Chapter 317 – Just A Drop

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Ji Mo Ya’s anger had dissipated after the kiss.

He did not expect that he would lose control to such a level.

He stretched out his slender finger and wiped away the teardrops on her eyelashes, “If you dare to invite death recklessly like that again, I will really kill you.”

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The saying was true, a woman must not me pampered, once pampered, they would not know their limits.

Huan Qing Yan’s mind was still dizzy, the man god had just molested her, wuu wuu wuu, that’s her first kiss!

It’s now gone!

Wuu wuu wuu, the mouth is hurting, the wrist is hurting, the waist is also hurting, it is so rough, he came down on her without providing her time to make any preparations.

So hateful.

With her body still within his arms, she replied feeling wronged, “I only wanted a couple of drops for Xing Han so that he can awaken his spirit treasure. I awoke my spirit treasure the last time when I drank it…”

Ji Mo Ya’s anger shot up slightly, but when he saw her puffy red lips, his voice turned gentle again, “My blood does not have the ability to awaken spirit treasure, and the previous time is just a coincidence.”

“What if a coincidence happens again?”

“You still wish to debate about this?” Although Ji Mo Ya went to sound serious and solemn, he was unable to do so while gently hugging her.

This girl made him feel as though she had him right under her control.

Yet he still allowed it and gave in to her, displaying a high level of tolerance towards her!

There were several people who coveted his blood before, and all of them basically had only one ending, death.

Huan Qing Yan looked at him with teary eyes, “Just give me two drops, let me give Xing Han to try. Xing Han is a very obedient child, you should know it too. He is still young, yet he knows to continue improving himself, please give him this chance…”

“No, nothing to talk about.” This is a matter of principles; if he allowed her this once today, it would be many times more tomorrow.

This girl had always been an opportunist.

Huan Qing Yan knew that begging was no use, so with a blink, she immediately changed methods. She lifted her bruised wrist to his face, “Help me check, see if you have broken any bones? It is so painful! External injuries are easy to cure, but what if I have internal injuries? Will it affect my cultivation? What’s more, my spirit treasure is in that region, did it die from your grip?”

The corners of Ji Mo Ya’s mouth twitched… he checked her wrist, he had only used a bit of strength and it had bruised so badly.

The coldness on his face reduced as a glint flashed through his deep black starry eyes.

“One drop.”

Huan Qing Yan’s expression brightens and quickly agreed, “Okay! Thank you, Young Master Ya.”

A drop then.

For this drop, she had given away her first kiss to Young Master Ya and had injuries all over her body.

She jumped out of Ji Mo Ya’s embrace and looked at him, waiting for his blood.

Ji Mo Ya forced a drop of blood out from his fingertips; at that instant, a delicious fragrance filled the area.

Huan Qing Yan licked her lips once again; she wanted to drink it again.

“Young Master Ya, why is your blood so different from others?”

“This Young Master’s second spirit treasure is a Ginseng; after I awakened it, my blood underwent a change and possessed an uncommon fragrance.”

Ji Mo Ya did not speak further; after he awoke his second spirit treasure, his cultivation speed reached terrifying levels, but this also brought him great dangers as well.

The fragrance would cause both human and demon cultivators to have the urge to drink his blood, and when they do, their cultivation would greatly increase as well.

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This was naturally not a good thing and was also related to a dark history of his childhood days, so he was unwilling to touch this scarred memory.

Huan Qing Yan was startled, “A Ginseng? There exists such a spirit treasure in this world? No wonder its effects are so powerful, eating it is akin to consuming a great tonic!”

When she looked at Ji Mo Ya, it felt as though she was looking at the monk Tang San*.
(Cuppa: This is one of the main characters in the Chinese Classic: Journey to the West. The monk, Tang San, was hunted by demons throughout his journey as the demons believed that his flesh could give immortality to the demon who consumes it.)

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