Chapter 361: Beauty’s f*llatio


Approximately a week later, under the protection of tree demons, Long Yi’s group quickly passed through the territories guarded by several distinct extra-dimensional undead creatures. Among those undead creatures, there were bone dragons, extra-dimensional eagles and so on… Extra-dimensional undead creatures that were on the upper level of the pyramid could be seen everywhere in this Death Space. The dangers the group had faced this week couldn’t be described in words. Both Long Yi’s group of four and the Tree Demon King were working extremely hard, to the point where their bodies were trembling.

Fortunately for them, these extra-dimensional undead creatures were lacking in wisdom even though they were strong. Besides, Tree Demons were a special race within the forest. They didn’t suffer many attacks from the other extra-dimensional undead creatures. Although they managed to avoid many battles, they were still exhausted nonetheless.

One had to say that Long Yi’s group of four had impressive luck. If not for the protection of the Tree Demons, it would be impossible for them to pass through the territories of the other extra-dimensional beasts with their strength alone. Not mentioning the death qi which originated from this Death Space, several thousand bone dragons would have killed them several times over when they passed through their terrority. It seems like it was better to use their brains to solve the problems instead of using brute force all the time.

When the group was passing through the territory of the extra-dimensional eagles, the Tree Demon King refused to move forward. When Wushuang asked for the reason, the Tree Demon King answered that past the territory of the extra-dimensional eagles was the territory of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. It was the overlord of the entire extra-dimensional undead world. Not only was the Three-headed Demonic Dragon extremely terrifying, it possessed a very high level of intelligence. Their small tricks might deceive other undead creatures, but if they wished to deceive that Three-headed Demonic Dragon, then that undoubtedly was courting death.

Hearing that the territory of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon was in the front, Long Yi suddenly felt bitter in his heart. This Death Space truly had many first-class undead creatures from the extra-dimensional undead world assembled here. He had seen the description of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon in the manual of ‘Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic’. Its scales were too thick for swords or spears to pierce through, and it was basically immune to magic. Moreover, its casual Death Dragon Breath was 30% more powerful than a forbidden magic spell. Even more than 10 Magic Gods or Sword Gods might not have a favorable outcome confronting this three-headed demonic dragon, not to mention Long Yi’s group of four and their miserable strength compared to 10 Magic Gods.

“Long Yi, seems like this tree demon king is speaking the truth. Should we release them now?” Wushuang turned to Long Yi and asked.

When Wushuang asked Long Yi this question, he was merely two steps away from this Tree Demon King. Since the Tree Demon King had no attacking power and was refusing to move forward, Long Yi slowly approached the Tree Demon King.

“Release? Why should we release him?” Long Yi smirked as his hand, as fast as lightning, pulled out tree demon king from inside the ground. Then he forcibly inserted an already prepared compressed lightning ball inside the tree trunk of this tree demon king before throwing it up in the sky.

Along with the sound of explosions, lightning flashed. Before the Tree Demon King had the time to let out a scream, it was already blown into pieces. Before long, a diamond shaped crystal which was emitting dark light was left floating in the sky. Long Yi immediately jumped up to catch the crystal.

After the Tree Demon King was killed, the other Tree Demons didn’t dare to stay any longer. All of them dispersed and instantly disappeared without a trace.

“Long Yi…… you……” Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue stared at Long Yi started, and they were both speechless for a long time. Unlike Wushuang, Nalan Ruyue had an expression of utter disappointment in Long Yi.

“Why on earth are you looking at me like this? Do you think I’m cruel by killing the Tree Demon King?” Seeing the expression on Nalan Ruyue’s face, Long Yi faintly asked. Could it be that even after several years, Nalan Ruyue was still naïve like before?

“Long Yi, did you kill tree demon king for this black crystal within its body?” Wushuang asked.

Long Yi nodded his head and said: “Yes, I need this crystal.”

“Well, I was only surprised. Since its body had the thing you need, then killing it is also fine.” Wushuang indifferently said. She didn’t feel this was inappropriate. Even if a human died in front of her, she wouldn’t even frown, let alone when it was a Tree Demon.

“Let’s rest here for today. Although the Three-headed Demonic Dragon is probably our last hurdle, it’s also the most difficult hurdle to cross.” Long Yi looked all around and said. As soon as he finished speaking, he began to pitch his tent where he was standing.

Nalan Ruyue was lost in her thoughts for a long time. After thinking for a long while, she walked over to Long Yi and asked aggrievedly, “Why on earth are you angry with me? I only thought that that we should let the Tree Demon King go since it had helped us out all this while. It also didn’t possess the ability to harm us, so why did you kill it?”

After pitching his tent, Long Yi turned around to face Nalan Ruyue before explaining himself in a helpless voice, “Ruyue, you have a kind and benevolent heart, it is a good thing. But being kind and benevolent also depends on the situation. Although the Tree Demon King helped us, did it actually have the intention of helping us in the first place? No, it was helping us because its little life was held in our hands. If we didn’t manage to subdue, we would all have already become the Tree Demons’ fertilizers.

