Chapter 33- Intruder

Less than an hour later, Luna had been well fed and covered in quilts that fit her large size. It was rather surprising that they didn’t have any blood on them either. After the meal and seeing Luna resting again, Draco insisted that he help heal those that he could. Being a trained holy cleric, procedure went out the window as they accepted the much needed help. Over the next twenty six hours, he went from one disfigured wyrm to the next. Some had their guts cut open, and some even had a dozen shafts sticking out of them. Draco had never worked harder in his life before, and he was easily able to carry his weight around with authority. He helped save more lives with his presence.


It was an endless stream of wounded, but then he was glad to be relieved by the only real surgeon they had. Giving the other half human wyrm a break for half a day made all the difference to his skills. After that, it was over, so he was then led to some showers, where he took a cold one. He washed away the blood of over a hundred wounded that covered him. Some he saved some, some he saved and brought back, but died later, and some weren’t even given the chance. He barely had the strength left to fly as he went back up to where Luna was nesting. She looked at his tired look, then lifted the quilt for him to get under it. He took a moment to look at the eggs before closing his eyes.


He felt as if he could sleep for a thousand years, but he did so for only a few moments because an explosion rocked the ground and awakened him and Luna. By the sound of it, it came from right below them. Draco was starting to stand uneasily as he was about to see what he could do to help, when a black dragon came into the golden room.

“Luna Luna Luna. Why are you so difficult? I only want your life and your children as slaves.” (Xolrum)

The black dragon felt an impact on his chin as he opened his eyes from being cocky. Draco was caught before he landed on the ground, then thrown aside as if was a used tissue.

“I honestly expected better male stock from you Luna. He’s not even worth killing.” (Xolrum)


Luna raised her head without looking at Draco to see if he was all right.

“Xolrum, I expected your master to be here, or does he not think that I’m worth his time? He sent his lap dog instead.” (Luna)

Xolrum then backhanded Luna with his claw. She took the blow as if it didn’t matter.

“I came on my own. I grew tired of conquering piss worth realms. I wanted a challenge, and I’m still waiting for one as well.” (Xolrum)

Luna spat some blood on his chest, then chomped down on his arm when he tried to strike her again. The blow was less effective as she hoped, but at least it made Xolrum move back some.

“Feisty, I like that. I would love to break your spirit, but I can’t risk any losses without coming out with my goal. Your children will do.” (Xolrum)


As Xolrum readied a deathblow, Draco forcefully rammed his body against the base of Xolrum’s neck. As Xolrum was about to claw Draco for the attack, he moved back. Draco was standing on all fours, causing his height to be rather high in the back due to his human heritage and his limbs that lacked some of the joints to fight properly. Luna could tell that Draco’s dragon instinct was unleashed. She’s seen it a few times, but never up close, and never like that. Xolrum raised himself up, barely stunned, as Draco came in for another attack. Luna noticed that his robe was discarded before the fight and thought that was a wise choice. Xolrum tried to overpower Draco with his size and strength, but Draco was too fast. Yet for all his speed in this situation, Draco couldn’t land a single hit that mattered. Luna was just hoping the fight would last long enough for help to come for them. Vuirty could be doing anything or anywhere. She could be dead or hurt to an extreme, but she couldn’t even defend herself. Luna knew that she’s a strong and wise old wyrm.


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Her principles would lead her to die as a last line of defense to her clients, then stranded on the battlefield. Luna thought that it was more likely that she’s pushed back with numbers too large to handle quickly, then Xolrum would took advantage of that to achieve his goals.

“Your an annoying gnat. Hold still so I can squash you.” (Xolrum)

Xolrum strayed too close to Luna for a moment, making her snap her jaws at his exposed back, but she only caught the edges of her fangs in his flesh before he pulled away. It only took minutes for Xolrum to catch Draco in his rampage against the stronger foe.


He squeezed Draco until he went limp, then tossed him away again as if he was a tissue.

“That takes care of that. Boy, that was a nice workout. It got me hard. Want to see?” (Xolrum)

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Xolrum lifted himself without waiting for an answer. Luna saw Xolrum stand on his hind legs, then balanced himself as he walked toward her.

“I really don’t have the time for this, but I’m not one to waste a hard on. Just stay put Luna, and I’ll try to make this quick. Maybe….” (Xolrum)

He said, while smiling widely.

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