Chapter 106: The two people who broke out of the common sense dimension.

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Right after Yato had fainted, Lina placed his head on top of her lap and sat down while leaning on a tree.

So this is the so-called lap-pillow.

She felt slightly excited from letting him sleep on top of her lap. Since both Saya and Karen said that they have already done the same thing to Yato, Lina was hoping to get a chance to give him a lap pillow as well someday.

H-He’s face is pretty close…

Although Yato’s face was directed in a horizontal direction, Lina couldn’t help feeling nervous from the short distance between her and him and kept on staring at his face.
An angel holding a man in her arms while sitting and leaning on a tree inside a forest. With the sunlight illuminating their surroundings, that place would have most likely turned to be renowned as a painting.
Unfortunately, instead of enjoying the scenery, Lina’s mind was full of completely different thoughts.

S-Should I stroke his hair…

Yato’s thoughts were filling her mind to the point that she couldn’t focus on what’s surrounding her. The more she gazed at his face sleeping peacefully, her desires swelled up further. Finally, she reached her limits while looking at him sleeping tranquilly to a suspicious point and approached her hand to him.

“J-Just a little bit…”

Slowly and deliberately, Lina approached her fingers to Yato and touched his hair. She flinched at the moment she touched him, but eventually, she got used to the sensation and started to gently stroke his hair.
The feeling of touching his hair resembled to that of touching an animal for the first time; Lina let out a voice of admiration as she sparkled her eyes.

“It’s pretty silky.”

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Surprised by the unexpected silkiness of Yato’s hair, Lina continued to stroke him as she began relaxing. At that time, Yato didn’t seem to her as a human who had the ability of gods. But contrary to his normal looks, the abilities he conceals within him are unimaginable for anyone who doesn’t know him.

This guy, he made me go through many things in the past.

Who knew that their first antagonized relationship would turn into a friendly one where they eat lunch together or even go to play at the beach. Lina’s common sense was overturned countless times since the day she first met him.

“I wonder what he is about to do after he wakes up.”

Trying to guess what he is going to do next while gently smiling, Lina continued to brush his hair. The only thing she was certain about was that he will end up doing something beyond her imagination.

Well, maybe he can defeat her, after all…

She had that impression from the experience she acquired from spending a long time on his side. Scala is famous for breaking the rules of common sense, but Yato is no exception. Nobody can predict the outcome of a battle between two people of that same type.
The instant Lina became certain of Yato’s victory, she got overcome by feelings of ease and unintentionally pumped a bit of strength in stroking his hair.

But still, this act of stroking Yato’s hair is about to become an addiction of mine…

The refreshing sensation she had from his hair made her forget about time until Yato suddenly moved.



Instantly, Lina withdrew her hand by fright. A short while later, he moved to the other side again and went back to sleep.

W-What was that…?!

Since he turned to the other side, he faced Lina’s abdomen this time. Due to that, his breathing reached her directly and she could see his face better. Apparently, the elation she received from that was a bit too strong.

I-I can see his face better now…

Lina blushed while fixing her gaze on Yato’s face. Again, once she got used to him being this close, she went to stroke his hair by approaching her hand, However, Yato’s unconscious moves stopped her from doing so a second time.


This time, Yato enclosed Lina’s abdomen in his arms and buried his face inside her. His breath, warmth, and pressure; they all reached her from her belly.
Lina raised both of her arms after letting out an confused scream.

W-What is he doing all of a sudden!?

Unable to scream loudly in order to not wake him up, she shouted in her heart.
How did we end up in this position!?
Lina’s mind couldn’t function properly anymore from the blended feelings of happiness and embarrassment and her face turned bright red.

H-He’s too close… I can feel him breathing…

Since his face was buried inside her belly, she could feel his breathing reaching her through her clothes.

W-What should I do…

Unable to make any move, Lina looked around her aimlessly while still raising her hands up. Yato’s sleeping face was in the bottom of her field of vision.

T-This isn’t bad too maybe… what am I saying!?

She shook her head trying to get rid of those thoughts.

Why did I end up like this…?

When she ran out of ideas, Lina looked up at the sky with her cheeks still reddish. At that moment, Yato muttered ‘hugging pillow’ under his breath, but Lina couldn’t hear it as her mind had already stopped functioning at that time.


