Chapter 316 – Want To Die?

In addition, she felt a great pain coming from her wrist. Ji Mo Ya’s smile that was born from extreme anger had caused Huan Qing Yan’s body to mildly tremble!

Holy, this was the first time the man god had shown his angry side, it’s utterly terrifying!

Wasn’t it just secretly pricking him to get a bit of blood?

Why such a big reaction!

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Danger, fear, and also a bit of feeling wronged…

As the great pain from her wrist brought her back from her thoughts, Huan Qing Yan stuttered, “I… only want a couple of drops…”

Ji Mo Ya was still in great rage, “Do you want to die?”

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Some dark memories flashed through his mind, causing his anger to boil even more.

This woman had touched the only thing that he cannot forgive!

The current Ji Mo Ya was something that Huan Qing Yan had never seen before, the storm-like eyes and the murderous intent emitting from his body!

Is he… really going to kill her?

Waves of pain were being transmitted from her wrist; at this rate, her bones would break. Huan Qing Yan finally found her strength and started to struggle, “Pain, let me go, do not be angry, I can compensate you…”

That needle had long fell onto the ground; despite struggling, she was still unable to release her wrist from the grip. So she twisted her body before going half squat, and she tried to pick up the needle that was dropped, as she wanted to let him prick her once to appease his anger first before they continued to talk.

Who knew that her posture and that angle had somehow revealed the top of her ample breasts, allowing Ji Mo Ya to see everything clearly.

Ji Mo Ya’s breathing paused for a moment, his eyes flashed as he pulled her up with great strength; with a twist of his arm, he hugged her waist and roughly pulled her into standing position before he lowered his head onto her lips.

The kiss was extremely invasive, causing Huan Qing Yan to be unable to resist its attacks at all.

Huan Qing Yan’s mind turned blank once more!

Ji Mo Ya’s kiss also came with a bite, bringing a heavy sense of punishment and possessiveness. Huan Qing Yan tasted the scent of blood in her mouth, it was not fragrant as it was hers, only then did she finally start to react.

“Wuu wuu wuu… what are you doing… you…”

Ji Mo Ya pressed down on her head and was unwilling to let go, as he continue to suck heavily, he said in broken pieces, “Didn’t you plan to compensate me? I am doing as you wished…”

As he spoke, the arm that circled her waist began to move, drawing her body closer to him, forcefully pushing her against him. Huan Qing Yan’s pair of great assets was squashed to a wicked state against him.

Ji Mo Ya caught a glimpse of her body, and the heat within his eyes rose by a few more factors as an uncontrollable urge welled up within him.

His kiss turned even heavier and deeper.

Huan Qing Yan was utterly flustered, her face was also scorching red while her lips seemed to be on fire as the scent that uniquely belonged to the man drowned her like a great stormy sea… she was unable to resist, she had no strength to resist.

Large drops of tears began to fall from her beautiful phoenix eyes.

As Ji Mo Ya felt the wetness on his face, his berserk actions stopped as he turned gentle; the force that was pressing onto her head also relaxed.

Allowing her body to finally feel some form of comfort.

Yet they did not part, as he continued to greedily savor that unique scent that belonged to her, that unfathomable softness in front of him did not allow him to stop…

Since it was no longer that violent, Huan Qing Yan also slowly managed to get used to it; his kiss had caused her entire body to go numb while her mind went dizzy. Her body turned soft as she leaned backwards without worry, since he was still hugging her.

After a long while did the two of them finally part.

There was some light panting; Huan Qing Yan was glowing like a red lotus, her crimson little lips were swollen, displaying the tyranny and roughness of Ji Mo Ya.

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