Chapter 318 – Be My Woman

No wonder when Ji Mo Ya travels, he would have a few hundred Feather Guards accompany him…

If he got naughty in the future, she could cook him and eat him, and her cultivation would increase by leaps and bounds. Arhem!

Ji Mo Ya stored his blood in a mini, transparent container and passed it to her, “Use it quickly, else it would invite trouble.”

His blood is a demon magnet; demons more than ten miles away would be able to smell it.

A special seal had been placed on his body to suppress the unique fragrance to its faintest state.

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That’s was why he was surprised when he learned that Huan Qing Yan could smell it every time they were together.

As majority of the people should not be able to smell anything.

“Okay. Thank you Young Master Ya.” Huan Qing Yan kept the container excitedly. She wanted to give it to Xing Han to consume it now.

“Young Master Ya, goodnight.” Just as she turned and walked towards the entrance, Ji Mo Ya said, “Make the preparations tonight, leave with me tomorrow.”

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Huan Qing Yan’s hurried steps paused, “W… why?”

“Be my woman.” His calm tone sounded final and decided.

Ji Mo Ya’s starry eyes, elegant figure and exceptionally noble aura… when Huan Qing Yan glanced at him, her face blushed and her heart raced.

In addition, when he said the words ‘Be my woman!’ her mind entered an infinite loop, and her heart was pounding even more madly.

Is this considered Young Master Ya’s confession to her?

Young Master Ya indeed liked her as well!

Wuu wuu wuu, fortunately it was not a one-sided love from her side; she really wanted to cry out in happiness…

After she sorted out her inner emotions, Huan Qing Yan laughed dryly, acting as though she was not affected, “No need. Is it because Young Master Ya thought that because we had an intimate moment, you are required to be responsible towards me? Really, there is no need for that, I have forgotten about it when I turned my head.”

Ji Mo Ya squinted his eyes, his gaze turned mildly deep, and he took a step towards her, “You forgot about it when you turned?”

Huan Qing Yan was once again shadowed under him, her back against the side of the door, ‘is another punishment coming? The man god’s emotions flip faster than a book!’

“No, I will not forget, I will forever remember Young Master Ya…”

“Then follow me.” Ji Mo Ya lifted her chin; from their kiss just now, he could sense that she liked him.

Huan Qing Yan had run out of ideas, Ji Mo Ya’s stand was either she agree to leave with him or else he would kiss her forcefully again.

She needs to show her anger!

Did he get addicted at forcefully kissing her!

D*mn, do not force me, didn’t we agree to part amicably? Why must he say these emotional words?

Huan Qing Yan displayed an expression as though she was facing death, “I… I do not want to be a concubine… I will not leave with you.”

Just as Ji Mo Ya was about to kiss her, he paused midway.

So, after all this time, this was the reason?

The two stopped speaking. The air between them seemed to have frozen, and Ji Mo Ya’s starry eyes turned dark before he turned away, displaying an attitude of distancing away…

He did not say anything, just a cold face as he walked towards the kitchen in large strides.

Hiding in the dark was Mo Si who was enjoying the show of his Young Master displaying his love; he was also dumbstruck!

He did not know what his Young Master was thinking about, but his own thoughts were that this girl truly had a great ambition! To think that she wanted to become the wife of the Ji Mo Clan’s Young Master…

Putting aside the fact that his Young Master had no say over his own marriage, just the fact that Huan Qing Yan had the three ‘no’s: one, no background, two, no clan, and three, no cultivation, even if his Young Master managed to muscle his way through every obstacle that was against their union, she would still be unable to stay in that position securely.  

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