wrist, then grabbed his neck. For a moment, nothing happened, but suddenly, every vein in Draco’s body bulged in his flesh. He started profusely sweating through his semi scaly flesh. He was sweating blood, then he loudly screamed in pain. After a few seconds, Luna lifted her head.

“Enough David. You only need to be sure I’ll live. Enough!” (Luna)

David opened his hand and Draco’s bloody figure dropped to his knees. Amazingly, he was still conscious.

“Look at that. They’ve hatched.” (Draco)

Draco then closed his eyes and fell on his side.

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