Chapter 371: Divine position, snatching spirit tablet


The two lightning god guardians stopped where they were, and the viciousness on their face instantly disappeared. With a change in their expressions, they used a revering gaze to watch the Lightning God spirit tablet which was floating in the air.

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At the same time, the battle between the Violent Lightning Beast and the other two lightning god guardians also stopped. The three of them simultaneously looked towards the altar.

Now, the body of the Violent Lightning Beast was practically the same as Long Yi, surrounded by silverish-purple radiance. Moreover, the radiance around the two of them was still changing non-stop. It was as though the silverish-purple radiance around either of them were reacting to the radiance on the other, as they pulsated in rhythm with each other.

Suddenly, the air in this entire hall condensed, and within a second, a substantial amount of lightning magic elements crazily gushed into Long Yi’s body. Moreover, the Lightning God Spirit Tablet floating above Long Yi’s head emitted silverish-purple light, where the trace of blood continuously shuttled back and forth across the tablet.

“Ah……” Long Yi screamed in pain and the silverish-purple radiance around his body fluctuated violently.

“My husband, he is in great pain! What should we do?” Leng Youyou panicked and grabbed the hands of the equally nervous Si Bi and Feng Ling as she cried out.

“Youyou, don’t be nervous, our husband will be fine.” Si Bi also tightened her grip around Leng Youyou’s hand as she comforted her. Although she was telling Leng Youyou not to be nervous, her own voice was trembling.

At this moment, Long Yi’s body suddenly floated up from the ground. The moment he left the ground, lightning magic elements flew all around the hall in disorder.

“Cousin……” Dongfang Kexin who was standing to the side mumbled as she stared at Long Yi who was currently floating in mid air. Her tears fell like rain as she saw the pain Long Yi was in.  Suddenly, she raised her head and after shouting a single word, ‘cousin’, she rushed towards Long Yi as if she lose all senses.

Crackle, Dongfang Kexin was electrocuted and was sent flying back, only to be caught by Si Bi.

“Big sister Si Bi, I don’t want anything to happen to cousin, I definitely don’t want anything bad to happen to him…” Dongfang Kexin said with her eyes full of tears. Seeing the continuously twitching Long Yi who was frequently letting out groans of pain in the sky, she felt as if a knife was piercing her heart. Her possessive desire might be incomparably strong, she might be very selfish, and her feelings towards Long Yi might be somewhat twisted and paranoid. However, her heart was purer than true gold. She really didn’t want anything bad to happen to Long Yi.

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“Nothing will happen to him, we must believe in him.” Si Bi was just as worried for Long YI as Dongfang Kexin, but she was much calmer and handling the situation with much more maturity than Dongfang Kexin.

Suddenly, Long Yi issued a heaven shaking roar. A silverish-purple radiance started to spread out, with Long Yi in the center. In addition to the Violent Lightning Beast, the four lightning god guardians, as well as the four women, they were all pushed out of this altar.

The more surprising thing was that the mysterious patterns on the eight pillars surrounding the altar began the move and circulate as if they were alive. After forming mysterious magic rune seals, they flew towards Long Yi who was currently floating above the altar.

Kacha, the four lightning god guardians knelt down to the ground in unison with devout and revere written all over their face the moment the runes entered Long Yi’s body.

As for Long Yi who was floating above the altar, he was still twitching endlessly. However, the pain he felt was slowly reducing and his consciousness was clearer than ever. Despite all that had happened, Long Yi wanted to sink into a perpetual deep sleep more than anything. This kind of feeling of wanting to sleep but having an extremely clear consciousness was honestly painful to bear.

Moreover, his sea of consciousness was on the verge of exploding due to the influx of the insane amount of lightning magic elements that just entered his body. As for the lightning magic core that was circulating non-stop was saturated long ago. Compared to before, it was currently several times bigger in size. However, lightning magic elements were pouring into his sea of consciousness without any signs of stopping.

