Chapter 362: Three Headed Demonic Dragon


After quietly wearing his clothing, Long Yi got off the bed. After covering Nalan Ruyue who was sound asleep with a quilt, he walked out of the tent.

“Old bastard, are you peeping?” Long Yi asked in an angry voice.

“Jie jie, even if you let me see, I have no interest in these kinds of stuff. What’s so good about two piles of shining white flesh? Your skeleton is far more pleasing to the eye.” The shadow laughed and said.

“You inhumane monster, could it be that you are a Bèibèi?” Long Yi smirked and asked.

“What is a Bèibèi?” The shadow couldn’t help but ask curiously. Its broken gong-like voice sounded inside Long Yi’s mind as the shadow

“Bèibèi is man and man, that……” Long Yi explained with a strange expression on his face. It was as if Long Yi had already affirmed that this old fellow came down from Brokeback Mountain. [1]. Otherwise, why would he not have any interest in ‘that’ matter between men and women? Or maybe, he had already grown so old that he couldn’t do ‘it’ anymore.

“Man and man? Also no woman…… stop with your b*******. Are you even serious about enhancing the strength of your skeleton?” The shadow spoke halfway and suddenly changed the direction of the conversation. It was obviously not going to talk to Long Yi about relationships between two men.

“Of course! Of course, I want to enhance the strength of my skeleton, but how am I supposed to do that?” Long Yi hastily answered. In order to pass through this Death Space, they had to get past the Three-headed Demonic Dragon in front of them. Currently, enhancing Long Two’s strength would increase their chances of passing through this Death Space.

Following the shadow’s instructions, Long Yi casted a barrier and isolated himself from the outside world. Only after ensuring that he definitely couldn’t be disturbed did Long Yi summon the 18 super skeletons.

“Among these 18 super skeletons, other than the one holding the death scythe, the remaining 17 are only there to make up the numbers. It would be a good idea to merge the other 17 skeletons with the Dark Spirit Crystal Soul with the 1 super strong skeleton. The result would definitely be a hundred times better without any drawbacks than just giving the Dark Spirit Crystal Soul to the super strong skeleton directly..” The shadow said.

Merge these 18 super skeletons into one? Long Yi hesitated for a moment. These 18 super skeletons had accompanied him for a long time, although only Long Two had developed its own consciousness he was still reluctant to part with the other 17.

Sensing the thoughts in Long Yi’s heart, the shadow couldn’t help but laugh. It began to console Long Yi, “In any case, the others don’t have their own consciousness anyway. Besides, it’s not like they are all going to disappear, they are merely going to merge together and form a single skeleton.”

Long Yi nodded his head. What the shadow said was also reasonable. After all, the other 17 skeletons are going to become part of Long Two’s body and not somewhere else. After he thought about this, Long Yi no longer hesitated and agreed to merge the 18 super skeletons together.

“Now I will teach you the Dark Condensed Magic Spell. This magic spell isn’t difficult. Relying on your dark magic power, as long as you are not distracted, you will succeed.” After the shadow finished speaking, Long Yi felt as though his brain was swelling up as a stream of information rushed into his mind. As it turns out, this shadow was unexpectedly using spirit power to directly brand a cultivation technique into his memory. After the transmission finished, the shadow silently disappeared.

Long Yi silently contemplated the magic spell passed on to him by the shadow. When he opened his eyes, two deep and serene black lights was circulating around him. Long Yi muttered the incantations along with a hand gesture, then the 17 super skeletons instantly began to revolve around Long Two. Their speed got faster and faster, and gradually, they couldn’t be seen clearly as they spun around Long Two.

Seeing as the time was ripe, Long Yi took out the Dark Spirit Crystal Soul from inside his space ring and tossed it towards the sky. Black Qi instantly rushed towards this Dark Spirit Crystal Soul and the crystal absorbed all of it. This Dark Spirit Crystal Soul stopped right above the head of Long Two and a faint black mist began to flow out from inside it. This black mist began to revolve around Long Two and the 17 super skeletons.

The black mist gradually became denser and after several minutes, it completely enveloped the 18 super skeletons. Forming a huge black vortex in the air, the Dark Spirit Crystal Soul floating in the air began to slowly shrink until it completely disappeared.

Long Yi’s entire body was also surrounded by a dark mist throughout the process, but he was unaffected by the dark mist as he continuously chanted the obscure incantation the shadow gave him. Since the start, Long Yi’s hands were frequently moving inside the dark mist as he chanted the incantation.

Roughly after four hours, Long Yi slowed down his chanting speed before stopping altogether. Long Yi looked up and stared at the black vortex without blinking, waiting for the process to end.

