Chapter 32- For What Is Important

Draco sat beside Luna, then overlooked the landscape. He had to admit that it did look beautiful in it’s own way after Luna pointed out a few of the finer details of the place. It had been nearly a week since they arrived, and Luna is now at the point of being unable to move. The weight she put on threatened to split her own waist if she stood up. It was going to be a trying time for her.

“Luna.” (Draco)

It took her a moment to look at Draco.

“Yes?” (Luna)

Draco didn’t stop looking at the burning land.

“You plan on using our children to help fight the demons2demonsspecies war. Yet, you also say that they have free choice. How can they have that choice if you’ve already decided their future already?” (Draco)


Draco finally looked at her.

“If they’re allowed to choose, then neither of us can raise them. Whoever does will have their fate decided their way.” (Draco)

Luna paused in thought.

“There’s another option. We can do it together, and show them their choices at the same time.” (Luna)

Draco turned away, then lowered his head.

“I know there’s no love between the two of us, but we’re here together, about to have children. Draco, I’m bound to David as much as you are to the divine. Yet, look how well they work together.” (Luna)

Draco thought about the comment. He had also been thinking about the possibility and chance about such a thing.

“Then, we must talk about how to do it together then.” (Draco)


Luna happily lifted her body at Draco’s willingness to change.

“They can be with me during the night, and you can take care of them during the day. We should raise them during the time of the day of when were at our strongest.” (Luna)

Draco considered her suggestion.

“I can see the logic in that. However, that’s not together.” (Draco)

Luna nodded.

“There’s the time before a full day and a full night. At some point, they can likely sleep in the early morning, which is when I sleep. During the evening, we can watch them together. You, me, and them can do whatever they wish.” (Luna)

Draco considered that suggestion too. It seemed reasonable for the timing, and flexible for some events.

“What about names?” (Draco)


Luna looked at her swollen belly.

“I was so caught up with having them that I haven’t thought of any yet.” (Luna)

Luna laid her head down beside Draco.

“I’ll need time to think about it a little. It won’t matter if we don’t name them immediately.” (Luna)

Draco kept quiet after that. He was thinking about their discussion as well. Vuirty came by some time later, and Luna had fallen asleep by then.

“Is she resting well?” (Vuirty)

Draco turned to her, before returning to looking outside.

“She is.” (Draco)


Vuirty settled down, then started watching the view as well.

“I remember my first pregnancy. I was twice her age before I was even considered by a male. I was a lowly transportation dragon. I lost my employment because of the sadistic nature of my employer. He hurt me and left me to fend for myself when he was done with me. It taught me the lesson that anything can be stripped from you at any time. I lost my job, and I had four extra mouths to feed, so I whored myself for money. Eventually, I lost them to hunger, or they were stolen from me. I searched and looked everywhere, but I never found my babies. On my quest, I found a home in the WCL. At first, I was a errand runner. Now, I’m a executive operating manager to select high end clients. Yet every day that passes, I don’t stop thinking about the pain of losing my children. Every day, I ensure a future, or at least a chance for one. Luna’s rich, and I manage her account personally. I see a passion I once had, but I fear she chased you for the wrong reason. Did you accept her for the right one?” (Vuirty)


Draco looked at the old dragon. She had seen her days of glory and deepest sorrow. Experience showed in her eyes, but Draco could never understand unless he shared them.

“I did it because I wanted a family. Something I’ve never had before.” (Draco)

Vuirty turned to look at Luna.

“Draco, the reasons why you two want children are different, but that means there’s more choices for them. You’re a divine follower. You will care for them and love them, and you will give them a sense of being loved. Luna is soul bound to a demon, so she will be able to give them a future. It’s something to work for and expect. Together, the two of you will give them a home and a future, it’ll be a complete family.” (Vuirty)

Draco considered the old dragon’s words. She was wise about everything it seemed. Something then caught his attention.

“When you said soul bound…. you don’t mean?” (Draco)


Vuirty turned to Draco, a little shocked.

“You mean you didn’t know. As an infant, Luna trapped David into naming her. A name is the key to a soul. If you aren’t aware of this, then I’ll say it. Wyrms are way more susceptible to our names than other mortal beings. Draco, your name is a literal translation to a new beginning for dragons3dragonsspecies. Luna is a literal meaning for finding a path in the darkness. There’s a lost tongue with wyrms and each name given to a dragon comes from a meaning of one of those words. The moon and the first. You must remember this as you give your children names.” (Vuirty)

Draco looked toward Luna, then smiled.

“You were listening, weren’t you?” (Draco)


Vuirty stood up.

“Luna is the last wyrm I’ve taken personal interest in since my last children. She did something noticeable, and I thought it was interesting how she kept herself up on her dues, and even being able to finance so young. I think I would like to call her a good friend. If I was permitted to of course.” (Vuirty)

Just then, Luna woke up and screamed loudly.

“What….?” (Draco)

Before Draco could finish asking, Vuirty pushed him back.

“It’s time. Make yourself useful, send for my aids and tell them it’s time.” (Vuirty)


For three days, Draco waited outside the roost that Luna was given. For an event that occurs naturally and usually alone, there has been a lot of traffic to and from Luna’s. No one gave him any news while they passed though, and any words he picked up were just incoherent talk.

“Ill timed.” “Attacking.” “In great pain.” “Difficult.” “Unwelcome surprise.” “Three so far.”

The last one that Draco heard was an idea about the number of children that he has so far. It gave him something to think about. Draco sat and waited for any more news. To occupy his time, he looked through copies of his and Luna’s legacy books. He wanted to find a name from their heritage that would make Luna proud of going through the task of having children.


