Chapter 370: Fierce battle, spirit tablet’s unusual transformation


The eyes of this lightning god guardian flashed with purple light and a mocking smile surfaced on his face. Clearly, he didn’t attach any importance to this kind of attack.

Ding, the lightning spear in the hand of this lightning god guardian quickly swayed twice. Long Yi’s true qi attack and the surprise attack of Long Two at the space between his eyes instantly dissipated and disappeared without a trace. As for the lightning forbidden magic spell cast by the Violent Lightning Beast, instead of doing damage to the lightning god guardian, it seemed to tickle it instead.

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth twitched and he spat out a word while gnashing his teeth, “Abnormal!” Abnormal.

Indeed, if Long Yi, Long Two and the Violent Lightning Beast were to join hands, they could traverse the Blue Waves Continent unhindered. With the exception of some advance God realm old monsters, practically no one would be able to obstruct their way. However, when they were facing this lightning god guardian, they were like a child facing an adult. They were far from being its match.

“Take another one of my attack!” Long Yi shouted loudly as he condensed all the internal force in his body into his ten fingertips. After gathering enough internal force, he shot ten true qi beams straight towards the face of this lightning god guardian.

“No need to waste your energy. In my eyes, you are nothing but an ant.” The lightning god guardian wasn’t the slightest bit fazed by the attack from Long Yi. Although the ten true qi beams Long Yi shot were completely silent when making a surprise attack, he was still able to sense the subtle fluctuation of qi coming from the beams. Spreading open his big palms, he grabbed the ten beams of concealed true qi. Lightly squeezing his hand, the ten true qi beams suddenly vanished like smoke and dispersed like clouds.

Long Yi’s dejected expression changed all of a sudden, and a complacent grin appeared on his face. When the lightning god guardian finally noticed the abnormality with the beams of true qi he caught, he suddenly felt pain in his right eye. Moreover, a burst of tingling pain began to spread out from his head, and his entire body became limp. Kacha, with a sound of something breaking, the lightning god guardian who was wearing a thick heavy armor unexpectedly fell to its knees with a look of disbelief on its face.

Taking advantage of this moment when a gap appeared in the encirclement as well as the instant when the other three lightning god guardians were dumbfounded, Long Yi rushed out of the encirclement. However, instead of going to fight the other lightning god guardians, Long Yi’s target was the Lightning God spirit tablet in the hand of the Lightning God Statue standing on the altar.

The moment Long Yi’s big hands grabbed the Lightning God spirit tablet, a whistling sound resounded beside his ears. The next moment, a sharp and violent energy blade pierced through him from behind. Long Yi immediately fell down weakly as he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Long Yi turned his head with great difficulty and saw that two lightning god guardians were staring at him with a gaze full of tyrannical qi. This made his heart turn cold. As for the other lightning god guardian, it was standing behind the lightning god guardian which Long Yi had just managed to defeat and their bodies were glimmering with a frightening silverish-purple light.

“F*ck, still didn’t die, life can truly be hard.” Long Yi muttered in his heart. Out of Long Yi’s expectations, he wasn’t able to get rid of a single one of the lightning god guardian before dying. This was truly a failure.

Of course, with Long Yi’s current strength, he was truly unable to compare to the lightning god guardian who was speaking just a moment ago. However, he still took advantage of the situation and used a sneak attack on the lightning god guardian who was underestimating him. He had truly made it appear as if he had tried his best when he used the true qi beam at the very beginning as he wanted to make the lightning god guardian think that he was nothing more than an ant in its eyes. Long Yi wanted to make the lightning god guardian think that his attacks would not be able to harm it in the slightest, but in fact, this was an and in disguise. Real ants weren’t as crafty as Long Yi. In his second move, Long Yi hid a killing move as he shot a hidden silver needle which was as fine as an ox’s fur at the same time as the ten true qi beams.

His true qi beams were silent en route when attacking, but the lightning god guardian sensed them. Of course, this was within Long Yi’s expectations. But that silver needle under the cover of the ten true qi beams was his true killer move. When that lightning god guardian extended its hand to easily block ten true qi beams, the silver needle as fine as an ox hair behind them managed to pass through the crack of its fingers. The needle proceeded on to pierce through the guardian’s right eye and penetrated its brain, cutting off the cranial nerves in the guardian’s brain.

Logically speaking, once the cranial nerves of an ordinary person were cut, no matter how strong that person was, they would surely die without a doubt. But these lightning god guardians were clearly not things which could be compared to an ordinary person.

Seeing that one of their members suffered an injury, the other two lightning god guardians went berserk. Crackle, the lightning spears of two lightning god guardians, as if lightning, stabbed towards Long Yi the primary offender. As Long Yi was already powerless at this moment, he could only wait for death.

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Clank, a shadow appeared in front of Long Yi all of a sudden. It was none other than Long Two who had just developed its own consciousness. The chest and stomach sections of its bone armor were pierced through by those lightning spears, creating two bowl-sized holes. Cracks started to spread out from these holes, which affected the entire bone armor on Long Two’s body. Unfortunately, Long Two’s surprise attack didn’t affect either of the two lightning god guardians as they stood their ground.

Rumble, the two lightning god guardians retracted their lightning spears and Long Two fell at the side of Long Yi.

“Long Two, are you okay?” Seeing Long Two protecting him while disregarding its body, Long Yi was greatly moved.

“Boss, I’m fine.” Red lights flashed in the pitch-black eye-sockets of Long Two, then with the support of its death scythe, it got up. Fortunately, it wasn’t able to feel pain. Otherwise, with the wound given to him by the two lightning god guardians it definitely wouldn’t be able to reply Long Yi and stand up in such a manner.

Long Two stood in front of Long Yi once again. In Long Two’s just formed consciousness, Long Yi was its Boss, Long Yi was its creator. It must not let its Boss receive injuries even if it had to disappear.

