Chapter 363: Summoning She-T.Rex


Looking at this dragon-shaped bracelet, Long Yi suddenly recalled she-T. Rex, Liu Xu. He had encountered her in the Illusory Forest in the past. Long Yi remembered that she had once given him a bracelet where a transmission array was sealed. She had told him to summon her at a critical moment if he required help, and Long Yi had been holding on to this bracelet this whole time.

Liu Xu was a hybrid born from the cross between a Golden Holy Dragon and a Dark Demonic Dragon. She possessed the physique of both kinds of dragons. However, with the strength she possessed in the past, she was far from being an opponent of this Three-headed Demonic Dragon. Even if her strength was greatly enhanced in these past few years, this Three-headed Demonic Dragon was still far beyond her. Unless her strength had reached the level of an elder of the Dragon Clan, summoning her might send her to her death.

However, Long Yi didn’t have the luxury of time currently. He was unable to think of any other way for them to escape from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. Another wave of attacks was approaching them and Liu Xu was his final hope. Long Yi was hoping that Liu Xu might have some magic techniques to deal with this Three-headed Demonic Dragon.

Long Yi silently chanted an incantation and injected his spirit power into that dragon-shaped bracelet to activate the transmission array sealed within it. This dragon-shaped bracelet suddenly emitted a burst of golden light, and a dense dragon aura instantly burst out from inside the bracelet. Sensing the mighty dragon aura coming from the bracelet, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon swallowed the Death Dragon Breath it was about to fire at Long Yi’s group. Both its eyes stared directly at the bracelet on Long Yi’s hand as it was fixated on the dragon aura coming from it.

Specks of golden light trickled down to the ground, forming a strange magic array. With a flash of light, a tall figure appeared in the magic array.

“Big sister, wait for me.” When Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang were in a daze, a child-like immature voice resounded. Before long, a round, meatball-like figure appeared beside the tall figure.

The golden light dispersed and the magic array also disappeared. The facial features of the two figures could finally be seen clearly as everyone stared at the two who just appeared. The tall figure belonged to a young girl, who was only a few inches shorter than Long Yi. She was wearing a black skintight armor with golden stripes in the middle. With two large bouncy breasts, pert buttocks and a slender waist, she had the figure of a she-devil. With a porcelain, doll-like face and her hair tied up into hair buns, she stood with her back straight and looked at the surroundings around her. Anyone could see the detached pride and arrogance she had as she stood in the middle of the magic array. Although this wasn’t the temperament she had deliberately assumed, but it was the kind of inborn pride and aloofness she had developed over the years unconsciously. If she wasn’t she-T. rex Liu Xu, then who else could she be?

“Father! Father, what happened?” As for the appearance of Big Head, he still looked the same as before. With a ball-shaped body covered in a layer of dense tentacles. Looking around with its very small eyes, it saw a half-dead Long Yi lying on the ground and it quickly rolled over to him.

Seeing Big Head’s strange appearance and how it addressed Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang were petrified on the spot. Why was a ball calling Long Yi “father”?

“Big Head, my obedient child. Don’t rub on me so forcefully, it hurts! Your father’s body is currently broken everywhere.” Now that Long Yi could only move his mouth, he was only able to scold Big Head as Big Head rubbed on his body. However, due to the pain when Big Head touched him, Long Yi hissed in agony as he berated Big Head.

At this moment, Liu Xu and the three-headed demonic dragon were looking at each other in confusion. Staring at Liu Xu, the three-headed demonic dragon was unexpectedly lost in thought and didn’t consider attacking this She-T.Rex.

After a long time, Liu Xu came back to reality and walked over to Long Yi. She extended her right hand which was covered with fine scales and patted Long Yi’s chest. A scorching hot dragon qi instantly circulated around Long Yi’s body for a total of two laps before returning to her own body. As soon as the scorching hot dragon qi left his body, Long Yi instantly felt as though the pain was gone. Although his body was still aching after Liu Xu’s treatment, he was at least able to move around now.

Long Yi managed to sit up with Wushuang supporting him and he was able to smell the special fragrance coming from Liu Xu’s body. After staring at Liu Xu in a daze for a few seconds, Long Yi patted Big Head’s head and opened his mouth to talk to Liu Xu with a smile. “Liu Xu, I didn’t see you for a few years and you have gotten even more beautiful.”