“Little fellows, don’t come in anymore… I am about to explode.” Long Yi muttered towards the lightning magic elemental spirits surrounding him. He didn’t know how much longer he will be able to endure with the excessive amount of lightning magic elements pouring into him.

Although the lightning magic elemental spirits still expressed trust and attachment to him, they still continued to ceaselessly assault his fragile sea of consciousness.

The other magic elements in his sea of consciousness were already suppressed by the huge amount of lightning magic elements pouring in. They basically didn’t have any power to resist the lightning magic elements which were still pouring in.

Clang clang clang, suddenly, three colors of light flew out of Long Yi body. Red, black, and white, these were the three color of light flying out of Long Yi’s body. They were actually the Raging Flames Jade, Dark Magic Jade and Light Magic Jade respectively. These three spirit tablets encircled the Lightning God spirit tablet, and they slowly rotated around it. The four of them seemed to attract and repel each other at the same time. At practically the same time, four different colored lights, from the four spirit tablets shot into the space between Long Yi’s eyebrows.

With the four lights suddenly entering Long Yi’s sea of consciousness that was already on the verge of exploding, Long Yi felt so much pain that he wanted to die. However, his consciousness was so clear that he didn’t have the qualifications to even faint, not to mention dying, so he could only endure this inhumane torment on his spirit by the four items.

Suddenly, Long Yi’s sea of consciousness exploded with a loud ‘bang’. That magic core which was formed by lightning magic elements unexpectedly exploded and formed a vortex at the center of his sea of consciousness, sucking in all the lightning magic elements in his sea of consciousness as if it was a black hole. As for fire magic elements, light magic elements and dark magic elements, they were also forming their own vortexes. However, they were like fireflies compared to the moon when they were placed in comparison with the lightning magic element vortex. As for the cyan, blue and yellow magic elements which corresponded to the wind, water, and earth magic elements respectively, they silently stayed at the edge of Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

When Long Yi finally inspected his sea of consciousness after everything that had happened, he realized that his sea of consciousness had undergone a huge expansion. It was more than double the size, and the pain that he felt decreased to a level which he could tolerate.

What in the world was going on? Long Yi was puzzled in his heart. However, when he sighed in relief and rejoiced that he was able to hold on to his little life, the Lightning God spirit tablet floating above his head suddenly entered into his sea of consciousness and quietly floated above the silverish-purple vortex. At the same time, Long Yi felt a warm current which slowly integrated into his AoTianJue’s internal force that was circulating all over his body. It was transforming Long Yi’s already very sturdy physique into something stronger, and Long Yi felt a comfortable feeling as he slowly fell into a deep sleep.

At an unknown time, the Fire Qilin and the tiger cub, Little Three, was released from the dark dimension space Long Yi possessed. They were staring at the spirit tablets floating above Long Yi without even blinking their eyes. Suddenly, the mysterious patterns of the eight stone pillars stopped circulating. From the top of the pillars, eight divine lights formed and shot towards the Lightning God’s statue standing above the altar.

This Lightning God statue trembled and suddenly disappeared, as it was reduced to a pile of powder. The powder slowly dissipated in the air, but the statue’s silverish-purple suit of armor which was full of mysterious lines remained intact above the altar. The suit of armor could be subdivided into a few parts. From the top to the bottom, the pieces were, Lightning God Helmet, Lightning God Breastplate, Lightning God Arm Armor, Lightning God Shin Guard, and Lightning God Battle Boots. Moreover, there was the purple gold Lightning God Hammer which stood majestically beside all the armor pieces.

At this time, the four lightning god guardians kneeling below the altar disappeared without a trace along with the Lightning God’s statue. The eight stone pillars also reverted back to normal, and the silverish-purple radiance around Long Yi also dissipated. Now, he was stark naked. His chest, back and arms had mysterious patterns which were exactly the same as the mysterious patterns on the stone pillars. The patterns on Long Yi’s body shone with golden light which made him look extremely mysterious.

Seeing as everything was returning to normal, Si Bi and the others simultaneously leaped onto the altar. Without a hint of shyness, they ran towards the stark naked and unconscious Long Yi.