Rumble, a powerful pressure that could cause people to vomit blood spread out, and with a flash of lightning, Long Two was sent flying once again. Its left hand broke into pieces and its right leg wasn’t much better off. It shattered into pieces after the explosion of lightning. Now, from its skull to its foot, there wasn’t a place on Long Two that was in good condition.

Kacha, kacha, Long Two stood up once again. It used its only remaining right hand to persistently hold up its death scythe and used its only remaining left leg to jump in front of Long Yi.

“Long Two……” Long Yi opened his mouth and his entire body slightly quivered as his right hand tightly grabbed that Lightning God spirit tablet covered in his blood. Now, his heart was full of grief and heartache. He was unable to endure it any longer and could no longer watch Long Two suffering such torment before his eyes. What was even more unbearable for Long Yi was that Long Two was getting up again and again, using its body to defend Long Yi from the attacks from the two lightning god guardians.

Once again, Long Two made a perfect arc in the air and heavily fell on the ground. This time, his left leg was also completely shattered. Only half of its skull remained hanging on its neck bone, but the red light in its pitch-black eye sockets didn’t dim in the slightest as it struggled to stand up. However, after being battered by the two lightning god guardians again and again, it was losing its ability to even stand up. The spirit connection between Long Yi and it began to slowly weaken.

“Never thought, I, Long Yi will also have such a day.” Long Yi smiled sadly as his teeth made cracking sounds. His star-like eyes looked at the four women who were still bound to the stone pillars of this altar. All of them were very important to him. Among them, three were his wives, and the remaining one was his hopelessly muddled cousin.

“Roar… roar…” the Violent Lightning Beast furiously roared. Feeling the strong sadness in the Long Yi’s heart, it was angered. Ignoring the innate fear it felt from the innermost part of its heart, the Violent Lightning Beast began to attack the lightning god guardians.

But for an unknown reason, these lightning god guardians unexpectedly didn’t harm this Violent Lightning Beast. They merely sent it flying to the side of Long Yi over and over again.

During the fight between the Violent Lightning Beast and the lightning god guardians, lightning magic elements of this place seethed as forbidden magic spells were continuously fired at those lightning god guardians. Moreover, violent lightning and electric net shrouded this entire Lightning God Main Hall.

“Go, eat that.” Long Yi suddenly used his thought to instruct the Violent Lightning Beast to eat the eyeball of the Lightning God.

The Violent Lightning Beast hesitated for one-third of a second before changing into a purple light. It rushed to the table of the altar where the eyeball of the Lightning God was floating and opened its mouth, swallowing the eyeball into its belly.

A silverish-purple light burst out from the Violent Lightning Beast, then it roared as it faced the heavens. The entire Lightning God Temple shook under its roar and its figure continuously swelled as if it was a balloon.

At an unknown time, the very first lightning god guardian that was injured by Long Yi had already stood up. Now, he was staring at Violent Lightning Beast with keen, sparkling eyes and its expression was changing unpredictably.

Long Yi felt as if his soul was fluttering and the scenery before his eyes began to sway.

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“Am I dying?” Long Yi thought in his heart. However, he didn’t notice the change in the Lightning God spirit tablet in his hands. The blood above it strangely turned into flowing red lines. The blood continuously swirled on the Lightning God spirit tablet and countless lightning magic elemental spirits danced lightly and gracefully around him.

Long Yi smiled and the corner of his mouth which was covered in blood rose up, forming a perfect arc.

Suddenly, the lightning chains which bounded the four girls to the stone pillars disappeared instantly. The four girls slowly slid down and opened their beautiful eyes at practically the same time.

They blinked their eyes in confusion, as they were apparently still somewhat muddle-headed. The surging lightning elements in the atmosphere quickly shocked the girls into waking up.

“My husband……” Feng Ling, Si Bi and Leng Youyou simultaneously screamed sadly as they rushed towards Long Yi who was on the verge of death.

“Cousin.” Dongfang Kexin also rushed towards Long Yi.

Before the four girls were able to reach Long Yi, a powerful aura isolated Long Yi, preventing any of the girls from touching him.

Currently, the Violent Lightning Beast had already gone berserk. With lightning crackling around its huge body, it charged into the four lightning god guardians. Now, its momentum and speed were completely different from before.

Two lightning god guardians stepped forward to fight with the Violent Lightning Beast under the altar. The current Violent Lightning Beast that couldn’t withstand even a single blow just a moment ago could fight on par with two lightning god guardians at the same time. As for the remaining two lightning god guardians, they advanced towards Long Yi who was lying on the altar. Among the two guardians which advanced towards Long Yi, one was the lightning god guardian which was talking to Long Yi at the start.

Although they didn’t know what had happened, Si Bi and others already guessed that these terrifying lightning god guardians who didn’t seem to be human were the one that injured Long Yi.

Si Bi immediately flew over to the front of Long Yi and spread her arms open. In this Lightning God Main Hall, Si Bi, as a light magician, wasn’t able to cast any spells at all. Despite her inability to do anything to the two lightning god guardians who were advancing towards Long Yi, she didn’t hesitate to stand in front of Long Yi. Now, there were stubbornness, tenderness and a bit of sadness in her beautiful eyes. If necessary, she will not hesitate to self-detonate to protect her husband.

In the next moment, Feng Ling, Leng Youyou and Dongfang Kexin simultaneously stood at the side of Si Bi. Their looks were no different from Si Bi as they stared at the two lightning god guardians.

Long Yi slightly trembled and the Lightning God spirit tablet with his blood circulating on it began to float in the air. At the same time, countless lightning magic elemental spirits began to enter the body of Long Yi. Now, his entire body was already covered with a layer of silverish-purple radiance.

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