By this time, the pitch-black sky outside the barrier had already become dusky enough to see things. Looking up, one would be able to see the hazy sun in the sky.

As soon as she woke up, Nalan Ruyue looked around for Long Yi. Seeing as he wasn’t in the tent, she immediately put on her clothes and hastily left the tent to look for him. After experiencing that lingering feeling last night, she didn’t want to leave Long Yi for even a moment.

As soon as she came out of the tent, she saw Wushuang also coming out of her tent. The two women looked at each other, and their beautiful faces simultaneously reddened, having a guilty conscience.

“Where is Long Yi? Still not awake yet?” Wushuang collected herself and asked with an indifferent voice.

As soon as she heard Long Yi’s name Nalan Ruyue came back to her senses. Looking all around for him, she said, “When I woke… woke up, I didn’t see him. I have no idea where he went after…”

Wushuang slightly knitted her brows. Using her spirit power to scan the surroundings, she sensed magic fluctuation coming from a barrier spell not too far away from them. Leading the way, Wushuang brought Nalan Ruyue to the place where she sensed magic fluctuation to look for Long Yi.

Long Yi had set up a dark element barrier. Since this Death Space was basically overcast, the barrier looked like a shadow on the ground. If they didn’t examine the place carefully, they wouldn’t have found the barrier Long Yi set up.

“He is inside the barrier… He’s probably doing something important if he had to set up a barrier, we should just wait outside.” Wushuang said, as a hint of worry flashed in her clear eyes.

Inside the barrier, the black vortex was slowing down. The slower the vortex spun, the smaller the vortex became. Finally, the vortex completely stopped and a figure could be seen in the dark mist. Next, this dark mist became thin and a hazy shadow of the thing inside could be seen. The indistinctly visible figure was a head taller than Long Yi and this shadow held a blood scythe. This figure should be Long Two, after the 17 super skeletons and the Dark Spirit Crystal Soul merged with it.

When the dark mist completely dispersed, Long Two became visible which greatly surprised Long Yi. Long Two who had the same height as him previously was currently a head taller than him. The dark bones which made up its body had changed into a suit of armor which possessed distinct bone lines, and the strangest thing was the eight coarse bones protruding out of its back. Four of them were on the left and the remaining four were on the right. Even on its formerly bare skull-head, there was a helmet made from a piece of thick bone. The only thing that didn’t change was the red light flashing in its pitch black eye sockets.

As for the death scythe in Long Two’s hands, it became twice as thick and the veins on the weapon were clearly visible. Moreover, that sharp red curved-blade on its end emitted a bewitching halo. Long Yi was sure that this death scythe could cut off the throat of enemies with a light wave. What made Long Yi even more excited was, Long Two emitted a huge amount of dark aura which was worlds apart before its transformation. If the dark aura it was giving off in the past was a lake, the dark aura it was currently giving out could be compared to the ocean. Seeing Long Two’s transformation, a cold sweat formed on Long Yi’s face. If Long Two were to betray him right now, Long Yi would definitely be unable to stop it.

“Boss.” A voice was heard in Long Yi’s head as Long Two sent its greeting.

“Long Two, how do you feel now?” Long Yi came back to his senses and asked. The wood was already made into a boat, what could he do by thinking so much?

“Feeling? The death qi in this place is very heavy and very comfortable.” Long Two answered.

“Long Two, I am your boss. From now on you should always listen to me, whatever this boss tells you to do, you should follow. Do you understand that?” Long Yi said to Long Two while being happy and worried in his heart.

“Boss… Yes. Long Two will always listen to Boss. Whatever Boss asks me to, Long Two will definitely do.” Long Two repeated as if it was mesmerized by Long Yi’s voice.

Long Yi was startled. Could the consciousness of Long Two that was just formed be like a blank piece of paper? Then can I condition him to behave the way I want? As he thought about this, Long Yi instilled thoughts which would benefit him into Long Two’s consciousness. The most important thought he instilled was it should listen to his words and follow his commands without any objection.

After completing the evolution of Long Two, Long Yi thought about testing its strength. He waved his hand to remove the barrier and saw Wushuang, Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull waiting outside the barrier.

“My husband, you finally came out!” Nalan Ruyue happily ran towards Long Yi, but only after she took a few steps, she saw a sudden appearance of a tall and strange skeleton in front of Long Yi. Inside its pitch-black eye-sockets, a red light that could seize the soul of people was flashing.

“Ah……” Nalan Ruyue was startled and subconsciously used holy light magic.

A soft light shrouded Long Two but didn’t manage to damage him in the slightest. Without reacting to the Holy Light Magic, its body merely flashed with black light then that milky white holy light disappeared without a trace.

