Chapter 31- Birth Privileges

Draco looked in wonder at the realm of wyrm kind. This was the first time either of them had left David’s realm since their first encounter with each other many months ago. Vuirty, Luna’s personal contact at the WCL, had come by several times over the stages of Luna’s pregnancy. It was more to enjoy the private pool of hers more than anything though. However, since she was in such a late stage now, she told her to come with her to bare her children in a place of safety. Somehow, in that time, Draco managed to get dragged along with them. Now, the three of them just stood there beyond the stone watchers and their checkpoint. They were seeing charred landscape and burning rivers.

“Beautiful.” (Draco)

Draco looked at Luna for her comment.

“What is?” (Luna)


Luna blinked a few times, trying to remember the interruption, then eventually succeeded.

“Oh, right. Your half blood. You must take your view of admiration from your mother. To a half dragon like me, we can see things like fires as pure, while others don’t. That’s why we are one of two wyrm races that can use fire and store it in our bodies. We are naturally born with such instincts. It’s one thing that makes dragons3dragonsspecies more powerful as we age. As we do, our fire gets stronger and our resistance to it as well.” (Draco)

Vuirty grunted for a moment, before pushing her bulk between the two.

“Come along. The scenery will still be her when we arrive, and you will be looking at it for the longest time.” (Vuirty)


They did as they were commanded, then she lead them to a small mountain that seemed to be an active volcano, which was hollowed out inside. All around; there were dragons, drakes, wyverns, snake wyrms, and a few other different breeds. Upon noticing her, many of them paused at the sight of Vuirty, except for a pair of what seemed like snakes with wings, who flew over to her.

“Mam, this is the one correct?” (Left Snake Wrm)

Vuirty nodded.

“Correct. Please help her however best you can. Show her to her chambers and the other one is the father.” (Vuirty)

The two snake creatures looked at each other for a moment before turning back to Vuirty.

“Right away mam.” (Right Snake Wyrm)

Vuirty turned around, then spoke with Luna and Draco.

“These two are Lou and Loa. They’re twins that are also my best assistants. For the duration of your stay, they are at your beck and call.” (Vuirty)

The two then dip their heads, and gave them their individual names. However, it would still be difficult to tell them apart at a distance or up close.


The twins lead Luna and Draco to a chamber overhead only accessible by flight. It was a room coated in gold. Luna wasn’t too impressed by it, but Draco seemed awestruck. Such expenditure of wealth for one person. Luna moved into the crevasse in the middle of the room, which was obviously the nest. She became mesmerized by the view. She had never seen such natural, to a dragon, beauty, as what she was seeing just now. She could see dozens of different wyrm of all breeds moving about freely, only worrying about their own problems.

“Is everything satisfactory for you; Sir, Madam?” (Lou and Loa)

Draco and Luna then each turned to one of the twins that spoke at the same time.

“I’m a little hungry.” (Draco)

The one in front of Draco sat his body down, then began to listen to what he said.

“Anything in particular?” (Loa)

Before Draco responded, Luna spoke.

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“Yes, he will have a torgo steak, unseasoned, sirloin cut, medium rare, and cooked on iron over a natural fire. I will have the rest of the torgo sirloin uncooked, but with the blood drained. That will suffice as a nice snack for now.” (Luna)


The one named Lou got up again, then flew away with all haste. The other one stayed in case anything else was needed. As if she forgot, she spoke again.

“Drinks. Draco doesn’t need any specific, but his vow states he must have water. I wish for something more fine however. Just a little bit of something smooth and warm. I am with child after all.” (Luna)

As fast as her twin was, she left in all haste as well. Draco noticed that as soon as she was gone, Luna waved her claw at him to come closer.

