Chapter 364: Devouring Dragon Physique


Long Yi’s group of four were stunned. Although Long Yi had already known about Big Head’s tendency to eat everything and anything, he would have never thought that Big Head would be able to swallow magic attacks. Not to mention magic attacks as powerful as the ones it just ate. Big Head even treated it as though it was some kind of delicacy! In this world, what else was there that it couldn’t eat? It truly was a freak that would appear only once in hundreds of millions of years.

“Devouring Dragon Physique! It’s actually the Devouring Dragon Physique!” The Three-headed Demonic Dragon was so shocked that it let out an excited shout in human’s language. Its voice was aged and hoarse. Now, its eyes were staring at already the shrunken Big Head as though it was looking at a priceless treasure.

Devouring Dragon Physique? What is that? Long Yi curiously thought. Looking at the appearance of this Three-headed Demonic Dragon, Devouring Dragon Physique should be a rare physique of Dragon Clan.

At this time, Liu Xu who was sent flying flew back again and changed back into her humanoid form from her dragon form. Standing up, Liu Xu returned to Long Yi’s side as she stared at the Three-headed Demonic Dragon.  She knew that this three-headed demonic dragon had in fact gone easy on her, otherwise she wouldn’t have such an easy time fighting against it. Since the Three-headed Demonic Dragon didn’t have any desire to take her life, she didn’t need to change into her dragon form. Honestly speaking, she preferred her human form.

“Brave girl, although you have the bloodline of the Golden Holy Dragon, you are also the descendant of the Dark Demonic Dragon. I will not make things difficult for you.” The aged voice of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon resounded as its eyes remained on Big Head.

“Many thanks, senior. I wonder whether or not senior also belongs to the Dark Demonic Dragon Clan?” Now, a respectful expression appeared on the beautiful face of the proud and aloof Liu Xu.

The gaze of three-headed demonic dragon shifted to Liu Xu from Big Head, then it sighed, “Yes… The Dark Demonic Dragon Clan exists in this world because of me.”

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“Ah……” Not only was Liu Xu stunned, even Long Yi’s group of four also felt dizzy. Based on what the Three-headed Demonic Dragon said, would he be the first ancestor of the Dark Demonic Dragon Clan?

The proud and aloof Liu Xu was greatly shocked, but she quickly stabilized her state of mind. She was unable to believe the words of this Three-headed Demonic Dragon. Besides, the information passed down from the ancestors didn’t mention that their first ancestor had three heads.

“What evidence do you have to prove that you are our Dark Demonic Dragon Clan’s first ancestor?” Liu Xu coldly asked.

The three-headed demonic dragon laughed in its hoarse voice. However, one could hear the helplessness in his voice as it laughed. Then, its middle dragon head’s large dragon eyes suddenly shot out a divine light. At the same time, Liu Xu felt as though her sea of consciousness changed into a black space as an explosion happened in it. Suddenly, a hint of deep and serene dark light lit up in her sea of consciousness which changed into a strange pattern.

“Demonic Dragon Seal!” Liu Xu exclaimed. Demonic Dragon Seal was the mark of the Dark Demonic Dragon Clan’s patriarch. It could arouse the resonance of spirit among all descendants of the Dark Demonic Dragons. Now, she no longer had any doubts and she respectfully said to this Three-headed Demonic Dragon, “Liu Xu greets old patriarch.”

The Three-headed Demonic Dragon nodded its head, and its gaze once again shifted to Big Head which was currently beside Long Yi. “I have never thought that a being with the Devouring Dragon Physique would actually appear in my Dark Demonic Dragon Clan. I am truly fortunate, ha ha ha… this is probably the will of heaven.”

Liu Xu was startled and said, “My little brother’s appearance was different from us since birth. What is this Devouring Dragon Physique you are speaking of?”

