Chapter 29: Everyone is Startled!

As Cheng Yu was once an Immortal Cultivator, he knew that these matters cannot be achieved if he was overly hasty. Instead, he needed to have a peaceful state of mind. Currently, because he could not achieve what he wished for immediately, he decided to take his time as he was only 18 years old. He still has dozens of years more to complete his grand dream.

Once he returned to his room, Cheng Yu took out some Qi gathering pills and started to cultivate.

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Meanwhile in the Blood Wolf Gang Headquarters…

“Qin Ye, I have more or less investigated his background. This kid has been in touch with very few people. He seems to be acquainted with the Wanmei Group Director, Yang Ruoxue. He went to her house to find her before going to her office. He also knows a female student named Lin Yuhan. She does not have any powerful background and he seems to care a lot about her.” The bandaged man stood in front of Qin Canghai and reported to him about his findings for the past two days.

“Ok. Since it’s like this, we will start with Lin Yuhan. Go and prepare. Tonight, we will kidnap her. I would like to see if he can still be so arrogant after finding out what has happened due to his reckless actions,” Qin Canghai said. Ever since the Blood Wolf Gang had become famous, no had provoked them.

The next morning, Cheng Yu went to school together with Zhao Yunfang. When he reached the classroom, Fatty went forward to greet him before grumbling, “Boss, why did you not come to school yesterday? I almost did not have the mood to take the test yesterday because of that.”

“Get lost! Stop being disgusting. Do you think I am the same as you? You only know how to read these 2 books. Not promising at all,” Cheng Yu said with disdain to Fatty.

“I would also like to know, with just these 2 books, how could you not study at all?” A voice said right behind Cheng Yu.

When Cheng Yu turned back and saw it was Yao Na who taunted him, he immediately laughed, “Haha! So it’s Teacher Yao Na! It has only been 2 days, Teacher Yao is getting more beautiful.”

“Is it? I have not seen you for 2 days, but your skin is still so thick. Where did you go yesterday? Why you did not participate in the English test?” Yao Na asked solemnly.

“Haha, I was feeling unwell yesterday. Actually, I wanted to ask for leave from teacher yesterday, but I realized that I do not have teacher’s number. How about this. Teacher could pass me your number now so that next time when I am sick, I will personally give teacher a call and notify you about it,” Cheng Yu said narcissistically.

“I can tell you my number, but I do not accept applying for leave on the phone. If you wish to take leave next time, please tell me personally. Alright get back to your seat first, I have a matter I need to address,” Yao Na said as she went back up to the lecture platform.

“Students! After working overtime, the teachers have finished marking your mock exams and the results have already been recorded. Some student did well on it while some didn’t. Don’t worry, this test is meant to gauge where your weaknesses are. This will allow you to brush up on those areas so that you will do even better for the National Exam, which will happen in a few months.”

“In addition, some students have scored exceptionally well in this mock test. There are 3 students in this class that entered the top 10. I believe we should congratulate them and praise their efforts. They are mainly Lin Yuhan & Zhang Lingling who are respectively in the 2nd and 3rd positions, and Helan who made the 5th position. Everyone please give them a round of applause!” When Yao Na finished her statement, she started to clapp to congratulate the 3 students before the class started to applaud with her.

Cheng Yu was very happy when he heard the news. He did not expect that Lin Yuhan would be so smart and attain the 2nd position in school. With this standard, even without the Soul Pill, she could get into a good university with ease.

“Xiao Hanhan, you are so smart! I think we should go and celebrate your results later!” Cheng Yu lowered his head and said to Lin Yuhan.

“I will not be able to go, I need to help out my mother stall later,” Lin Yuhan blushed and said when she heard Cheng Yu praising her.

When she saw Cheng Yu whispering happily to Lin Yuhan, Yao Na suspected that Cheng Yu was harassing Lin Yuhan again. She lifted both her hands to signal everyone to stop their applause.

“Some of the students in our class have attained outstanding results and brought glory to our class. However, some students have also stained our class’s reputation. This particular student not only did not study diligently, but also frequently skipped classes, left early, did not attend the exams, and also cheated during the exam! All these actions by this student brought our reputation down.”

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When Cheng Yu heard what Yao Na said, he touched his nose and knew she was obviously talking about him. However, since when had he cheated? A lot of the students also looked towards his direction after she spoke, but Cheng Yu didn’t care.

