Chapter 146: Slave

Cultivators that learned the Fiery Soul Poison art can condense a type of spiritual energy that carries soul poison.

Once it enters one’s body, without having a strong enough spiritual energy, one would be planted with the soul poison.

Those poisoned cannot leave the range of the spiritual sense of the poisoner. Once out of range, the soul poison will activate. One’s body will start to twitch and gradually become stiff. In the end, the body will crack apart, forming a puddle of blood.

The poison was extremely sinister and is a remarkable secret ability used by people of the ancient times to train people of unwavering loyalty.

In one of Yao Qing’s miraculous encounter, he got it coincidentally. After training in it for a while, he made Hei Yan his test subject. As an ascension realm cultivator, his spiritual energy was stronger than Hei Yan, but it still took a whole one month for the Soul Poison to be planted. Like that, Hei Yan became a slave for two years.

During the two years, Hei Yan was living a life worse than death.

Only the poisoner can remove the poison. The other method to remove was to kill the poisoner.

However, the poisoned wanting to kill the poisoner was like a fight between a rabbit and a lion, no chance of victory. With just a thought, the poisoner can cause the brain of the poisoned immediately. It is so strong that even an almighty expert cannot escape death.

The soul poison was extremely difficult to plant.

Qin Tian’s spiritual energy was stronger than average ascension realm cultivators a few times. However, it was very weak against the Rebirth realm Yao Kong.

Moreover, Yao Kong’s rebirth force was guarding his mind. Wanting to break through it was impossible.

Yao Kong was clear about the consequences of being poisoned.

However, when facing death, he chose to concede.

Why would he concede after finding out that Qin Tian could control the turmoil in his body? Actually, he too couldn’t really find the right words to explain, just that he felt Qin Tian wasn’t simple. Able to kill the ascension realm Yao Qing as a rank six spirit refining cultivator, this might be the first time it had ever happened in history.

Others may not know, but he was clear that only Yao Qing cultivated the Fiery Soul Poison art before. For Qin Tian to know too might have a secret relation to him killing Yao Qing.

A Tianji sect disciple having such cards as a rank six spirit refining cultivator, his future would be boundless.

Rather than getting killed, why not live and witness the growth of a legend?

Qin Tian activated Fiery Soul Poison again and gathered his spiritual energy. A golden mist emerged and entered Yao Kong, penetrating into the deepest parts of his mind to be planted.

Immediately after, Qin Tian felt that he gained control of a seed. Inwardly, he laughed madly, “I’ve gained a Rebirth realm expert, haha……”

Compared to a hundred thousand Qigong, gaining a Rebirth realm expert was more worth it.

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Qin Tian was going to Jibei ocean to find some Mysterious Ocean Flame and break through to the ascension realm while at it. Still, it was an extremely dangerous place. Now that he had experienced the strength of a Rebirth realm expert, with one by his side, his mind felt at peace.

After planting the soul poison, he halted his breathing and focused all his attention on his law of aura. Slowly, some of Yao Kong’s rampaging aura were led out of the body.

However, with how serious it was, wanting to clear it quickly was impossible.

Although the law of aura was powerful, it was only rank one. Even if Qin Tian’s spiritual energy was very profound, it could not lead all the rampaging aura out in a short period of time.

Qin Tian gave him two Peiyuan Dans. “Calm your mind. I will resolve the remaining rampaging aura as soon as I can, do not be anxious. For now, cultivate in my spatial ring.”

He kept Yao Kong in his spatial ring and dashed towards Evil Demon city.

Yao Qing was dealt with and Brother Hei Yan was now fine. Suddenly, he thought about what the Evil Demon incarnation said before he left and felt his heart tightened. “Why would Evil Demon city leader want to meet me?”

He was completely unsure about why a universe realm expert wanted to meet him.

With his rank six spirit refining realm strength, he was not even an ant in front of him. Did the city leader sense something of value on him?

“Maybe my handsomeness attracted the attention of the city leader?”

“Pei, pei, pei……”

“At the very least, the universe realm Evil Demon city leader would have cultivated of thousands of years. A thousand year undying old demon, even if a female, would have wrinkles and white hair like a witch……”

Qin Tian shivered, wishing that it really wasn’t what he imagined.

Then he thought, what if the city leader was a man, and his face became more ashen.

A while later, he arrived at the city.

As he entered the city, he threw out a core like it was nothing. The guard revealed a look of jealousy and judged that Qin Tian had profited greatly.

When he entered the city, many along the street looked at him weirdly. They were all filled with greed. Qin Tian felt that he was a fat sheep surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves, extremely uncomfortable.

“How’s Brother Hei?”

Qin Tian was too lazy to pay attention to their gazes. He was completely safe in the city. With the Evil Demon incarnation overlooking, no one would dare to take action.

“Still unconscious, but much better now. Have you killed Yao Qing?” Meng Fanyi’s expression changed as he stared at Qin Tian in shock. The ascension realm Yao Qing was actually killed by Qin Tian!

Moreover, Meng Fanyi knew that he had a Rebirth realm bodyguard from the murmurings of the passerby. A Rebirth realm ah, killing a spirit refining cultivator was simply just easy.

Yao Qing had died, so the Rebirth realm expert…..

Meng Fanyi felt an excitement like never before. His admiration for Qin Tian grew.

Seeing Hei Yan’s face became rosier, Qin Tian believed that he would wake up soon and the rock in his heart was finally lifted. “Find a place to rest, we will need to stay in the city for a while.”

“Here are two Peiyuan Dans, take them.”

Meng Fanyi’s injuries were serious, blood was still oozing out of his wounds.

“Peiyuan Dan?” Meng Fanyi was taken aback and widened his eyes. “That’s a grade nine Dan, a holy item for treating injuries.”

“Take them first, I’ve got something else to give you too.” Qin Tian smiled mysteriously.

“What item?” Meng Fanyi stared at the Peiyuan Dan on his hand, gave it a few glance of unwillingness and consumed it. This was his first time trying the Peiyuan Dan.

In Tianji sect, Peiyuan Dan was only provided for the revered elders, extremely precious.

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Qin Tian smiled and passed the Taixu swordsmanship to Meng Fanyi. “Cultivate in this sword art. It should be suitable for you.”

“Taixu swordsmanship? Flowing Cloud sect’s Taixu swordsmanship, an immortal grade ability!”

Meng Fanyi could not believe his eyes. Hei hands trembled as he received the manual with unparalleled excitement.

“Train in this for a while, I feel that it’s quite powerful. Also, remember not to leave the city before I return.” Qin Tian urged and stared at the tallest building in Evil Demon city. “I hope it isn’t something terrible.”

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