Chapter 372: Divine World’s hope


This was a tediously long dream. In the boundless silverish-purple world, there was a solitary particle, it was a tiny speck of dust in this endless world. It drifted around the space, as though it was seeking something, day in day out, year in year out……

After an unknown number of years had gone by, this small speck of dust slowly grew up. It experienced countless pains and struggles, and finally grew to become big and powerful. Long Yi was witnessing everything that was happening to this speck of dust as if a bystander for endless years. In the end, Long Yi was surprised to see that that speck of dust unexpectedly grew to have its own appearance.

Unexpectedly, the two began to overlap. Is this Zhuangzi dreaming of a butterfly? Or the butterfly dreaming of Zhuangzi? Everything seemed inconceivable. For a moment, Long Yi forgot about the Blue Waves Continent and even his last world.

Rumble, on a certain day, at a certain time, a powerful silverish-purple light suddenly appeared in this dreamland-like world. A giant wearing silverish-purple battle armor and holding a purple gold hammer appeared in front of Long Yi.

“Who are you?” Long Yi asked, somewhat perplexed.

“They call me the Lightning God.” The giant looked terrifying, but his gaze was very gentle as he looked at Long Yi.

“Lightning God?” Long Yi muttered a few times and his mind throbbed as if he heard those two words somewhere before.

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A thunderous laughter echoed as the Lightning God gave a booming chuckle. He reached out his big hand and covered Long Yi’s head. The moment his hand touched Long Yi’s head, the memories Long Yi had which were covered in dust in the passage of time rushed out, as if tidewater out of confinement, filling his head again. One scene after another flashed in his mind, as scenes from both Long Yi’s past and present life appeared in his head.

After a long time, Long Yi finally opened his eyes. His former quick-wittedness and craftiness once again re-appeared in his eyes as he took a quick glance about. He stared at the giant figure of the Lightning God and asked: “I got my memories back, but where am I now? It appears as though an extremely long time had passed since I lost consciousness…”

The Lightning God laughed and said: “Now, you are in my life domain, in fact, you haven’t been unconscious for long. Everything you experience here is merely you fusing with the experience of the divine heart. Fortunately, you arrived in my Lightning God temple before I completely faded from existence…”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, “I don’t get what just happened, but as far as I’m concerned, the only thing I care about is whether this ‘fusing with the divine heart’ is beneficial to me.”

The Lightning God was dumbfounded. After starting at Long Yi with a blank expression for a moment, he laughed heartily before saying, “Good, very good, worthy of being the successor chosen by me. Of course there are benefits for you, however, where there are benefits, there will also be disadvantages. The real question here is what do you think about being my successor?”

“Successor… Do you mean I will become the next Lightning God?” Long Yi frowned and asked. Perhaps there are other people who would be ecstatic to hear about being the Lightning God’s successor, but not Long Yi. He wanted to reach further, not just become the successor of some god.

The Lightning God awkwardly smiled and replied, “I cannot say for certain. It should have been like that, but something unexpected happened during the inheritance. I didn’t know you actually had three other spirit tablets with you… Well, because of this unexpected situation, you currently possess the divine power of four main gods in your body. All the creations under the heaven have mutual enhancement and inhibition towards the five elements, so such a gathering might give rise to some unknown side-effects.”

Long Yi thought for a bit and sent his thoughts into his sea of consciousness. The moment he saw the state of his sea of consciousness, he almost passed out. There were four different sized vortexes, and the remaining wind, earth and water magic elements were squeezed at the very edge of his sea of consciousness. His sea of consciousness was in a mess.

“Then, am I a God now?” Long Yi asked. That was the true question bugging him since he underwent the Lightning God inheritance. If he were to really become a God, wouldn’t he be able to walk sideways in the entire continent? He would be completely unstoppable!

“You are still too far away. But when you attain your godhead and properly wear on the Lightning God battle armor, you’ll be able to become a God.” the Lightning God said with a smile.

“Then… Can I wear a few pieces now?” Long Yi asked with expectation.

“You? Haha, the current you can’t even wear a single piece of the Lightning God battle armor.” the Lightning God shrugged his shoulders imitating Long Yi.

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“Then I have another question. How much stronger have I grown? How much stronger am I considered compared to my previous self?” Long Yi asked once again. Even if he didn’t become a Main God of the Divine World, he should have reached the Magic God realm of this Mortal World without any problems, right?

“Eh… stronger, a little stronger.” The gaze of the Lightning God flashed as he replied Long Yi.

“A little? How much is that ‘a little’?” Long Yi gnashed his teeth and asked.

“Looking at it from the perspective of this world, you have reached the peak level of a Master Archmage in the lightning element. As for the light, dark, and fire elements, you reached the peak-Archmage level. As for the others, you have made a little improvement to some extent. For example, your ** is greatly stronger than before.” The Lightning God replied.

Long Yi’s expression suddenly collapsed and said gloomily, “It seems your inheritance is not particularly strong… I didn’t even reach the Magic God realm.”

The Lightning God took two large steps forward. Even though Long Yi was tall, he could only reach the Lightning God’s waistline, so when they stood side by side, Long Yi looked like a child standing beside an adult. After stepping forward, the Lightning God sincerely said, “In this world, no one can reach the sky in a single bound. Even if one were to reach the sky in a single bound, without a stable foundation, they will suffer in the end and drop from the sky. My inheritance is only to create a foundation for you to become a god, whether you will succeed or not, that ultimately relies on only you. Moreover, you really have great comprehension. In this world, other than gods, only you can communicate with magic elemental spirits, and this happens to be the key to becoming a god.”

Long Yi nodded his head to show agreement to what the Lightning God was saying. Originally he thought that he was definitely going to die. However, instead of dying, he actually obtained the inheritance of the Lightning God. Although his strength had yet to reach the God realm, at least he benefited from this near-death experience. As such, Long Yi felt that he should be at least contented with what he obtained.