“Long Two, don’t be rude. You must remember that these people are the people dearest to me. Treat them like how you would treat me, do you understand?” Long Yi hit Long Two’s head and said.

Long Two nodded its head before walking behind Long Yi by itself. In the meantime, it used its thoughts to explain the matter to Wushuang and the others, which resulted in them looking at each other in blank dismay.

“Long Yi, is he truly conscious? No, does it have a logical thinking ability?” Wushuang asked in surprise. Conscious didn’t represent having a logical thinking ability only. At this moment, Long Two seemed to have logical thinking ability, although that was merely at the level of a 3-year-old child.

“Yes, I used a magic called Dark Condensed Magic to merge Dark Spirit Crystal Soul and all the remaining 17 super skeletons with Long Two, creating this current Long Two.” Long Yi said as he was rather proud of himself.

“But, how could skeleton think logically?” Nalan Ruyue still didn’t dare to believe what she was seeing and questioned Long Yi.

“Everything is possible. Long Two, go and use your strongest attack to show us your strength.” Long Yi grinned and said.

“No, this place is too close to the territory of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, and behind us is the territory of the extra-dimensional eagles. I am sure that the attack of Long Two will definitely be more powerful than a forbidden magic spell, and if that alarmed both sides, then what should we do?” Wushuang hastily yelled for Long Two to stop.

Long Yi hit his own head and stopped Long Two. It seems he was too complacent. If Long Two used its attack that was more powerful than a forbidden magic spell, then it would definitely alarm the Three-headed Demonic Dragon as well as those extra-dimensional eagles not far away from them. At that time, being attacked by enemies from both sides, no matter how powerful Long Two was, it would be unable to hang on.


After discussion, four people, three beasts and one skeleton completely retracted their aura and entered the territory of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. Not long after entering, four of them saw a small valley ahead of them. In the small valley, black plants were thinly scattered and the ground had a thick layer of incomplete limbs and broken bones which made the entire small valley appear even more ghastly.

Due to the limitation of their eyesight, Long Yi’s group of four were unable to see far away. However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this was a narrow valley. Perhaps, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon was already aware of their existence as soon as they stepped into its territory. Looking at the reaction of the tree demon king, they could guess that this three-headed demonic dragon should possess a terrifying sensing ability.

“Are we going in?” Wushuang asked. Subconsciously, Long Yi had already become her pillar of support. She was following Long Yi’s decisions and had no objections to them. Not to mention Nalan Ruyue and Barbarian Bull who had long seen Long Yi as their decision maker.

“Do we have a route of retreat? Of course, we are going in. Whether we die or live, we should go all out.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a relaxed appearance on his face, but only God knew the anxiousness in his heart.

The four people nodded their head and slowly entered this hell-like ghastly valley. But even after walking for a good while, they didn’t hear the expected roar of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. Not mentioning the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, they didn’t even sense any other life forms other than themselves in the valley. It was as if there were no living creatures in this valley.

Although the three-headed demonic dragon didn’t appear, the four people didn’t dare to slacken. Instead of feeling happy that they hadn’t seen the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, their nerves became even more taut as they expected the Three-headed Demonic Dragon to appear anytime.

“Three-headed Demonic Dragon! Everyone, be careful.” At this time, Long Yi suddenly exclaimed. In front of them, he saw a huge shadow stopping their path. Everyone immediately entered a battle ready state. As for Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue, they began to chant incantations to their magic spells.

“Stop, stop, something is fishy. Isn’t this three-headed demonic dragon not moving?” Long Yi waved his hand to stop the rest. Turning his head to look at this city wall-like huge big fellow of this valley, he saw that the three huge heads were lying to one side with all of its six eyes shut.

“It’s resting.” A voice resounded in Long Yi’s mind. It was Long Two who came to a conclusion as it looked at the Three-headed Demonic Dragon.

Resting? There really is a God helping us… Long Yi was excited and ardently hoped that they could quietly pass through this Death Space.

“Isn’t it sleeping? How about we stealthily pass it.” Nalan Ruyue softly said.

“That’s what I was thinking, let’s fly over it.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Long Yi grabbed Barbarian Bull with his right hand and grabbed Long Two with his left. In a flash, the group of four with a newly added member —Long Two— flew into the sky. They simultaneously changed into afterimages as they flew past the Three-headed Demonic Dragon.

Merely, when the four people flew just above this Three-headed Demonic Dragon, they ran into an invisible air wall and were sent flying back.

The second they hit the air wall, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon opened its eyes. Only the middle head was awake. The other two heads still had their eyes closed as the middle head stirred and stared at the five people above it.