Draco noticed that while his bloodline had something of a free spirit behind it, Luna’s had been of servitude and commitment. Much of her heritage had been blocked by the control of the Supreme Overlord’s influence. Whole generations were even missing from some of the pages, yet one name stood out in each book. The name was something that he wanted to use. He then set the books aside and saw Loa resting beside him. She almost seemed to be waiting for him to finish.

“Please come with me.” (Loa)


Draco stood up, then the small wyrm took to her wings to keep eye contact.

“She’s done and resting now. She is terribly weak and bled heavily during the whole ordeal. In case that she didn’t survive, she left us instructions that you will inherit her account on behalf of the young and make the choices about the young’s futures.” (Loa)

Before Draco could ask anything, Loa flew off and Draco then followed her to where Luna laid down. Her weakened body bulged from the ordeal she had just went through, with the prize of attempting it covered by her wing. Draco saw three eggs there. Three beautiful children that were his. He was so mesmerized by them, that he didn’t notice that the books were taken from him.

“The first child came out almost immediately.” (Vuirty)


Draco turned and saw Vuirty writing in one of the books, while occasionally stopping to dip one of her talons back into some ink.

“He seemed eager to come into the world, he was excited about the life he was given. The second one came out hours later. She came from Luna slowly and with the most trouble, but I would still describe her as elegant. The runt was slow and cautious, yet the easiest for Luna to bare. It almost seemed like it was rather wise and knew what was happening, so it went easier on her.” (Vuirty)

Vuirty pushed one of books away, then opened another.

“What are?” (Draco)

Vuirty interrupted him.

“I’m concentrating. I’m recording details about the event. I just hope it survives its trip back into the vaults.” (Vuirty)


Draco took the last comment as something was wrong. Luna was done and there were the eggs. What else could be happening?

“Loa, Lou, see to it these are secured immediately. Careful, the ink is still wet.” (Vuirty)

After some careful positioning, the two managed to get hold of the books in a way to carry them while they were still open, then flew off hastily. Vuirty then pushed Draco beside Luna.

“Stay here, will you. I’ll have some food and water sent up.” (Vuirty)

Draco nodded, then started looking at his children again.


Before he was aware of it, he dozed off while thinking about names for them. He wasn’t sure how long passed, but he woke up to Luna nudging him with her nose.

“I just woke up. Did they tell you something was wrong? You weren’t supposed to see them in this state.” (Luna)

Draco raised his arms wide, then yawned. He didn’t notice before, but now he was hungry. He’s only eaten a little bit since Luna started going into labor.

“Vuirty promised some food would be brought up. I thought the way that’s been so diligent wouldn’t be late now.” (Draco)

Luna raised her head before laying it down on the ground again.

“I could really use some food, I’m terribly weak.” (Luna)

Draco then raised to his feet unsteadily.

“I’ll get you something.” (Draco)


Luna raised her head slightly.

“I need something for the heat as well. The lamps are supposed to be blazing right now, but they seem to have to be piloted.” (Luna)

Draco moved to the edge of the golden room, then looked over the cavern that usually housed dozens of busy wyrms that talked about one matter or another. Upon stepping out of the gold  room, smells of blood and sweat assaulted his nostrils. It looked like a fight took place in the medical station below. Draco was immediately noticed, so Loa flew up to him and seemed to have been crying.

“My apologies, Sir Draco. You weren’t meant to see this.” (Loa)

Draco only stared down as the other wyrm landed.

“Your food and water has been delayed. I will see to it immediately.” (Loa)

Draco grabbed the other’s neck, but soon loosened his hand.

“Tell me who did this.” (Draco)


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Loa looked downward, not too sure what she should say.

“We’re being attacked by a demon called Locerous and a fellow wrym, Xolrum.” (Loa)

Draco gripped Loa’s neck again. This time, to drag her to Luna, who was quite surprised at the sight, but even more so of the news that she was just told. Despite lacking in strength, Luna was determined to protect herself.

“This situation….?” (Luna)

Loa hesitated, but Luna waited until she was ready to speak.

“The demons hordes have secured the portal stone, but we were able to send messages out before it was fully taken over though. This is a WCL protected realm, it’s a housing area used for VIP clients that are expected to carry accounts over generations, or have already. Currently, Lady Luna is the only one with these qualifications present. Others are lesser guests who we service at an extravagant price. However, they are entitled to only a portion of what you pay for Lady Luna.” (Loa)


Luna growled, annoyed.

“This is no time to sound like a tour guide. Tell me of the defenses and troops.” (Luna)

Loa hesitated for only a few seconds this time before responding.

“Normally, we have a large standing guard, which is around five hundred people. With the demon civil war going on right now though, the WCL has ordered over half of them to be moved to important stations.” (Loa)

Luna and Draco grew surprised.

“Only two hundred and fifty left!” (Luna)

Draco then said.

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“There must be that many injured below us now.” (Draco)

Luna then looked even more surprised, but couldn’t keep it up as she soon put her head back on the gold below her.

“Many of them aren’t normal WCL employees. Some are part of Vuirty personal employment, but other members are her family.” (Loa)


Loa shed a tear.

“Vuirty is a foster mother. After her first pregnancy, she lost the ability to have more children. We’ve all been adopted by her, even me and….” (Loa)

Loa turned her head away.

“We love our mother. Many of us would likely be dead if not for her. I know I would. Even now, she’s fighting the black dragon.” (Loa)

Draco released Loa, then started heading toward the exit.

“Are you going to leave me here alone Draco?” (Luna)

Draco paused before going past the gold boundary again. She was right. Her and the children are more important than vengeance. He moved back to Luna, then sat down beside her neck.

“She’s cold and needs warmth as well.” (Draco)

Loa then dipped her head.

“The oil is being used for the defenses, but I will have blankets and a stove brought up here as soon as I’m able to.” (Loa)

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