“Devouring Dragon Physique, just as its name implies, is the dragon physique that has the ability to devour. It can devour all creations under the heaven to increase its own strength. When someone with the Devouring Dragon Physique grows up, even first-tier gods will also be a little jealous of them. The only issue is that the dragon in possession of the Devouring Dragon Physique requires an extremely long time to mature. An ordinary dragon becomes an adult and can change into a human form after 2000 years. However, dragons with the Devouring Dragon Physique require 20,000 years to do so. Moreover, before they become adults, their devouring abilities are limited. Devouring too much magic power and exceeding its limit can cause it to explode and die. Two Magic Gods of this world are enough to accomplish this.” The three-headed demonic dragon sighed and said.

“There’s me and I won’t let anyone harm my little brother.” Liu Xu firmly said. She had never thought that the growth period of her younger brother was unexpectedly so long. If she were to leave Big Head alone, by the time it reached adulthood, Big Head would have already become a pile of dry bones.

“Are you sure? You two are the descendants of the Dark Demonic Dragon and Golden Holy Dragon. I fear that neither of your clans will tolerate your existence. Especially the Golden Holy Dragons. Those narrow-minded fellows will never let you two off. Not to mention your strength… With your strength, you are far from being the opponent of those old fellows. How are you going to protect your little brother from them?” The three-headed demonic dragon clearly knew the consequences of this kind of matter, so he said with slight sarcasm.

“I will never let anything happen to my little brother unless I die.” Liu Xu gnashed her teeth and said. She hated the Golden Holy Dragons to the bone. Every day, she would have thoughts of avenging her parents, but she knew with her current strength, it was impossible. However, now she was told that her younger brother unexpectedly had the Devouring Dragon Physique that could match first-tier gods. If he were to reach adulthood, then wouldn’t she be able to take her revenge? However, there were some problems with her plan to take revenge using Big Head’s power. In 20,000 years, wouldn’t those old dragons who persecuted her parents be dead already? Who was she going to take her revenge on? Could it be that she had to look for the descendants of the old dragons to take her revenge?

Liu Xu thought for a bit and gritted her teeth. Yes, it was the custom for a son to pay his father’s debts. Since the Golden Holy Dragons were the ones who caused her family to suffer, sooner or later, the Golden Holy Dragons’ bloodline would be taken back, and those Golden Holy Dragons would be the enemies of their family till death.

Long Yi felt much better after being given some time to recover. He stared at the Three-headed Demonic Dragon pensively and laughter escaped from his mouth as he looked at it, “Old dragon, although the things you are saying are true, but tell us honestly, don’t you have a hidden objective by telling us all this?”

The Three-headed Demonic Dragon looked at this human and thought to itself that the craftiness of the human race indeed deserves its reputation. In such a short time, he was able to see through his thoughts.

“I have a way that can let your younger brother reach adulthood within 1000 years.” The Three-headed Demonic Dragon’s gaze moved to Liu Xu again as he made a statement which shocked all of them.

The face of Liu Xu showed a pleasantly surprised expression, but that expression disappeared immediately. With a hint of alertness, she said, “If that is truly the case, then Liu Xu naturally can’t thank you enough, but… is there any condition?”

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The Three-headed Demonic Dragon laughed and said, “Under the heavens, there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, my condition is really not considered too extreme. My condition is for your younger brother to inherit my legacy.”

“Ah…… this……” Liu Xu was overwhelmed with happiness. How was this a condition? This was obviously an excellent opportunity for Big Head.

“First, listen to me till the end. Inheriting my legacy refers to inheriting my former duties too. I used to be a Demonic Dragon under the Dark God. So after your younger brother inherits my legacy, he’ll also replace me to guard the Dark God throughout his life.” The Three-headed Demonic Dragon unexpectedly threw out a piece of information which shocked Long Yi and the others. No one had ever imagined that this Three-headed Demonic Dragon who dominated the entire undead world was actually the magic pet of the Dark God.

The Three-headed Demonic Dragon ignored everyone’s shocked reaction as he continued to speak, “In the beginning, among the royal Golden Holy Dragons of the Dragon Clan, there were two subdivisions. All of them believed in the Light God. Eventually, the Light God thought to fuse those two subdivisions and appoint a Dragon King to control all of the dragons. However, she sided with the leader of the other subdivision’s Golden Holy Dragon. That damned fellow held the favor of the Light God and plotted against me in the Dragon King Convention and the worst part of it was that the Light God feigned ignorance, ignoring the fact that it was an unfair selection.

