Chapter 59 – Ugly Woman is actually so seductive?

Flabbergasted, Wei Qiqi stared. She originally thought that the Duke would force her. She didn’t think that it was because… Looks like she had misunderstood Liu Zhongtian. Could he really be a gentleman?

Wei Qiqi walked in a flustered way towards Liu Zhongtian. She nervously caught his hand and said apologetically, “Duke! This… why do you have to harm yourself?”

“If I don’t do it this week, will you be willing?”

Liu Zhongtian looked at her coldly. If he didn’t promise her earlier, he could have embraced her in his arms and continued with what he didn’t complete in the desert. When he thought about her smooth skin and soft lips, he became even more frustrated. Why was this ugly woman so seductive?

Qiqi shyly lowered her head. She was apprehensive. Maybe this was a good idea. However that hand… Liu Zhongtian retracted his hand and returned his sword to its original position and coldly said.

“Come to this Duke’s bed to sleep. Before Wu Zhongyi leaves, we have to act like it is real!”

“Then… what about you?”

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“Of course I will sleep on the bed as well. The thing that you have to do is very simple. Once you have served me and I sleep, you will be safe!”


“Yes, rubbing the legs and shoulders. As long as it is a method it can be done. Of course if you want it to be faster then we should…”

“Rub the legs!” Wei Qiqi knew what he was going to say. She hurriedly continued and prevented Liu Zhongtian from saying something that would cause her ears to turn red.

Liu Zhongtian smiled lightly. He grabbed the silk that was soaked with blood and threw it to the side of the bed. He removed his outer clothing and laid down naked on the bed. His eyes teased Wei Qiqi.

“Are you coming here yourself or do you want this Duke to carry you over!”

Wei Qiqi pouted and walked in small steps. She sat by the bed and raised her fists to start massaging his legs. She thought in her heart, “When will Wu Zhongyi leave this place? It would be best to think of some plan to get him to leave quickly and never appear in front of the Great Han army camp anymore. This fella is really despicable. He actually wanted to see the bloodstains.” When she thought until here, her face flushed red again.

“What are you thinking that even your face is red?” Liu Zhongtian suddenly opened his mouth.

“I’m not thinking of anything…”

Wei Qiqi’s face became redder. She lowered her head, but the face full of yellow scars was unable to hide her embarrassment. Liu Zhongtian avoided Qiqi’s eyes. That shyness in her eyes nearly shook his soul. How could this ugly woman have such a pretty pair of eyes? This stirred some ripples in his originally calm heart.

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Liu Zhongtian forced himself to shut his eyes and no longer look at Wei Qiqi. He started snoring. Wei Qiqi’s fists that were massaging him began to lighten as well. Seeing that Liu Zhongtian had slept, she stood up slowly. She thought in her heart, “To sleep on Third Duke’s bed is a beautiful thought, but it is too dangerous for a man and woman to be alone.”

Wei Qiqi stealthily went to the outside of the screen cover. She must not wake this guy up, if she does, she wouldn’t be able to flee.

“Where are you going?” Liu Zhongtian’s big hand grabbed onto her arms and forcefully pulled her back, “Get in the bed! If someone discovers that you are sleeping on the floor, I would have cut my finger for nothing. At that time I will really use your bloodstains as an answer!”

Liu Zhongtian’s words scared Wei Qiqi. She speedily climbed onto the bed and slept inside. She closed her eyes tightly, not even daring to breath out.

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