Chapter 338 – Life And Death Is Fated

“Thank you.” Huan Qing Yan thanked Bai Chen Feng sincerely.

Bai Chen Feng scratched his nose, receiving this attitude from her was not bad. This was also the most amiable she had treated him with after so long, so he returned a smile.

Huan Qing Yan could not be bothered about him, she lifted her legs and was about to board Bai Chen Feng’s flying magic equipment.

When Huan Jiu Li pulled her back anxiously and said, “Young Mistress, don’t… go…”

Huan Qing Yan was surprised, “Brother Jiu Li, you can speak now?”

Huan Jiu Li also showed a surprised expression, he did not expect himself to speak as well. He nodded and shook his head, “Young Mistress, don’t go, dangerous.”

Huan Qing Yan thought of Ji Mo Ya and felt her heart aching again – she must go.

“Wait for me on the flying ship, I will return soon.”

Seeing that she was not listening to him, Huan Jiu Li also boarded Bai Chen Feng’s Flying Disc.

The trio left the flying boat and headed towards the Five Black Mountains.


Ji Mo Ya had sat within the formation for half a month.

Surrounding the formation was a layer of white spirit energy. It was moving slowly and was exceptionally eye-catching.  This layer of spirit energy was blocking the mass of black demonic energy that was boiling outside.

The Universal Eight Diagram formation had reached its utmost limits; to be able to withstand the continuous assault of the Demon King for half a month was purely due to the valiance of the core of the formation, Ji Mo Ya. If Ji Mo Ya had not reached the realm of Mystic Spirit Master before everything happened, he would have likely died after a few rounds of attacks.

The Silver Wolf King outside the formation was feeling very frustrated as it was not able to bring down the formation after attacking for so long.

“Ji Mo Ya, to think that you are called the best genius of the human race, yet you are hiding behind the formation like a turtle, won’t you shame that title of yours? Quickly come out and fight three rounds with this king…”

“So the humans just amount to this much, you are a person who only angles for fame, a coward that hides during battle!”


No matter how the Silver Wolf King hurled curses and taunts at him, Ji Mo Ya remained still within the core of the formation.

Although the Silver Wolf King is strong, against the famous Universe Eight Diagrams Formation, he could do nothing much as well.

It could not help but admit that it had underestimated this formation.

So it could only increase its attack power.

Everytime the Demon King attacked, some of the people within the formation would be injured, while the core of the formation, Ji Mo Ya, would experience even heavier force.

Although Ji Mo Ya looked calm and steady within the center of the formation, his blood could be seen coming out of his five orifices and skin…

On a closer look, it looked exceptionally terrifying, these were signs of extremely heavy internal injuries that had reached the point of dying from a body explosion.

Some of the Feather Guards that were located in the various key locations of the formation were also killed, but despite their deaths, their bodies continued to supply spirit energy to the formation due to a secret technique that they applied on their bodies.

Mo Si, Mo Wu, Mo Liu as well as a few individuals with higher cultivation, were all in poor condition too.

From the look of things, the formation might disappear at any time.

“Young Master, we would not last much longer, so the instant when the formation is broken, please leave first. We would try to hold the Silver Wolf King back with our lives!” Mo Si said.

Despite Ji Mo Ya’s heavy injuries, his expression was still calm and composed, “The Silver Wolf King still has elite soldiers accompanying him, it will be tough for me to leave. There’s no need to worry. Life and death are fated.”

Life and death are fated; wealth and nobility are from the heavens!

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Ji Mo Ya was very calm when he spoke; from the moment he was born, his clan has placed great hopes on him. The reason he was able to achieve his current strength was because he had not dared to take a break from cultivation even for a short moment.

It has been a thousand years since a human has reached the realm of a Sage Spirit Master. Many elders have told him that he was the most likely genius over the past thousand years to reach the realm of a Sage…

Although his age was not big, the hardships he had experienced throughout this life was uncountable; it was not as simple as the calm expression he had displayed.


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