Not to mention the fact that I need this Dark Spirit Crystal Soul within its body, it had to die no matter what. In this Death Space, all the things that are beneficial for us, we have to obtain them using fair means or foul. As for everything else that poses a threat to us, no matter how small, must be eliminated. Any element of uncertainty can lead to a fatal disaster. This is the law of survival.

If you are able to understand then that is naturally for the best, everyone wants their woman to understand them. If you are unable to understand my actions, I’m unable to do anything about it. This is the type of person I am. You should rejoice that you still have the chance to select.”

Long Yi turned around and entered his tent, leaving behind a dumbfounded Nalan Ruyue. Now, he was also very depressed in his heart. This girl was too good, she was too soft-hearted. He could tell she was so from that time when she came to Mea Principality to request for Fire Master Archmage PuXiusi to prevent the war. The problem with this was that this kind of character was not too suitable for survival in turbulent days. However, in times of peace and prosperity, millions upon millions of people would definitely respect and admire such people.

“Long Yi is right, you are the princess of the Nalan Empire, you should know the concept of ‘the weak are the prey of the strong’ from experience. Sometimes, blindly being kind-hearted can be called being ignorant.” Wushuang’s chilly voice came from the side.

Nalan Ruyue’s entire body shook. From the start, Long Yi had already stated that the rules of this world were similar to the laws of the jungle. Didn’t the Proud Moon Empire see the Nalan Empire as a weak existence? Wasn’t the Proud Moon Empire ready to annex the Nalan Empire because it was too weak? Moreover, killing a Tree Demon that originally wanted to kill them was basically nothing, why did she incur disagreement with her husband just because of this?

“In principle, if two people are unable to see eye to eye, they wouldn’t be happy if they were to be married to each other. I think it’s best if you two separate as early as possible.” Wushuang also entered her tent after leaving behind such words.

“You……” Nalan Ruyue suddenly turned around, but she only saw the back view of Wushuang. After hearing what Wushuang said, she was about to explode from anger. Wushuang was clearly sowing discord between her and Long Yi.

“You want me to leave my husband? I’ll definitely not let that happen. Who said that we are unable to see eye to eye? Killing a Tree Demon is nothing.” Nalan Ruyue muttered before stamping her legs. With an anxious heart, she scurried into Long Yi’s tent, hoping she didn’t disappoint him.

In Wushuang’s tent, a smile blossomed on Wushuang’s face when she heard what Nalan Ruyue said. Sitting cross-legged, she entered into a deep meditation, not bothering with Nalan Ruyue any longer. Only god knew what those two were up to after this.

Nalan Ruyue entered Long Yi’s tent and saw Long Yi half lying, half sitting on his big bed. He was browsing a book which was emitting a dark aura under the illumination of a magic lamp.

“My husband, I…… I was wrong, don’t get angry, okay?” Nalan Ruyue gently walked over to the bedside of Long Yi and said somewhat nervously.

Long Yi slightly moved away the manual of ‘Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic’ he was studying, then he motioned for her to sit beside him by patting the empty spot beside him. “You aren’t wrong. It is true that the way we think is different. However,  although we don’t agree with the other’s ideology, this doesn’t mean that one of us is right and the other is wrong. You don’t need to apologize.”

Nalan Ruyue climbed onto the bed, and hugging his arm and half-leaning on his bosom, she said, “The reason behind my apology is because my ideology is wrong in the situation we were in just now. Especially in this world that lacks peace and security, the way I think is completely wrong and will lead to many problems in the future. Not to mention that I didn’t understand the meaning behind your actions, you must have felt heartbroken.”

Long Yi put away the book and warmly looked at Nalan Ruyue. He caressed her fragrant shoulder with his hand which was currently used as an arm-pillow by Nalan Ruyue, before asking, “Do you truly understand?”

“Mmm.” Nalan Ruyue’s body couldn’t help heating up when Long Yi’s big hand caressed her, then she took the initiative to kiss Long Yi’s lips.

The four lips joined and two tongues teased each other without any signs of exhaustion. Moreover, Long Yi’s wolf claws had already made a surprise attack on her two jade peaks, kneading and pinching before using all kinds of techniques on them.

Nalan Ruyue trembled and squirmed like a snake as her body reacted to Long Yi’s teasing. However, their lips break contact and as if sucking each other’s tongue would make her feel better, Nalan Ruyue sucked on his tongue as if her life depended on it.

“My husband, stop…… stop, I want to pee.” Nalan Ruyue spat out Long Yi’s tongue as she breathed heavily.

