Chapter 38- Final Preparations and Planning

David stepped through his portal to his realm, and immediately encountered two heavily armored wyverns when he went through. They started growling at him, ready to charge at any moment, until an oul landed between them.

“Master, it’s good to see you.” (Oul)

David didn’t even stop to return the greeting, he just kept walking. As he walked, he could see his minions, some humans, and other wyrms, as well as other creatures watching him as he walked by. As he passed the town, he saw Draco and his three children beside Suan. The rest of the town was watching him now as well as he arrived at his mansion.


His army was waiting for him at attention in front of it, led my Luna. She then bowed her head, happy to see him again. He didn’t give any orders, but his army parted for him, while Luna stayed at his side. After the gates opened and the main doors parted, David looked upon a throne room worthy of any great overlord. It was just as he pictured, and how he wanted it.

“Your throne has been built based on your specifications. Your device that you requested has also been completed.” (Luna)

The gates and doors closed, while Luna lowered herself so David could grab around her neck. After a moment of that, he let go.

“So, they aren’t just for show?” (David)


Luna went to the wall, then brought back a chart.

“Over the last five years, there have been over twenty thousand people recruited to your cause. Of which, eight thousand were insurgents that came here to mess up any plans you had. Sixteen new mining realms, twenty farming realms, two city class realms, and a few others have been acquired so far. Some of them are more suited to the finicky minions you are now in control of.” (Luna)

David took the chart and started to look it over.

“Finances?” (David)

Luna took the chart back to the wall, then spoke.

“Your private reserve is back in my hoard whenever you want them. As for everything else, it’s safe and sound.” (Luna)


David sat on the throne, then found a keypad beside his hand.

“The first one is for a bloody mox.” (Luna)

David pushed the button, causing a slide to shift open and a smoothie to come out of it. David grabbed it, then took a sip. He gave a ‘hmm’, before setting it down again.

“Resources and supplies?” (David)

“We have enough on hand for twenty years alone. We’re able to produce indefinitely, and have vast reserves in our other realms.” (Luna)

David then took another sip.

“Explain how my troops are trained.” (David)


Luna moved to his other side.

“Well, we have several security contracts with divine lands that need protecting more than what the divine are able to do themselves. Many have already engaged either of the others armies, and sometimes at the same time. These are our veteran warriors, and they get the best equipment, which is on par holy army equipment. Then, there are the lesser ones that are mainly trained by gladiator pits in both demon and divine lands. They have equipment on par to what they deserve based on their gladiator rating in our own pits in the bottom levels. Some even receive better things related to their earnings. Of which, there are elites of both rankings that I call captains. These people have both the skills to command their ranks, as well as the enhanced abilities someone of that rank should have. However, of the twelve thousand people at your command, only between six and eight thousand are on call at every given moment due to their training.” (Luna)

David took another sip of his smoothie.

“Tell me about our armaments.” (David)


Lousphy just landed in the divine realm, and saw more activity than normal. She went to Sir Ralph’s office, but he wasn’t there, no one was. She contently sighed, deciding to wait until a two winged angel came to her.

“Lady Lousphy, please follow me.” (Angel)

Lousphy followed the other angel until they arrived in a port with lots of traffic. It almost seemed to stop to her, so she uneasily walked forward, not knowing what to expect. Suddenly, she saw Sir Ralph, so she moved toward him.

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“Did you have to disappear five years just to get one hero?” (Sir Ralph)

Lousphy looked down at her sleeping child.

“The plan was just for a day. That was our window to one of the distant lands.” (Lousphy)


Everything stopped at Lousphy’s statement, but everything picked up again a moment later.

“So, what exactly happened?” (Sir Ralph)

Lousphy took in a deep breath before responding.

“I can’t tell you.” (Lousphy)

Ralph looked directly at Lousphy, with her look telling him that she meant it.

“Everyone is being called into action. No exceptions Lousphy. By the reports we’ve received, they’re only toying with each other at this time. There have already been twelve villages, countless settlements, and outposts destroyed by collateral damage alone. There are reports of open fighting near half the known realms.” (Sir Ralph)

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Suddenly, the board of the realms was updated and more areas that were gray suddenly went black. She’s seen this board in a game David used to play with Luna when things were especially slow. She never was interested in it, but she understood that the concept was the same.

“Are we doing anything?” (Lousphy)

Suddenly, the board changes again and there were a few new white areas, but still even more black ones. Lousphy sighed.

“So, what do you want me to do?” (Lousphy)

Lousphy glanced at the board, then saw that a new piece was being used already.

“Right now, I need another suit of armor. One of my rank, or one just to fight with, but given that no one but you can handle your child, I’ll put you in another position that needs to be filled.” (Sir Ralph)


After the report from Luna, and two more smoothies, David turned on the eververse news and watched the progress of some of the battles being reported on. After about an hour of that, David sighed, then turned it off and had the television raised again.

“Luna?” (David)

After a few moments, she came through a side door.

“Yes, David?” (Luna)

David stood up.

“My army can stand down for now. Nothing will happen today. Now, please tell me there’s something I can do, because I never realized how boring it is to sit in a chair and do nothing.” (David)

Luna nodded.

“Well, a flood of requests came in. I haven’t answered any of them yet because I don’t know how to.” (Luna)


Luna became nervous after saying that.

“Requests, from whom? The town? The Divine?” (David)

Luna turned back towards him.

“Well, no David. Other demons2demonsspecies actually. From lesser ones, to even other overlords. Some could have armies as strong as yours even.” (Luna)

David slouched in his chair, then smiled with a brilliant idea in his head.

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