Suddenly, Dongfang Kexin and Feng Long who were running simultaneously slowed down and their beautiful face distorted. By the time they slowed down, Si Bi and Leng Youyou had already pounced onto Long Yi.

However, just as their little hands were just about to touch Long Yi, the Dark Magic Jade and Light Magic Jade floating above Long Yi’s head trembled. A dark black light shot from the Dark Magic Jade entered the space between the eyebrows of Leng Youyou, and at the same time, a milky white light shot from the Holy Light Jade entered the space between the eyebrows of Si Bi. The moment the light entered the space between the eyebrows of both girls, they collapsed on top of Long Yi. Soon after that, those two spirit tablets and the Fire God’s spirit tablet fell down, as if they lost all their powers.

Suddenly, white light flashed in the eyes of Dongfang Kexin and leaving behind afterimages, she stretched her hands to grab both the Holy Light Jade and the Dark Magic Jade. At the same time, a green light burst out from within the body of Feng Ling.

Dongfang Kexin managed to grab onto the light spirit tablet, but the dark spirit tablet was swept away by that green light. Snorting coldly, she disappeared from the Lightning God Temple. At the same that, that green light which swept away the dark spirit tablet also disappeared.

Two clear teardrops rolled down from Feng Ling’s eyes and she collapsed powerlessly on the ground. Her body slightly trembled as she covered the pit of her stomach, as she vomited a mouthful of blood. Soon after that, she fell unconsciousness, but there was still mumbling coming from her mouth. If one were to listen carefully to what she was saying, one could hear she was continuously muttering, Why, why……


Light Church’s Light God Hall, a Light God statue with eight pairs of wings stood majestically in the center. Light Pope Charles was sitting cross-legged at the foot of this Light God statue with his eyes closed tightly as he muttered an obscure incantation. In front of him, there was a magic array that emitted a milky white radiance. This magic array luxuriously used several hundred A-ranked magic cores of light magical beasts, as well as other high quality light attributed ores to supply the energy required for the magic array to function.

Suddenly, this magic array flashed with violent radiance and an unconscious Dongfang Kexin who was holding the light spirit tablet appeared at the center of this magic array.

Charles opened his glittering eyes and without even wiping the beads of sweat off his forehead, he grabbed the light spirit tablet that was being tightly held in the little hands of Dongfang Kexin. He suddenly laughed wildly as his eyes flashed with crazed looks which made this Light Pope who was regarded as a god among common people appear like a lunatic.

Not long after, Charles’s laughter slowly stopped and gently caressing the light spirit tablet in his hand, he looked towards Dongfang Kexin who was currently lying on the magic array. With a hint of tenderness, he squatted down and softly said, “My daughter, you will forget everything that happened in the Lightning God Temple, and you will become the daughter of a true God……”


In the secret altar of the Dark Church located in the Proud Moon Empire, a tall man shrouded in black robes was similarly laughing wildly. He was holding the dark spirit tablet in his hand and a small green birdie stood on his shoulder. This small green birdie was precisely the Emerald Magic Bird that was sealed within the high-ranking members of Dark Church.


Above the attar of Lightning God Hall, a hint of dark mist emerged from the palm of Long Yi which gradually took the form of the shadow. However, the Fire Qilin and tiger cub who were guarding Long Yi beside him appeared as if they didn’t even sense the presence of this shadow.

The head outline of the shadow turned as he looked towards the Lightning God armors on the altar. Jie jie, the shadow gave a strange laugh as it contained a hint of unconcealable sense of loneliness

Not long after, the shadow stopped his ear-piercing laugher. It looked towards Long Yi on the ground and muttered, “Brave child, the Lightning God actually chose to pass his divine position to you. The only problem with that was, he didn’t expect you to possess other three other spirit tablets with you as well. Now, what kind of monster will you become as a result? Is this the beginning of your fortune? Or the beginning of your misfortune? There are also those two idiots who snatched the spirit tablets. This is getting more and more interesting, jie jie……”

While laughing, the shadow slowly entered into Long Yi’s body.

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