“I don’t have much time. Now I will brand divine ranked lightning magic spells in your mind, study them yourself. How far you will reach will completely depend on yourself.” the Lightning God said he shot a beam of silverish-purple light into Long Yi’s mind.

The moment the silverish-purple beam entered his mind, Long Yi instantly managed to sense the information the Lightning God gave him. They were the Lightning God’s meditating technique and a series of divine-ranked lightning attack and defense magic spells. For the time being, Long Yi didn’t have any interest in those divine-ranked attack and defense magic spells. In any case, his current strength was still too far from being strong enough to use them. However, the Lightning God’s meditation technique caught his attention. While absorbing magic elements he was unexpectedly able to strengthen his physical strength using this technique. The Lightning God was the only main god among the seven main gods that had a powerful physical attack ability. Now, Long Yi was eager to try this cultivation technique.

“Well, my task here is complete. Look out for yourself, with four kinds of different divine power within your body, I don’t know what kind of transformation you will undergo. I hope you will have a great fortune.” The Lightning God’s giant body started fading away as soon as he left his blessing for Long Yi. This irresponsible Lightning God left Long Yi to deal with his own problems of having different divine power in his body after leaving behind a few words, completely stunning Long Yi.

Long Yi was startled and anxiously said, “Wait a minute, where are you going? You still have yet to tell me what exactly happened in the Divine World. Also, what exactly happened to the seven main gods?”

“I came from a speck of dust in the universe, and now, I’m changing back into the speck of dust… As for what happened in the Divine World, that is not something you need to worry about currently. There will be a chance for you to find out about those things later on, I hope you will become the hope of our Divine World.” The Lightning God completely disappeared after speaking his final sentence.

Long Yi felt as though he was struck by lightning after hearing what the Lightning God said. He knew that the Lightning God had completely disappeared in this world, and a sadness welled up within his heart without any reason. What exactly happened in the Divine World? Despite his worries and questions, Long Yi decided to live his life his own way. He was never a Savior, not in the past, not now, and he would never be one in the future. As such, he decided not to worry about such matters.

“F*ck, you still haven’t told me how to leave this godforsaken place!” Long Yi suddenly roared and with darkness appearing in front of his eyes, he lost his consciousness.


In the center of the Lightning God Hall’s round altar, a stark naked Long Yi lied on his back. Si Bi and Leng Youyou were unconscious above him. Not far away, Feng Ling who had a trace of blood on the corner of her mouth was also unconscious. Currently, only the three god-beasts were clear-headed. Now, tiger cub Little Three had a body full of white fur without a trace of other colors on its body, and it had an unusually dense light aura surrounding it. The three god-beasts, Little Three, the Fire Qilin, and the Violent Lightning Beast had already regained consciousness and were licking Long Yi’s arm.

After shrinking, the Violent Lightning Beast still resembled a cute puppy, but its eyes and aura were completely different from before. If the Violent Lightning Beast only had a trace of god-beast aura when it accepted the lightning baptism when they entered the Lightning God Forbidden area, the current Violent Lightning Beast had completely turned into a true god-beast. The Violent Lightning Beast could finally stand side by side with the Fire Qilin and Little Three who were also true god-beasts.

Long Yi’s body suddenly twitched and he let out a groan from his mouth. Regaining consciousness. Long Yi slowly opened his eyes. The roof of the Lightning God Temple reflected in his eyes and after clearing his head, he began to feel the changes to his body.

Long Yi turned his stiff neck and used his hand to prop himself up. After feeling something pressing down on his body, Long Yi realized that Leng Youyou and Si Bi were leaning on his body. Next, he heard the joyful cries of three god-beasts.

Long Yi rubbed the heads of three god-beasts and carefully checked the aura of Leng Youyou and Si Bi. He found there were no problems with them and they seemed to be much better compared to before. He gently lifted the heads of the two women and placed them on the floor before getting up. He instantly took out a set of clothing and changed into them. If anyone were to ask Long Yi what was the thing he used the most, it was definitely clothing. As such, Long Yi always had a large reserve of clothes inside his space ring in case his clothes got torn while fighting.

“Lingr……” Long Yi slightly turned his head and saw Feng Ling who had a trace of blood flowing down her mouth lying on the ground. He couldn’t help but cry out in alarm before rushing towards her, as he prayed that she was alright. He immediately checked her pulse and discovered that Feng Ling’s vitality was seriously injured, and her veins resembled a knot. She remained unconscious on the floor as Long Yi tried to find a solution to save her.

Long Yi used his true qi to stabilize the vitality of Feng Ling, and he discovered that his true qi had unexpectedly transformed. Compared to before he received the inheritance of the Lightning God, his true qi became much stronger now, and was much more effective.

Long Yi thought for a bit, before taking out the big bed from his space ring. He gently placed the currently unconscious Feng Ling onto the bed as he was afraid that lying on the floor would be detrimental to her health. Her facial features had already reverted back to her true facial features, and her light blue hair, as if silk, scattered on the pillow. However, for some unknown reason, she had a frown on her beautiful face with a dense sadness hidden behind the frown.

He gently caressed Feng Ling and sighed. Turning around, he gently held Leng Youyou and placed her on the bed as well, before moving towards Si Bi in order to help her up as well. Si Bi was lying down and her long hair had completely covered her face. Long Yi’s hand embraced Si Bi’s jade neck as he helped her to sit upright, as her long and lustrous hair slowly slid to one side, exposing her face. Just as Long Yi was about to pick Si Bi off the floor, his eyes suddenly enlarged, and he violently trembled. When he looked at Si Bi, he was stunned speechless.

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