The only response he got from Liu Xu was a cold snort as she turned her head to look at Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue. With a cold voice, Liu Xu said, “You might not be able to preserve your life… but your glib tongue is something that will never change. I didn’t see you for a few years and the number of women at your side became even more.”

Long Yi smirked as he heard what Liu Xu said but he wasn’t able to keep up his smirk for too long as his mouth started twitching as his injuries acted up again. Staring at Barbarian Bull, Long Yi said, “Help me examine this brother of mine too. Oh and the big fellow behind you, help me deal with it.”

Liu Xu didn’t speak and used her dragon qi to help Barbarian Bull regain consciousness. After helping Barbarian Bull, she said, “I am not his opponent, but I feel as though we have a bit of relation with each other.”

Long Yi nodded his head and said, “I guessed as much, you two exchanged amorous glances at each other for such a long time without attacking, anyone could see that there was something between you two.”

Liu Xu glared at Long Yi and the nails on her right hand suddenly became long and sharp. Without a word, she stabbed Long Yi’s thighs.

Long Yi hissed in pain and hastily changed the subject of the talk, “Well, I can be wrong, but since you and this Three-headed Demonic Dragon have something going on, how about you talk to him and ask if we can pass through this space.”

However, Long Yi’s pupils enlarged as he looked past Liu Xu. Behind Liu Xu, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon was spitting out a mouthful of Death Dragon Breath towards the group who were currently messing around with each other. Of course, Liu Xu was able to sense the huge pressure coming from the Death Dragon Breath. In an instant, she spun around and her little hands changed into large dragon claws. A black light shot out from her palms as she countered the Death Dragon Breath shot out by the Three-headed Demonic Dragon.

Seeing Liu Xu’s transformation and how easily she countered its Death Dragon Breath, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon began emitting a strange noise with a strange rhythm from its mouth. The dark magic elements in the entire space slowly started to fluctuate as the sounds coming from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon’s mouth became louder.

“Draconic Magic, f*ck, it really wants our lives.” Long Yi showed the whites of his eyes. The dragon breath was only the most basic attack of the Dragon Clan. Its might was nothing compared to the Dragon Clan’s Draconic Magic and powerful physical attack abilities. A single Demonic Dragon Tail Whip from this Three-headed Demonic Dragon would leave both Long Yi and Barbarian Bull half dead.

Liu Xu soared into the air and along with a radiance of black and gold light, her pretty figure suddenly changed into a dragon which measured several tens of meters in length. In the middle of every black scale on her body, there was a trace of a golden vein. Even in dragon form, Liu Xu appeared extremely beautiful.

Liu Xu also opened her mouth and began the chant a dragonic magic of her own. Instantly, the wind rose and clouds scudded as dense dark magic elements crazily condensed. The complexion of Long Yi become pale as he thought, “What would happen if the two dragonic magic were to collide?”

“My husband, that… that girl from just now… is she really from the legendary Dragon Clan?” Nalan Ruyue still didn’t dare to believe what she had seen.

“She should be… she is a she-T. Rex.” Long Yi made a wry smile and said.

Currently, the draconic magic which the Three-headed Demonic Dragon was casting finally took shape, and black colored mighty waves advanced towards Liu Xu with earth-shaking momentum. As for Liu Xu, she formed two small mountain-sized big light balls. A golden and black light ball formed and charged towards the attack coming from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. They advanced forward with world-destroying momentum to welcome those mighty waves.

Boom, earthshaking explosion sounds resounded. Liu Xu’s huge dragon body was sent flying 100 meters back. The black and golden radiance spread towards all directions, which naturally engulfed Long Yi’s group of four. Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang immediately casted their defensive magic even though deep down in their hearts they knew that their defensive magic would be unable to block the shockwaves coming from the blast.

However, as the group was about to be struck by the shockwaves, Big Head, who was beside Long Yi opened its big mouth. The black and gold radiance was sucked into Big Head’s mouth as if it was iron meeting a magnet. Without wasting anything, every single part of the shockwave was sucked into Big Head’s mouth.

“Truly delicious.” In the end, Big Head burped showing a pleased expression.

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