“Draco, you have to keep in mind that everything here is aimed to please and everything you get costs something. Be very specific. I have spent millions already just to be a high class client with full privileges. As my guest, you can draw on my account. I am rich, but not wealthy enough to splurge on whims and unneeded thing. I even have a room to operate, but do try to be careful.” (Luna)


Suddenly, Luna grabbed Draco’s arm and put his hand on her swollen belly. He could feel something hard on the other side, then an impact from inside the shell. Without thinking, Draco mentioned the event as both the twins and a pair of wyverns came with the food and drinks that they ordered.

“They will hatch in days of me having them Draco. They are eager to meet you.” (Luna)

Draco backed away, surprised. He thought it may take months, or even up to a year or more for them to hatch. It only taking days was far from his mind.


It was rare for an angel to bare a child, but such a thing was always on someone’s mind. Normally, when such an event happens, there was a choice of either the child being raised as a normal angel, or as whatever the other half of it is. It would detached from all forms of parenthood from their actual parents. The second is that the mother and child is cast away from the realm of the divine until the father fails to draw breath, then they must earn their way back into favor. They would normally be able come back by a sacrifice that usually costs a life. In Lousphy’s case, she knew it would be a mix of the two. Never in the history of existence has two distant opposites performed such a taboo as creating a life. Lousphy knew that all of this information was correct, so she would never tell David about the circumstances.


Yet, she had to know if he desired something more from their relationship as she had. He never admitted it, but she knew he did. A demon is full of secrecy and lies, but even he couldn’t hide his feelings from his own heart. Now, the question on everyone’s minds is what to do now that she’ll have the child. Will it be sadistic like it’s father? Will it look like an angel? How will it survive? What is it’s destiny? From everything Lousphy knew, that’s the one question that she wanted answered the most. She considered asking for an audience with the Almighty, but only those with eight wings or more have ever made such a request. Even then, it wouldn’t be fulfilled. Despite her unique circumstances, she felt like it would be a waste. At a similar time as Luna and Draco leaving, Lousphy left for the divine lands.


Lousphy laid down alone in her bed, thinking. The nursemaids were hand selected by Sir Ralph. Each of them knew the origin of the yet born child, and Lousphy was sure that they had orders to kill her child if anything was wrong. If it killed her at birth, or attacked anyone, or anything that didn’t seem normal, they would kill it. Lousphy wondered what would be normal for them. A demon and angel having a child has never occurred before to her knowledge, neither to David’s. Well, according to him at least. His knowledge of demons2demonsspecies was great, but he didn’t know everything.

“Madam Lousphy, it’s time for dinner.” (Nursemaid)


Lousphy rolled off her side and the weight of the child returned to her back. The Nursemaid Torliana then handed Lousphy a bowl that had plain vegetable stew in it. She took the spoon and ate a small bite, causing her to miss the food that David cooks. However, it was nourishing to her pregnant needs. Slowly, Lousphy ate the whole bowl before returning it to the watcher. She then took it back and set it on the tray that another person was carrying. She then returned to her side,  showing her back to Torliana. She missed flying and communicating with those of the town, she wondered about their safety. She started thinking about a bunch of questions that came to mind in her head. Did something happened to them? Is her trainee fulfilling their duties on their own? Is David over his power trip yet? How is Luna doing with her own pregnancy?

“Madam Lousphy, you have a guest.” (nursemaid)

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Lousphy turned her head after hearing that.

“Who is it?” (Lousphy)


Even though she didn’t need to ask because she knew she would only get one guest. Saint John sat in the chair provided for him, and Lousphy didn’t turn from her side again.

“Are you going to question my wisdom yet again?” (Lousphy)

Saint John kept quiet when she asked the question, then looked at Lousphy. He still didn’t believe the situation, even after several months of witnessing it.

“If I did, it wouldn’t change the results now. I only wish for a reason. Why choose to have a child now? You know, we can only have children when we desire it.” (Saint John)

Lousphy closed her eyes, then responded with love in her voice.

“What wife wouldn’t want to have a child with their love? What angel rejects the idea of making a life?” (Lousphy)

Lousphy knew that she wouldn’t get an answer. There was silence, so she knew that he had already left.

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