“Roar……” Seeing as someone had actually trespassed its territory when it was absorbing dark energy, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon couldn’t help but become furious as it suddenly let out a terrifying roar.

This roar was mixed up with a powerful pressure which forced the four people to retreat repeatedly.

At this moment, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon opened its big mouth, and a Death Dragon Breath shrouded the entire world. This attack with heaven destroying and earth exterminating momentum rapidly advanced towards Long Yi and the others. Long Yi instantly used the Spinning Ice Wall sealed in his necklace, and Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue also used the defense magic spells sealed in their accessories.

Rumble. Every single defensive magic was broken by the Death Dragon Breath. Luckily for them, they managed to barely block the casual Death Dragon Breath from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. Seeing the result, all four of them become pale. One should know that Spinning Ice Wall was a divine-ranked defense magic spell. It could reflect any magic below the power of a forbidden magic spell. Not to mention the fact that Wushuang had also used another divine-ranked defense magic sealed in her accessory. As if that wasn’t enough, Nalan Ruyue had used a treasure she had taken from Nalan Wuji’s treasury. So many layers of defense were broken by a casual Death Dragon Breath from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. They were rendered speechless. Moreover, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon had only one awoken head. If the other two heads were to wake up, wouldn’t committing suicide be a better choice than to face the Three-headed Demonic Dragon?

Seeing as Long Yi’s group of four was unexpectedly able to block its Death Dragon Breath, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon was even more furious. In an instant, it spat out three Death Dragon Breaths in succession

The blood and qi of Long Yi churned, and gritting his teeth, he crazily circulated his internal force. Rushing forward, Long Yi looked like a lightning bolt from afar. However, Long Two was even faster than Long Yi. Leaving behind afterimages, it rushed forward and brandished its death scythe. Then countless red lights and the first dragon breath collided.

Rumble. Long Two was actually able to offset the first Death Dragon Breath, and it brandished its death scythe again to receive the second dragon breath. However, its ability fell short of its wishes. It was pushed straight back. At that time, Long Yi rushed over, and gathering the power of his entire body, he attacked. Under their united effort, they were able to offset the second dragon breath. The third dragon breath was right behind the second, ready to take their lives. Now, the gathered power of Long Yi had already dispersed and his newly gathered power didn’t have enough strength. As for Long Two, even if it were uninjured, it would not be able to contend against the third Death Dragon Breath.

“Boss, this old bull will help you.” Barbarian Bull madly roared and once again began to feel the insane fighting intent coming from Greenstone Rule.

Like before, the tip of Greenstone Rule instantly expanded by ten times and smashed the third death dragon breath. Rumble. Under the combined power of three people, this third dragon breath was also neutralized.

Before Long Yi and others could sigh in relief, the pupils in the shadow suddenly enlarged. Shortly afterwards, vomiting a mouthful of blood, they were smashed to the ground, and they felt as if their entire body was breaking apart.

Barbarian Bull struggled but lost his consciousness later. Long Yi didn’t lose his consciousness, but he didn’t even have the strength to move his finger. He felt as though every single skeleton on his body was broken into a million pieces and there was pain all over his muscles. As for Long Two, with the support of its death scythe, it stood up, but it clearly didn’t have any combat capability now.

Seeing what happened to Long Yi and the others, Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue began to fire their magic attack with a strong hatred. However, no matter how hard they tried, hatred was unable to cover the gap in strength. The Three-headed Demonic Dragon didn’t even dodge their attack. The forbidden magic spell Wushuang casted only seemed to slightly tickle the Three-headed Demonic Dragon and it didn’t seem to even notice Nalan Ruyue’s spell.

Such an abnormal magic resistance destroyed the final bits of confidence of both Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang. They no longer attacked and ran towards Long Yi to grab his hands. They looked at one another with tearful eyes. They couldn’t be born together with their husband, but they can die together with their husband.

“This damned three-headed demonic dragon.” Long Yi ferociously cursed. Long Yi suddenly sensed that the three god-beasts were impatient to get out of the dark dimensional space as he had placed them in there while trying to fly past the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. Long Yi was determined never to let the three of them out as they would just die quicker when faced with this Three-headed Demonic Dragon. It was better to stay inside as they might have the chance to live even if Long Yi and the rest died.

Wait a minute…… Dragon? A light suddenly flashed in the mind of Long Yi and he subconsciously looked towards the dragon-shaped bracelet around his wrist.

[1] Brokeback Mountain is a fictional mountain (in Brokeback Mountain short story) where two young men form an intense emotional and sexual attachment. A movie is also made based on this short story.

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