Long Yi was dumbfounded. For a split second, Long Yi was unable to respond to Nalan Ruyue’s request. However, a bad smile quickly appeared on his face. Reaching his hands into the space between her legs, he said, “Want to pee then pee, your husband will not laugh at you.”

Nalan Ruyue had already reached the critical point, and under Long Yi’s teasing, her entire body trembled violently. Suddenly pushing up her waist, her tightly clamped legs collapsed. After issuing a long-drawn-out scream, a warm current gushed out from her private part on Long Yi’s hands.

And after a satisfied sigh, Nalan Ruyue collapsed in Long Yi’s embrace and she felt as if her soul flew out of her body and was fluttering in the sky. Her face was currently pink and she had a charming blush on her cheeks.

Long Yi simply peeled off the clothes of Nalan Ruyue and also shed off all of his clothing. Then two stark naked people hugged each other. Long Yi liked this kind of feeling of nothing separating them. He caressed the smooth back of Nalan Ruyue, but his lower part however stood erect wanting to mount and gallop to his heart’s content.

After a good while, Nalan Ruyue came back to her senses from her lingering ** and lowering her head, she saw Long Yi’s that angry little brother. She couldn’t help but be breathless inwardly. She looked up and saw an expression of suffering on Long Yi’s face. She couldn’t help but feel heartache when she saw his suffering face. She reached out her little hand which was covered with a sheen of fragrant sweat and held Long Yi’s burning hot little brother. Biting her lower lip, she said, “My husband, take me, I… I am still unsatisfied.”

Long Yi took a deep breath and slapped the snow-white ** of Nalan Ruyue. He said with a smile, “Little lewd woman, your lust is truly unsatisfied. However, now is the most dangerous time, how can I take your virginity at this moment?”

“Then…… then, what should I do to make you feel better?” Nalan Ruyue gently leaned closer towards Long Yi and asked.

Long Yi looked at Nalan Ruyue’s cherry shaped mouth with her red lips with white teeth. He found her little mouth extremely attractive and an evil thought instantly flashed through his mind.

“There is a way, but are you really willing to do it?” Long Yi said while guiding Nalan Ruyue’s little hand to move up and down on his **. Nalan Ruyue quickly became aware of his actions.

“Willing… whatever it is, I am willing.” She was already doing such activities with Long Yi’s little brother, so what else was she unwilling to do?

Long Yi smirked and began to whisper his instructions to her.

“Ah……” Nalan Ruyue was so shocked that her jaw dropped, however, after remembering what Long Yi had just said to her, she quickly clamped her mouth shut. Nalan Ruyue’s face became even redder as she had never expected Long Yi to make such a shameless suggestion.

“Oh, you’re unwilling? Then forget it.” Long Yi pretended to be a husband gazing into the distance and said.

“No… no, I… I am willing.” Nalan Ruyue said in a flustered manner.

Nalan Ruyue took two deep breaths before kneeling down in front of Long Yi. Her snow-white buttocks rose into the air as her head began to slowly bend towards Long Yi’s little brother……

Long Yi moaned comfortably. This kind of treatment was indeed rare for Long Yi. Although Nalan Ruyue wasn’t proficient in doing these kinds of things, this unsmooth feeling made him even more excited. Moreover whenever Long Yi thought of her status as the Light Church’s saintess, his bestial blood would seethe with excitement. Just imagine a saintess sucking your **, the thought would drive any man mad.

Long Yi used his hands to bundle up Nalan Ruyue’s hair into a ponytail, which gave him full view of what she was currently doing with his **. Looking clearly at how Nalan Ruyue was taking care of his little brother with her mouth made the visual impact of the deed much more intense.

After half-an-hour, the facial muscles and tongue of Nalan Ruyue became somewhat numb after playing with Long Yi’s ** for so long, and Long Yi began to feel a burst of strong **. Shortly afterwards, he began to shoot his ** straight through her cherry lips.

After letting everything out and cleaning themselves, both of them hugged each other as they lied down on the big bed.

“Sorry, I wronged you just now…” Long Yi felt bad for his previous actions.

Nalan Ruyue shook her head in Long Yi’s embrace as she said, “Being able to satisfy you made me very happy. Not to mention… that kind of feeling was… was pretty good” Nalan Ruyue meekly said as she didn’t dare to raise her head to look at Long Yi while speaking

Long Yi simply smiled and caressed the jade-beauty in his bosom without saying anything else. After a short while, Nalan Ruyue quickly entered into a deep slumber tired from all the action that took place earlier.

Nalan Ruyue slept soundly but Wushuang certainly wasn’t so well-off. Although Long Yi wasn’t overwhelmed with pleasure, the feeling he was getting when Nalan Ruyue was playing with his ** certainly wasn’t too far off. Due to the connection between her and Long Yi, that tide-like pleasure sensation passed through her without stopping. When she was finally unable to control herself, she had no choice but to sink her awareness into her sea of consciousness. The moment she did that, a hint of shadow emerged in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

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