The first thing I felt after waking up was that the ground was somewhat soft.


When I opened my eyes, a familiar color design filled my field of sight. What is this? I feel like I already saw it before…
As I narrowed my eyes, trying to remember where I saw that design, the person who was wearing it suddenly moved.

“How long are you planning to stay like that?”

Suddenly hearing a voice from above, I shifted my eyes to look up and saw Lina’s displeased face glaring at me.
Why does she look mad?
I raised my head from Lina’s lap and sat down.

“My bad. Did Scala do something?”
“She didn’t notice our presence yet. She shouldn’t have gone too far since I could still hear her going berserk.”

Listening to Lina’s explanation, I gazed at the distance while vaguely responding to her. It took me a bit of time to realize that her face was completely red.

“Lina, are you feeling ill? Your face is red.”

I asked her directly while still sitting down, then approached my face to hers. Lina shook her head horizontally while denying in panic.

“It’s nothing! Don’t mind me!”
“But, your face; it’s red.”
“I said it’s nothing!!”

Pressed by her firm denial, I drew back and changed the topic. I heard her muttering something about me making her remember, but I still didn’t have the least idea on what happened to her.
Well, she looks fine from that reaction.
I stood up and went directly to check my new skill.【Tension Magic】, it’s a magic that controls the intensity of people’s emotions. It could shift people’s mood the way that I desire.
It doesn’t seem like a great skill from just that, but that is not its only function.
The more this skills raises the tension of one’s mood, the skills of the target increases in power as well. It’s like having one’s motivation raised makes them exhibit abilities beyond their limits.
On the other hand, if the tension decreases, the power of the skills decreases in proportion. The target will become enable to exhibit the same power they are used to have usually.
If I’m not wrong, Scala’s skills are mainly based on her emotions. Maybe I can use this new skill to block her from using hers.
Once I grasped the way to use 【Tension Magic】, I shifted my eyes to the thing that had been in my mind for a while now.

Skill creation (with restraints)
It can create any skill I have in mind. Depending on the skill I want, the exhaustion of magic will different, but if I create a skill that’s not related to magic, my own magic will dry up instantly.
In other words, It’s a minor upgrade of 【Magic creation】. On top of magic, I can now create pure skills as well. The downside is that once I use the created skill, it disappears. So I have to be careful when using it.
Now, time to replenish my magic. I turned to ask Lina who was still sitting down to share some of her magic with me.

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“Lina, can you share some of your magic with me? I ran out of it completely after creating the new skill.”

When I asked her, she didn’t respond immediately. She was staring at the void with blank eyes until she suddenly reacted.

“N? Ah? What? What happened?!”
“Nothing, I just asked you to share some of your magic with me… are you really okay?”

When I asked her with a seriously worried gaze, she bashfully averted her eyes and took out a small bottle from her pocket.

“D-Drink this then.”
“What’s this?”

I received the small bottle from Lina. inside it was a green liquid that looked like poison. I instantly knew what it was.

“Is this a potion?”
“Not exactly. It’s a magic recovery medicine. You should recover all your magic from drinking it. I anticipated this turn of event and brought it with me in case.”

I opened the recovery medicine and drank it. Surprisingly, it’s taste wasn’t bad. It felt as if I was drinking an energy drink.
After taking one gulp, I sensed magic increasing within me.

“Alright, I can do it now.”

“You’re going?”
“Yeah, I can’t let that woman alone for too long, after all.”

I can hear her crushing things from this distance. There is no time for me to take it easy here.
Hearing my answer, Lina gave me a little warning.

“Be careful. Scala-sama must be pretty angry now.”
“I know.”

After listening to her warning, I started walking towards Scala before halting my steps suddenly and turning back at Lina.

“Lina, do you have another recovery bottle?”
“The magic recovery medicine? Yeah, I do. What are you planning to do with it?”
“I just thought of a little something I can do.”

Lina didn’t understand what I was implying, but I just kept revealing mischievous grin while looking forward to the soon future.



“Your hair is pretty soft.” ⇐ Lina
“What are you talking about?”
“… Hey.”
“Can you stop touching my head please?”

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