Originally, I didn’t object when he was appointed as the Dragon King, but he persistently tried to wipe out my branch. Desperate to save my clan mates, I led them to seek refuge under the Dark God. The Dark God bestowed upon us dark magic powers and accepted me as his magic pet, which led to the formation of the Dark Demonic Dragon Clan. The Dark God’s kindness… I will never be able to pay him back for what he did even if I used several lives to repay him. After that, we had many open strifes and veiled struggles with Light God, until……”

The Three-headed Demonic Dragon’s voice abruptly stopped after speaking this much, puzzling Long Yi and others who were listening carefully. The group listened in anticipation as they were awed by the event which the Three-headed Demonic Dragon had been through. When Long Yi looked up, he saw the three-headed demonic dragon was stunned with its mouth wide open as it looked at him. After a long time, it closed its mouth and regained its composure before calmly resuming its story, “Until the World Destroying War. At that time, I died in battle and fell into this undead world of different space. 60-70% of my soul was sucked out, but luckily, the remaining part of my soul didn’t disperse. As such, I assumed the appearance of a half dead and half alive three-headed dragon.”

World Destroying War? It sounded like a plot of a sci-fi movie. Long Yi thought in a startled fashion and suddenly he realized that a shadow had already appeared at an unknown time in his sea of consciousness.

“Old man, do you know that World Destroying War?” Long Yi used his thoughts to ask.

“I don’t know.” The shadow replied and after pausing for a bit, he continued, “Remember when this Three-headed Demonic Dragon said that it was the magic pet of the Dark God? Isn’t that Dark Magic Jade and that half black half white tiger also connected with the Dark God?”

Yes, Long Yi had always believed that the tiger cub, Little Three had some connection with the magic pet of the Dark God. Otherwise, why would it produce such a huge reaction when it interacted with the Dark Magic Jade?

Long Yi pondered and carefully recalled the words of this Three-headed Demonic Dragon. When Long Yi was thinking about the part where it said that 60-70% of its soul was extracted, Long Yi’s heart shook as he instantly thought of an extremely shocking possibility,

Finally, after considering for a long time, Liu Xu agreed to the condition set by the Three-headed Demonic Dragon.

The three-headed demonic dragon was overjoyed and concentrated all its spirit power to envelop Big Head which was standing beside Long Yi at the moment. Now, a strange pattern was being branded in its sea of consciousness. The appearance of that strange pattern was similar to that demonic dragon seal. As soon as the pattern was fully branded, Big Head would become the next generation magic pet of the Dark God and there was nothing anyone can do about it.

Just when the three-headed demonic dragon wanted to use a special technique to completely integrate its dark dragon power into Big Head, Long Yi stopped him with a shout, “Wait a moment.”

This sudden shout attracted the gaze of everyone. In front of everyone, Long Yi suddenly took out the Dark Magic Jade that was emitting dark radiance from inside his space ring. He also summoned the tiger cub Little Three before asking, “Since you call yourself the magic pet of Dark God, then do you recognize them.”

The Three-headed Demonic Dragon was startled for a second as he stared at Little Three and the Dark Magic Jade. However, his expression changed into one of wild joy and a respectful expression the next moment. After that, it bowed towards the Dark Magic Jade floating in the air.

“F*ck, I am such a blockhead. If I had known this earlier, then I would have taken out the Dark Magic Jade from the very beginning. Wouldn’t we be able to avoid all the troubles then?” Long Yi hit himself on the head. However, everything was up to fate to decide. If he had taken out the Dark Magic Jade from the very beginning, then would he have summoned she-T. Rex Liu Xu and his son Big Head? Would he have been able to learn so many things about the dragon clan? Moreover, Big Head also wouldn’t have obtained this good luck to shorten its very long growth period and become the next generation magic pet of the Dark God.

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