“Student Cheng Yu, do you think that your learning attitude is correct?” Yao Na asked.

“I think it’s still not that bad. But I have something to add!”

“Oh? What is it?” Yao Na asked.

“I acknowledge that I did not attach great importance to certain stuff, but don’t you think that it’s overboard to say that I cheated during the exam when I did not?” Although Cheng Yu did not care about his academic results, it did not mean that he is willing to be unjustly accused.

“So you do not acknowledge that you have cheated during the exam?”

“Of course I did not cheat.”

“Alright, I shall question you in front of the class then. You did not answer any of the questions for the language and mathematics tests. As for your English test, you didn’t even bother to attend it.”

“However, for subjects like politics, geography and history, all of those questions that can be found inside the textbook were all answered correctly and those that cannot be found inside the textbook are not even attempted at all. In simple terms, if I only grade you according to the questions you answered, you would have scored full marks.”

“I have faith that not only me, but even the students present here today will not believe that you did not cheat. They studied diligently every day, but they could not achieve what you did. Is this not proof to show that you cheated?” Yao Na replied analytically. In her opinion, this cheating method was so obvious, where if an answer could be found in the textbook, it would be answered. Otherwise, it would be left blank.

Cheng Yu was speechless. Other than Lin Yuhan and Fatty, it seems that no one thought highly or favored him. Cheng Yu felt that just these two people who believed in him was enough, but that does not mean that he would allow everyone else to misunderstand him.

“Do you mean that if it can’t be achieved by the others, I will not be able to achieve it as well?” Cheng Yu questioned as he leaned against his chair.

“If it’s someone else, I may believe they would be able to do it. But you? I truly do not believe you will be able to do it,” Yao Na replied confidently.

“Oh? Good! What if I am able to do it? What would you do?”

“If you are able to do it, I will apologize to you in front of the whole class,” Yao Na said after giving a thought.

Cheng Yu shook his head and replied, “If an apology is useful, who would care about their reputation?”

“What do you want then?” Yao Na frowned and asked.

“If I am able to prove that it’s all due to my skills, then you would have to let me kiss you once,” Cheng Yu said.

‘WHISH!’ The classroom was in an uproar. Cheng Yu was too bold! He dared to even think of getting a kiss from their teacher. Although not everyone is as bold as him, since the teacher was so young and beautiful, which young male would not wish to be intimate with her.

Lin Yuhan who was seated beside him gave Cheng Yu a twisting pinch on his thigh and said furiously, “How can you be like this? She is a teacher and is also our homeroom teacher. Are you trying to embarrass her?”

While standing on the lecture platform, Yao Na was at a loss for words. Although this was not her first time meeting such a mischievous student, she had never met such a shameless and vulgar student. He was so bold to actually ask for a kiss in front of so many students. Isn’t this humiliating her in front of everyone?

“Impossible! Even if you do prove to everyone that you did not cheat during the test, I would only apologize to you in front of the class. As for any other requests, don’t even think about it.”

D*mn it! What kind of sins had he committed in his past life? Previously when he asked for a kiss from Yang Ruoxue, even though she did not fulfill her promise, she still promised him. However this girl did not even hesitate to not give it a thought and rejected him straight away.

“Alright! I shall accept the condition forcefully. I wonder how you wish to prove it then?” Cheng Yu asked.

“How about we test a few questions from the politics, geography and history textbook. If you are able to answer them, it will prove that the test paper was answered by you,” Yao Na answered after giving it a thought. When Yao Na saw that Cheng Yu did not pursue further about the kiss, she sighed a breath of relief as she would have found herself stuck in an awkward situation.

“Don’t make it so troublesome. You can just flip through the textbook and select any page and tell me what page it is. I will recite exactly what is inside the page directly for you,” Cheng Yu said confidently.

When they heard what Cheng Yu said, they were stunned. They had seen arrogant people before, but they had never seen someone so arrogant. Just tell him the page number and he will recite what is on the page? Even a teacher who taught for dozens of years were unable to do that.

When she saw Cheng Yu’s confident appearance, Yao Na was shocked. Did he truly manage to memorize the whole book? She calmed herself down before picking up a book from one of her students and said, “Page 23.”

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